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Sample capstone project timeline for money

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they were getting a visitor's visa they were coming to visit and return home now that's not an issue they're going for a green card they've made an application that they've been approved for to come live in America so unless there's some misrepresentation from previously it's no issue but please tell the truth Tanisha asks if a person was married before and got a two-year green card but never applied for the ten year now he's remarried and waiting for an interview he has a work permit is he gonna have to reapply for another social security number or can he continues and socialize Deon says when can you file for citizenship if you're still married is it three years after you get the two-year conditional or the 10-year green card it's three years from the conditional Carly says how many vacation days to squeeze have left they seem unlimited hmm I'm gonna have you ask HR vacation a squeeze of lemon this claim is I do not work for smart not work and if there's anyone that takes a lot of vacation days it's Kim here all the time and by the way and by the way the vacay D the time off is on page 27 of our contract I have the option to would you go from at the end of January what else you got so night what else you got princess that's can someone file their vowel forms on their own or do they need a lawyer definitely need a lawyer Delano says I was deported in 1990 in 1998 now I'm married and have a 10-year green card I want to visit Jamaica but the orange man is scaring me what should I do you must think you have if you have a green card and and that when you got your green card you are obviously they understood that you were deported you got your waivers or whatever orange man can't do anything to you go travel and asks I really hope you can help me I really want to go reapply for my visitor's visa I have a ten year and it expired in 2000 2007 I reapplied again in October of 2015 and was denied I didn't know that if you had an immigration petition pending you wouldn't be granted a visitor's visa that is very because the reason is is because you've shown intent to live in America just stay stay so at that time when I went I was accompanied by my boyfriend and our seven year old daughter who's being petitioned for by his mom could you give me some advice and obtaining a visitor's visa and what is the immigrant visa that you have filed she needs to get a green card that she's not gonna get the visitor's visa now because she's shown an intent to get her green card so her 18 year old is in college and is a green card holder would that help or hurt her at all no but once she went that 18 year old is 21 and is a citizen they could check you file yeah she didn't land at yeah Len asked a friend of mine submitted his paperwork to remove the condition and they told him it was never received it was sent overnight by the USPS they gave him until the 23rd of February prior before a deportation hearing they told him about a form 209 what is that it's a form 209 I don't know what's a form 200 and that was tell me tell me the history again maybe I'll figure out there's no so so the forms the friend submitted his paperwork to remove the conditions but they told him it was never received USPS said that they sent it it was sent overnight they've given him until February 23rd before his deportation hearing to remove the conditions uh-huh what he's gonna have a deportation hearing he's gonna have to go on it and he's going to have to file a late application to remove the conditions of his permanent residence submit proof it's an eye 751 I have no idea what a 209 is you submit the i-751 with a good excuse why my filing this late the reason you're filing this late is because I filed it before UPS delivered it and now emotion says they don't have it but now that you're in removal immigrations not going to accept it so you go to a judge so you gotta go to the judge and say hey judge this is what happened here's the evidence bla bla bla bla bla everything I just said allow me to file the late application the judge will say yes I want you out of my courtroom because it's one less case I got to deal with they'll let you file a late application and then you go through the process you need a good lawyer because right now you ain't doing it right and I certainly don't know what a 209 is there's no USC room 209 I'm actually going to look over and say maybe maybe it's a post office form maybe for like loss I don't think it's possible let's see all USCIS forms the 209 does not exist there's a 290 maybe he's talking about the 290 which is a notice of appeal maybe but there is no appeal on removing the conditions of a permanent residence you do it before judge [Music] [Music] you write for me capstone 2 cpa ontario locations Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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