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Research topics related to nursing administration order

Research topics related to nursing administration order newspaper articles on emotional intelligence baruch college zicklin school of business admissions [Music] over the next 36 hours you're going to be challenged and those challenges are something that our inner-city community faces every day when I first heard about sanctum survivor I thought hey I watched those shows on TV and I'd like to really do that and then and then I got thinking wow that this could be a serious thing you know and I mean just a simple thing like brushing your teeth like how does that you know how does that work the biggest challenge for me or to me was the safety and second was what do you do all day I was put my little guy to bed last night and he was all worried about me being on the streets and then I kind of got me thinking yeah maybe there isn't danger above being on the streets before you leave you'll receive a paper copy as well as a digital copy of your scenarios biggest challenge out of all the things that we have to do I think is being able to reach the Ministry of Social Services by calling in well there's a simple challenge of we have to wash our hands at least nine times today and that sounds like a pretty simple task but when you think that you have to you have no place to go and you have to get to where you know that there's a washroom or up you know someplace to wash your hand there are real challenges that that people with HIV living on the street are facing daily panhandling is gonna be a tough one for me and finding a place to do my laundry well we showed up in just our regular clothes and they said they were taking all our clothes from us and they had different clothes that are just available here on the fence that we could pick through and I still don't think I have everything that I need yet I'm not the average sized person so this is what I got everyone thought that you suit me just fine I feel great fact I want to keep these I want to bring these home these are comfy the first question is approximately how much rent is allotted to a person who is on the SAP program or on the said program the trivia challenge was questions on how you access things in the community if you could win you know the blankets or the bus tickets or the tunings you you have a bit of a damage I believe I'm going to survive in 36 hours 1 2 3 [Applause] [Music] our challenge Ernie and I are supposed to try to see the doctor so checking in without any ID and then sitting and waiting as many people in this community do but Westside community clinic is very different than most so even without ID I was able to check in but what happens when they have to order tasks and that is a very real challenge to figure out how that's going to be funded we're still waiting to see the doctor and we'll see how long it takes currently I'm at comfy doing the dreaded laundry challenge laundering my only set of clothes thanks to the good people at comfy I got a sheet to cover up my dangly lakes and a borrowed shirt my understanding is if the box of clothes at the front door does not fit your needs then they will offer you a sheet they have a limited number of sheets so lucky we got here early not because I made a mistake for our team we need to place a call to the Ministry of Social Services because you need to be able to call in to make an appointment I've never known anyone to get in right away but you could be waiting for 3-4 hours sometimes if you're it's a busy day we're now down to two second in lines and we've been on the phone for and well over an hour one of the challenges that Jason and I were given is to obtain ID you kind of need ID to get idea and to access a lot of services you really need to get a health card but they're great here and they will help you on your way you know to get that happening one of the things that they do is the the harm reduction with the the needle exchanges we actually I think our needle exchange rates for 102 percent so we get more needles than we give them and the reason for that is it's all relationship based he mentioned some of the success stories they've had with this approach it's a non-judgmental approach where they offer help if people want it and he said a lot of people have responded to that to come for food from the food bank learnt that 2,100 people are served food here at the food bank every month that's almost 10% of the population so it's fairly shocking most of the food that was offered here looked very good but would be difficult for a home homeless person to deal with so rice and grains thank God for the food bank but here's the yogurt drinks and cookies we are at the Saskatoon food bank and we came here to get our food because we are hungry one other good thing is that they allowed us to use the outlets here to charger our cell phones one of the dilemmas that I guess if you don't have a home is where to do something as simple as to to charge a cellphone I was down to I think eight or nine percent and wondering what I was going to do before we got here to the food bank so I'm really happy that we found a spot for that and again it's just another small reminder of the things that you take for granted I was in front of a pow'ful Youth Lodge and a man had a seizure so he was going off the bench stiffened out so another lady and I helped him get down and then because he was foaming I turned him just to the side so he could breathe and yelled call an ambulance and then I had water in my pocket so I poured it on his head which kind of brought him out a bit and then tried to keep him calm until the ambulance got there it's scary to see anyone like that but I mean the reality is is that thought and it could happen and and so yeah it was a little bit scary but you just don't think of that you just know you need to help [Music] approximately 8:30 I'm at the 300 block of Avenue you have south I was a police officer on the streets here in Riversdale Pleasant Hill Mayfair for 27 years but still you know I walk around here and there's not not a block I could go on that I don't have a story that even has a tragedy our violence are something so it's just that all these memories everywhere but the overall feeling of the day even though you know brought back some of the sadness and some of the the tension that came with those calls was we're winning we're doing it slowly by incrementally but we're making big changes and I was really proud to be part of this today it's amazing the thing I would like to see in this community is that we don't have invisible people basically that we don't let people fall through the cracks well it's the sun's going in because just gone down and this is where our lodging is for the night that Bishop dawn is here and which that journey just show up more dr. Morris mark athena and brad johner strength in numbers and I guess so we'll see who snores loudest [Music] [Music] it is exactly 10:41 in the evening over here at the Salvation Army or designated for Jason and myself to come here to the Salvation Army we're spending the night we're in a dorm room it's called a Noah's Ark there are 12 beds in there there are lockers as well we came here to sleep it was interesting checking in we don't have any ID so that becomes a recurring issue I actually spent the night sleeping at the brief detox center and it was I probably had one of the better sleeps because I had a bed to sleep on and there was a shower available this morning I think what was a surprise for me was as soon as you get there all your stuff gets locked up like you can't keep anything in your pockets can't keep your phone any food you have and you have to go to bed because if you're not in bed you have to leave last night while we were on kinsman park and it's a very high foot traffic area and a lot of people liaison the park at all hours there were sirens a lot of sirens last night and you know busy night full moon obviously fasting place the Sun side come out and get a little bit warmer and then a hot air balloon came in and inflated and took off from the park grape grape aside where we were sleeping so it was very been and I'll sleep but if I was to choose to sleep on the street again it would it be Atkinson park [Music] play as I said before once you hear something you cannot hear it once you talk about it you're engaged and and I think that's what the goal was and hopefully we raise enough funds to to get a good kick start to sanctum 1.5 [Music] you [Music] enterprise risk management university of washington for money Schenectady County Community College.

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