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Research topics for project management students

Research topics for project management students internet of things conference 2018 shaken reportez ´╗┐all right everyone it's time for Vermont issues episode two of the illegal DMV facial recognition sort of bullcrap that's gone on in this state they've tried to boil it down to a racial issue because they know that if they do that the state government can save face on an illegal program that was okayed and allowed to continue they're hoping that you won't notice the fact that it's a violation of the Constitution they're hoping that you'll boil it down to oh there are some racists in the DMV and so it profiled like black people in in the state and stuff like that they're hoping you won't notice that it discriminates against anyone it's applied to what happened was the DMV was illegally and the state's Attorney General has determined this as though there was any question about it under the rules applied to the DMV's use of this software in the first place they already temporarily stopped it I think like two months ago I already reported on this that what happened is they were using this facial recognition software to prevent duplicate licenses like they're afraid well if someone gets like 3-4 licenses and they get like suspended like the drunk driving they have like a backup copy or something so they just drive around with that or they use it for some sort of fraud or something along those lines but what ended up happening actually is it never stopped any fraudulent like signing up for an extra ID like who does that anyway what would the ultimate benefit to them be they still have to wait in line at the DMV I say if you're willing to wait in line at the DMV just give them a duplicate license because they have some severe fortitude there they've got a lot of patience they're probably not a criminal you know criminals sometimes they lack that patience so what that's why they want their fix or something like that if they're willing to wait in line for that long you know good sorry to use the term of god bless them essentially but it was actually being used by groups outside of the state of Vermont to obtain personal information on Vermonters without their knowledge or consent and without a warrant in most cases it was this facial recognition shit was shared with federal agencies and out-of-state agencies now without any warrant actually being issued like OE what we need the the facial-recognition sort of derived info on these people here oh do you have a wart no and we don't have a warrant well your inaudi we don't even suspect them of anything we just want the info okay yeah that's fine we'll cooperate we won't even tell anybody in anybody other in any other agency like that's a good idea and then they get found out about doing this and even Phil Scott who's a dim man who doesn't even understand like Vermont should be on the forefront of ending the drug war and we have bigger things do we got an opiate crisis we didn't need to stop focusing on marijuana so much now even he says well this is abominable and I'm temporarily halting this let's let the legal system weigh in and they've lo and behold they say yeah it is illegal they need to stop doing this they shouldn't even use facial recognition software it's a cure for a non-existent problem like the two or three individuals in any given year who are gonna try to screw the licensing system does that really justify the expenditure even in a fiscal sense I argue that it doesn't I think it's a dumb program anyway I don't think any state should bother doing this let alone where I mean we're a rural state we've got six hell what is it six hundred twenty thousand people in the state we're rural we're a farming state we're that stretch of mountains and farms between New York City and Montreal or between Albany and Boston essentially that's what we are to most people in this country we don't have the kind of systemic crime problems necessary to justify such a program it's not justifiable it's not fiscally sound it's it's a waste of money it's obviously been used for illegal dubious crap already and those people will probably never be given a true legal recourse to the DMV anyway because it's a government program so they won't be able to sue them notice classify everything oh yeah the the groups that wanted this info wanted it classified right away so you can't do anything about it just get used to the violation of the Fourth Amendment because the DMV decided to bend over backwards and take it up the ass from Uncle Sam or some of one of his euros or something that's what they'll give they'll give an excuse to people we shouldn't have these kind of programs we don't need them it's like with the Real ID bullcrap Vermont wisely Institute's a to license program so you can get just the driver's privilege card it's like no I don't need like a microchipped biometric bullcrap ID it's not necessary what's the point I'm just driving around in Vermont so they say well we'll use a two-tier system and lo and behold we made the right decision there were people that called us out for that years ago when we decided to respect people's right to privacy and say while the government's program ultimately is is is in violation of the Constitution we wisely decided to hold off an issue just the driver's privilege cards and they still haven't implemented the full of the Real ID Act they still haven't you can still fly with the driver's privilege card so people who didn't want to pay more I guess they got a good deal out of it they just paid their normal fee we get a lot of problems in this state and most of those problems with the state government the state government or too much federal overreach into our state those are the problems we have we don't have a problem with systemic ID fraud we just don't it just doesn't happen here we have a problem with opiate addiction nobody wants to talk about that Phil Scott doesn't want to he wants to ramble about kids using marijuana like they don't already feel like they don't already smoke and Tok you probably do too and you pretend to be a moralist about these issues Phil Scott inherits the family business it sells it makes some millions of dollars he wants to pretend he knows the how the average from otter lives they do a fluff piece the other day oh your governor is also a stock car racer wonderful that really gives me a a good reason to trust in his leadership you know all kidding aside with all the other bull crap he's been up to with all the stupid things he's already done and said in a few short months he races stock cars so let me overlook all of those things let me it's just like oh I'll overlook the fact that the DMV is one of the most hated groups in the country like the IRS is the only group in competition with the DMV for being hated I'll overlook that and the violation of people's constitutional rights and I'll overlook the fiscally unsound policy with having a facial recognition database in the first place I'll just boil it down to some racists some some rotten apples no rotten barrel just a couple of racists within the DMV who decided to screw with people yeah I'll do exactly what the state government wishes