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Rn ati capstone proctored comprehensive assessment b for money

Rn ati capstone proctored comprehensive assessment b for money write for me ucf psychology capstone chicago accident reports today ´╗┐today we are talking about nanotechnology and its use in various Olympic applications believe it or not there are a ton of products and a ton of infrastructure items that have gone into building the Olympic complexes in Russia for the 2014 winter olympics has anyone been to the Olympics before where did you go Don which ones did you see oh man right here home sweet home anybody else bend any Olympic Games summer winter your own backyard No ok we're going to start off by looking at our characters these are the warm fuzzy happy little guys that the Russians came up with as their mascots we have a leopard a hair and a polar bear does anybody have one of these personal pet just checking all right so this is one of the postage stamp sets that that they put out in sochi russia do I have any Russians in the audience okay so as soon as I butcher a Russian word your job is to jump in and tell us how it was supposed to be said let's start with Sochi so chief so she okay all right so februari 7 through 23 up coming this winter are the Winter Olympics these are the 22nd olympic winter games and believe it or not they make they put a lot of money and they make a lot of money off of these winters sporting events so construction in preparation for the games has involved building two entirely new sporting complexes in Sochi one near the water and one up in the mountains and that infrastructure we'll talk about in a minute they've also upgraded telecommunications electrical power systems transportation systems and public health infrastructure like sewage systems so when you have a huge influx of people coming in athletes and everybody who wants to watch them you have to do a lot in terms of getting that place ready to host that many people and that's been a very expensive endeavor almost ten billion dollars has gone into the UH the infrastructure and building the complexes so that people can come participate we have a tourist infrastructure of 2.6 billion Olympic venues being built transportation systems and power supply infrastructures so that's a lot of money that's going in after that 10 billion goes in there still hoping to make about 300 million so that's a lot of people this over here is one of the Russian banknotes that was released in 2013 it's a hundred roubles but it's in honor of the olympic winter games and what you can actually see down here is sort of a graphic representation of one of the sporting complexes so i'll show you what that looks like now that it's under construction but you actually have a snowboarder and then you have a picture of one of the complexes down there and here it is right here actually so if you kind of compare what it looks like artistically to what it is actually looking like in an aerial view so this is the coastal cluster the Sochi Olympic Park coastal cluster what's going to happen at this location we have the bolshoy bolshoy all right ice dome where they will play ice hockey and the Shabba arena where they will also have ice hockey how many of you played ice hockey anybody you're kidding me I thought like New York was to put oh we've got okay we've got somebody pretending they didn't play ice hockey well there's some ice hockey set up in our parking lot or actually like street hockey so you'll have a chance to whack some things around out there all right so we've got a 7,000 spectators Stadium and then we've got a 12,000 spectators stadium for the the pre games and then the final game we have an arena skating center for speed skating anybody speed skater nobody ok we have iceberg skating palace for figure skating and also a short track speedskating anybody do figure skating we've got a couple here all right and then we have ice cube curling centre for curling an Olympic Stadium the fisht Olympic Stadium main Olympic Village and the international broadcasting Center in Maine press room so that's all happening at the coastal cluster all right we have a second cluster that's being built for additional sports this is up in the mountains krishnaiah polyanna there it is alright so over here we have the lure of biathlon and ski complex for biathlon and cross country skiing we have to have a cross-country skier in here at least one alright we've got a couple now you're probably wondering okay where's the Nano so we're going to go through just a few different types of examples of how nanotechnology believe it or not in terms of material science is being used and also energy science is being used to enhance the olympic winter games this year alright so here we have kind of an aerial view of the the first complex that i showed you some of those major pieces of infrastructure that are being built and have been under construction for a while so we have some of the largest nano tech companies in russia have been heavily involved in getting the places ready to host these games we have russ nana which is an enormous russian nanotech olympus troy you olympia yeah we don't know yoona room st is and others so let's just start with some examples we have first example led-based lighting systems which are going into place for the sanki bargaining center where r tobogganing and bobsleigh olympic tournaments will be held so we have technologies using gallium nitride and those will competitively priced led-based lighting systems to power and illuminate some of those ginormous stadiums this is what the bullshi ice stone looks like and the bullshi ice dome will be using LED based power this is a graphic representation of what the inside will look like and you can tell there'll be a lot of illumination a lot of lighting techniques sort of laser show looking almost and then at night it will actually change colors on the outside I had a hard time just picking one image of this ice dome because there were a ton that they've shown where they change the colors of the ice dome and it actually looks really really cool I also found out afterwards all of the all of the infrastructure will be purposed so they've built all of this right then what's going to happen to it this will become it's a racing track all right also you've noticed there's a lot of glass and some of these structures they're very high-tech looking the glass actually will be coated with with a layer of nano enabled polymer substance so by applying special layers anywhere from five to five hundred nanometers windows become capable of retaining heat and maintaining a comfortable environment inside of the glass dome or the glass structure that way you're able to reduce energy loss if you're heating and you're also able to keep the inside cooler if you're trying to cool actually this location is the warmest location in the history of the Winter Olympics to host the Winter Olympics so you might think why would you want to keep it warm or cool or warm inside they might actually need to do both so this sort of technology allows you to be smart from both angles I'd already mentioned st is which is a group of russian companies whose partnering with rusnano to work on this nano glass technology here are some other shots of the fisht olympic stadium so this olympic stadium is actually domed by two enormous glass shells this is an artistic rendition here down at the bottom and what it looks like under construction actually under construction so as you can appreciate that's a lot of glass and the heating and cooling and dynamics of a system like that are going to be pretty sophisticated