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Sample capstone paper cheap

Sample capstone paper cheap do my sam excel capstone project this is a commentary dr drea ´╗┐good morning everyone thank you for coming to this distort day at public Community College I am Erin hergert I'm the director of marketing communications and to kick this morning off I'd like to introduce our Dean of health and public safety safety and that's Mary Chavez Thank You Erin and good morning I want to thank you for joining us as we celebrate this historic moment and exciting news for Pueblo Community College starting fall of 2016 we will offer our first bachelor of applied science degree and that degree is going to be in dental hygiene so how did we get to this point of being able to do this the Colorado community college system recognize that there was a gap in Colorados higher education with career in our technical associate degree programs both those students that graduate from those programs receive very rewarding careers but they did not have an efficient pathway to a four-year degree so this started the legislation journey of two-year colleges being able to offer four-year a Bachelor of Applied Science degrees dr. Sonny Schmidt will come forward in a little bit just to talk a little bit more about that but once PCC knew that a bachelor of applied science was within our reach we we went forward and we chose to have our first bachelor of applied science and dental hygiene dental hygiene at the associate degree level is a very rewarding career however for practitioners to advance their careers and to be able to work in the fields of Education public health and cells they need a bachelor's degree and at that time there were no Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Colorado until now so our dental hygienists were having to search elsewhere to get their advanced degrees due to the difficulty of finding qualified faculty that meet program accreditation requirements which is a bachelor's degree PCC made the that we would offer a Bachelor of Applied Science and dental hygiene with an education track and so that's our focus of our bachelor of applied science and our department chair will talk a little bit more about the curriculum in just a little bit obviously this type of initiative does not happen without a team approach and many people were involved with this I'm just going to be able to recognize a few but we would not have even gotten off the ground without the vision in the leadership of our president dr. patty or javic our chief academic officer dr. Sonny Smith our chief business officer mr. John broody because you know you always got to have the money guy on your side and then our dental hygiene program department chair miss Elsa Elsa Eccles and her dental hygiene team Elsa has been a part of PCCs dental hygiene program since 1990 and her passion for the field along with her team is just as outstanding so there was no better person to take on our first bachelor of applied science degree initiative and move us forward to meet the needs in our community and in the state of Colorado at this time I'd like to introduce our chief academic officer dr. Sonny Schmidt whose responsibility was to ensure that all the approval and all the accreditation steps and there were several but that we followed them all and that wasn't an easy task to keep else and I in line but she did a good job so dr. Sonny Smith well I think everybody needs to have an appreciation of how something like this comes about because it really spanned nearly two years of hard work it started when the governor signed the Senate bill 1400 for in february2014 which authorized the community colleges to offer technical career and workforce development Bachelor of Applied Science degrees here in Colorado that was a very momentous decision PCC shortly after began its research in the summer of 2014 with a feasibility study by interact communications a group out of Wisconsin who produced national state and local employment data that indicated an emerging demand for bachelor degree qualified dental hygienists the feasibility study also recommended that coursework be offered in an online format because the program would be more attractive too busy perfet licensed professionals who were working in the field armed with this research pc sees academic team sat local curriculum committee approval and then State faculty curriculum committee approval in 2015 once this was achieved we prepared a lengthy and detailed application packet that included a complete degree plan faculty qualifications and a five-year budget plan just to name a few things the State Board of community colleges and occupational education approved PCC to offer a BAS and dental hygiene at its meeting in August 12 2015 shortly thereafter the Colorado Commission on Higher Education approved Beast PCC to offer a bas in dental hygiene at their September 3rd 2015 meeting the college was now ready to make application to our accrediting body for its approval to expand our mission to offer bachelor's degrees because that was not within our purview up until this time the expansion of our mission to offer bachelor's degrees required Higher Learning Commission approval which triggered an accreditation team visit to the College in March of this year so that we were visited by two trained peer reviewers to evaluate the institution's capacity to deliver a high quality Bachelor of Applied Science program in dental hygiene the visiting team we had a wonderful visit a truly wonderful visit recommended that PCC was ready in every way to move forward and made an unqualified recommendation to the higher learning commission to the council who would approve us in March of this year so without even a single comment for improvement we were recommended and the HLC institutional action council met on May seventeenth 2016 and approved PCC to offer a new academic degree program to its mission The Bachelor of Applied Science in dental hygiene and you could hear the shouting throughout this entire institution we were going yet um in our application for a Chelsea approval we stated a few goals the bachelor's degree would provide an opportunity for underserved and first-generation students to continue their educational pathway in a familiar community college setting thus making it's much more likely that these students will persist and complete the degree the degree will contribute to the goal of closing the educational attainment gap between majority and minority populations in Colorado PCC would help further the Colorado Commission of higher education master plan goal to increase the attainment of high quality post-secondary credentials to meet workforce demands and enhance access to post-secondary education and esli to provide affordable access to a four-year degree in a high demand field at a time when the General Assembly is concerned about tuition increases and student debt so this decision and this approval really leads the way for all of this to happen so next we'd like to introduce Elsa Eccles the department chair and faculty and dental hygiene thanks Sonny we're very excited about this new opportunity not only for the graduates of the dental hygiene schools in the state of Colorado but for the profession of dental hygiene as a whole this advanced degree isn't necessarily about expanding their earning potential of hygienists in the state but the career opportunities that it provides most hygienists who graduate with an AAS degree work in the private practice sector without an advanced degree they are not able to expand their career options in the areas of education