this is actually the front side of it in in the back you can sort of appreciate that that dome shape and infrastructure but the front side of it will also change colors like this this is one of many pictures showing it changing colors all right so where is that glass going to sit it's going to sit on top of enormous metal structures the metal structures themselves are actually being treated with protective coatings one of the rust nano partners actually and the coatings which are based on nanotechnology helped to prevent the skeletons from eroding they used them thermal spraying and ion plasma and magnetron sputtering to deposit these different substances on the structures they're eco-friendly and hopefully they will help last healthy infrastructure lasts for a very very long time longer than just the steel or just the the raw materials wood alone oops here we have a couple of pictures as they were being constructed this was down by the water on that location this was up in the mountains on that location all right solar energy solar energy is another area of application for nano there are quite a few different types of solar modules this is one particular company called Hevel who are looking to put up these LED lamps that have first been charged with solar batteries on top of some of those ginormous infrastructure so that will help reduce their actual energy needs for all of the powering that will go into them I'll also mention that film thin-film photovoltaic modules are being used and there's another company that's also involved with russ nana who's trying to implement that technology into the solar cell technology all right another sort of infrastructural need that you might or might not have thought about is how you get that many people in and out most of them will be using roadways and the two locations are actually fairly close to each other in the mountains and by the sea so people won't be flying between those two they'll be driving between those two one improvement has been done to the roads using a nanotechnology material called Yoona room has actually been used to pave over and modify the roads so that the durability and ability to sort of modulate environmental conditions is improved for Road goers all right and finally we'll just hit on a couple of examples for this for some individual sports so one of the sports I mentioned was figure skating there's a bactericidal enamel that's actually being developed by a company up there that you can see Chris key and these enamels will be used and dies that contains silver nanoparticles which are bacteria seidel does anybody actually already own like a sport tech or a fabric or socks or something that says they contain nano to reduce odor there are quite a few of those out there I don't know if you've heard of them but a lot of like the sport texts and and different types of wicking materials contain nano silver and they're supposed to be they're supposed to reduce odor and improve the life of the material because they contain nano silver all right for bobsled so interestingly so for those of you who have been in a bobsled how fast do those things go do you guys know how fast is your Bob's Lego i'm not sure what the max velocity of the bobsleds in the olympics are but if they go too fast believe it or not they can actually be unsafe so quite a bit of research has been done into the aerodynamics and the actual blades of the bobsleds and how to engineer those tracks so that you don't have people spinning off into oblivion that went a couple too far so the safer bobsleds are being investigated using material scientists and microbiology scientists micro technologists to try to help engineers design tracks now they're being built from scratch so the bobsleds will be bobsled rides will be a bit safer and reduce the risk of severe injury folks are also looking at how to use nanotechnology as loop nano based lubricant so that the actual what do they call these things on the bottom the runners so that the runners have less friction with with the track faster in terms of faster sleds night train has anybody ever heard of Night Train the bobsleds night train one is now being taken out of commission by night train to and these are being worked on by NASCAR drivers ironically one of those one of those compounds will be turned into a racing track and actually the rail there of night train to is made of carbon fibers nanofibers using Kevlar and fiberglass which is lighter has better weight distribution and allows for faster better aerodynamics so here's a shot of the US team preparing to test their new sled which they're calling a to wind and that's actually happening in North Carolina these technologically or technically advanced sleds have been developed in partnership with Dow people have heard of Dow yeah they're big chemical industry so Dow is trying to brand and help produce faster and more reliable sleds for the USA they actually had a campaign where they developed for different race suits and helmets and they had kind of a vote on on what the US team was going to use anybody have any preferences there I don't know which one actually is in the lead right now yeah all right a couple more examples and we're going to cut you loose to try try your hand at some of this stuff in terms of skiing does anybody have a skiing pole or an actual ski that they know uses a nano material right now not yet maybe it hasn't been marketed for your particular products but many of these products are starting to be designed so that they're lighter and stronger similar to aircrafts so this is just an example of how poles and different types of polymers that go into the skis themselves are being used to help the skiers ski faster all right and the final example curling has anyone ever done curling a couple people have why does it why deserve what do they call the little things that you throw stone so why do those actually curl do you know does anybody know go ahead the shape of it probably has you know definitely has something to do with it the shape the weight yeah yeah that's right so we're on the right track so it has to do with friction it has to do with the the shape and the weight has to do with the ice the scratches on the ice so players are shooting their stones they release them the friction can be reduced by sweeping but so far no one has really been able to mathematically anyways describe a good explanation to why the curling stones curl up until some people are working on this and it's all of Sweden and what they're doing there's a lot of words there but basically it has to do with the scratching of the ice and so the the microscopic scratches that are created on the ice and on the stone itself cause them to curl so perhaps not this year but down the road what we'll see are some nanotechnology applications which can actually reduce the amount of scratching or enhance scratching in a way that can help competitors compete to a greater degree so what we're seeing kind of all in all there's one of the venues in Russia is the technologies increasingly being used in athletics in athletic infrastructure and athletic clothing and athletic products and to actually kind of outsmart some of the laws of physics that put limitations on physical competition we've seen this in everything from baseball to tennis to golf and all in bicycle frames all of these types of materials are being enhanced so there's a lot that could be happening in terms of athletic and Olympic competitions using nanotechnology in the future german conference on artificial intelligence 2018 for money SUNY Maritime College.

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