research public health sales or administration as these careers usually require a bachelor's degree or higher when a dental hygiene student graduates from a program they have earned at least ninety three credit hours 29 of those are in general education requirements and 64 of those are dental hygiene specific courses so when students try to obtain a bachelor's degree and another area their courses are not transferable and the student ends up needing approximately forty to fifty two additional credit hours to obtain their bachelor's degree in our bachelor's degree completion program the student will only need 20 for additional dental hygiene specific courses and 13 credit general education requirement to complete the degree this is an affordable and flexible option as there are only seven additional courses required and of those are going to be offered online each course will be offered in convenient eight-week tracks except for the final course which will be a 16-week capstone project the total cost of the degree is estimated at approximately ten thousand dollars the PCC program has chosen to focus on the educational track to help fill the national crisis in finding qualified faculty to fill positions qualifications for admissions to the program are that the applicant must be a licensed dental hygienist in any state there they must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and have previous work experience to date the program has received numerous requests for applications and information applications are currently being accepted for the first class starting in the fall of 2016 I would like to now introduce Lauren Stewart who is a proud graduate of Pueblo Community College and going to enroll in the bachelor's degree completion program thank you good morning I'm grateful for this opportunity to further my education in the field that is directly related to my career and at a school that is that I just graduated from the course outline seems attainable and doable while also still working as a hygienist I am excited and looking forward to learning about and becoming an instructor in dental hygiene passing on the torch from being a student earning this Bachelors of applied science in dental hygiene degree from PCC means renowned education from instructors who have and continue to give their all for the betterment of their students I am honored to forever be a part of this program the reputation of this program is bar none there are four programs in the state that offer dental hygiene but this program prepares its students with the necessary tools education and skills to be leaders and to excel in all that we do after checking with other universities PCC is the best option for me because I will be able to complete this program in 24 credit hours like Miss echoes had said verses 46 at another school this means that I will be able to complete my degree in a quicker amount of time and get my foot in the door along with the resume booster the doors that this degree will open are immeasurable after completion of this program I hope to tutor students work part-time and then down the road become full-time faculty with further continuance of my education with the master's degree thanks and last but definitely not least I'd like to introduce our president dr. patty or javik thank you and you're way too quiet I think we need to give a big round of applause to this great team for all the work that they did in bringing us so very proud of you a few years ago the student center was underwent renovation as you all know and well we were in the middle of construction we found a time capsule and so we opened it and in that time capsule we found a study that was commissioned in 1960 by pueblo college and then president Marvin knutson to determine the feasibility of adding four-year degrees to the college this report states for a considerable number of years Pueblo College has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the best junior colleges in the North Central Association territory this reputation was earned through the careful planning of the educational programs to meet the needs and demands of the clientele and the wise administration in developing the physical plant educational equipment and competent staff the report went on to say it would appear that is in its entire history Pueblo college has been dedicated to the task of serving its clientele in almost all of its needs and demands whether these be theoretical general scientific cultural or practical and applied the writer was impressed with the care and diligence which has been exercised in assessing the needs of the clientele and then providing for those needs with carefully planned well equipped and adequately staffed education programs in the general education pre-professional and vocational technical areas in general the educational programs have been carefully and closely tailored to the needs and demands of the clientele was the report of this writer back in nineteen sixty the report went on to examine financial resources the physical plant organizational structure and faculty and staff competencies as far as the maintenance of the physical plant is concerned the writer had nothing but commendations to offer the evidence of excellence may excellent maintain procedures was apparent all over campus the writer had never seen anything better and had seldom seen anything as good good housekeeping is always an asset in good educational programs he wrote the report suggested that prior to undertaking a four-year program a library a science building a fine arts building would be essential in preparation for four-year degree to program it would be necessary to add to the staff a core of advanced scholars in every academic other area or subject matter field dr. Kreuger suggested that stereotyped textbook teaching is the most boring procedure that can be imagined for receptive minds in any college or university how many times have we talked about that keep in mind however that the idea of the use of technology in the classroom in 1960 was literally unheard of and that online learning was not even imaginable but even back in nineteen sixty the author found the f in the vocational technical area are excellent and the continuation of the vocational technical and other terminal curricula as part of an expanded four-year program could be supported think about it in 1960 they already knew that this was the answer finally the writer States the promotion of the idea that vocational technical and two-year curricula are not compatible with four-year curricula in the on the campus fails to recognize a current trend in educational circles and so here we are today 56 years later the recommendations of so long ago have been acted upon we have a beautiful Resource Center and library we have a great academic building we have highly qualified competent staff and the end and the course content leading to a major in the academic subject matter as dr. Schmidt said has been carefully planned through the entire sequence in order to secure proper breadth and depth and we are pleased to announce that Pueblo Community College will offer its first bachelor of applied science but it's not going to be our last beginning in the fall of 2016 as we cultivate the next generation of educators in the field of dental hygiene thank you all for being here thank you for supporting our vision the Roland mission everybody that I see here has played just an integral part in where Pueblo Community College is today thank you you capstone logistics fulton mo phone number College of Optometry.

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