that I would do I don't think so I think it's further than that and the state's attorney general was right and of course to call this illegal we don't need this kind of problem in the state let's deal with our real problems like oh we've got fewer and fewer farms because of constant taxation and bureaucracy and all that bullcrap lots of people are popping pills in our state that's become a problem it's starting to Incline the crowd the property crime rate all across the board especially here in Rutland now we got some problems here it's like and I'll be talking about this tomorrow I think in the next episode the feds granting us like a quarter million to fight the opiate epidemic yeah it's a drop in the barrel of what we need it's not going to help it'll get like two or three people clean some of the one of them will relapse anyway what a wonderful gift from the federal government now why don't you just take the bureaucracy away so and shrink the tax rate we'd have more money to dedicate to such programs since it's a bigger problem than all these other problems we can't even keep up our roads in most of the parts of this state like the highways that we have yeah they're they're decent they're you know more or less flat not too many potholes you know some frost heaves part of the year that's okay as far as you go around here in Rutland you drive on the main roads they're fine in fact one of them just got retard in the last week you go on any of the side roads what do you see the curbs are dilapidated the drainage systems conk out constantly the potholes are more prevalent parts of the road that don't have Falls in them honestly it's like we just replaced them with dirt roads be easier to maintain then just get a grater to go along them every you know month or so just replace them with dirt roads let's show the the world what Vegas is really about yeah we're the place that Vermont forgot were the place that the fucking three four go that'd be wonderful instead of being Rupp Vegas it can look more rustic and when start putting up cottages a little wooden sign say oh you can buy your pet in the ER of your lawn gnomes here handmade in Vermont only two hundred dollars for out of Staters and that they pay it too yeah we planted a bunch of maple trees in the city park we figured it was easier to maintain we'd make a little money off of it you know shrink people's taxes by one tenth of one percent or something yeah Vermont's problems as quite a few but worrying about people having a duplicate driver's license is that really on anyone's priority list and then then it gets misused by the DMV what's the point of having the program in the first place this is why you can't trust bureaucrats they're always gonna look for a way to profit and screw you they look for ways to justify their own salaries that's why they implemented the program in the first place so we need this Vermont has a problem with license fraud yeah - two or three instances Wow that justifies a this kind of program being implemented how much did it cost implement the first place about it's a lot more than you made up for in stopping duplications I've been it's a lot more we could have spent that money on fighting the heroin epidemic or something like that I don't know we could we could have planted some trees or something we could have done something worthy with it but instead we've got eggheads in Montpelier they don't know how to handle money because they don't have to handle their own they're using other people's money it's a big problem of all governments oh yeah we get as many funds as we need we'll just raise taxes we'll put a tax on this good we'll put a tax on that service well raise the property tax a little bit more you know the state income tax is already historically high we'll just raise it a little bit further we'll pull in Illinois so more of the young people move out of the state when they're done with college we give them a really good we give people a really good education what do they do they leave the state because no jobs here yeah I got my master's degree okay I'm off to Texas going to the Dakotas I'm gonna work on an oil rig don't worry I'll be back when I'm 55 and retire early and I'll build my home up in the mountains here because I'll have millions of dollars because I'll be making bang and the cost of living will be lower and things everything will cost less under the Sun so I can make money otherwise who stays in the state people are gonna go into nursing because there are a lot of old native Vermonters people are gonna teach the next generation of people who will leave this state and state workers government workers and then some blue-collar jobs everyone else is impoverished and most of them can't even afford to move out of the state I bet a lot of them would if they could they're like oh why am i staying here I pay the state of shit ton of money for the benefit of six months of good weather out of the year to get screwed in old age because the state will cut all those programs when our demographic crisis hits I'm not going to get anything from the state they'll probably have a pension fallout like a Chicago or Detroit or any other places had you watch that'll be leering up in the next 10 20 years - it's gonna destroy this state it's not going to be the Vermont that we know and love because of our governments socialist policies because of the policies of idiots like Bernie Sanders someone has to say some Vermonter with a platform as to come out and say it's dumb and that the rest of the country shouldn't adopt it because it doesn't work it looks like it's working for a while the demographic crisis hits excretes Cruz you it's already happened in other parts of the country then we've got the DMV frittering away money on something it just misuses anyway why are we even giving them any money should just say oh we're gonna become a licensed free driving State yeah you can drive just don't do it intoxicated will double the penalty for it why don't we do that can save a lot of money you drive on the roads except for this one little stretch of federal highway that we have that that requires the the properly issued ID every other Road it's controlled by the state or some town who cares who really cares issue issue proper IDs for anyone driving out of state and let people driving just around the state go without a license altogether who cares I wouldn't even care it's not like the roads aren't dangerous already because of the potholes or because you hit a deer or something like that they're not properly made like the road crews they do their best they're being told yeah yeah we'll increase your budget but we're not gonna hire any of you will up salary he's still gonna have to do the same work there's like like ten dudes for the whole county they have to repair all the roads are some inordinate amount like that then they pour salt on the roads when there are better methods now available technologically speaking oh you salt everything destroy the roads even faster it's that barely works - then the Psalter comes through two hours late you're late for work because there was a foot of snow in your way and you didn't have a pickup with a plow in front of it or something like that four wheels we took our snowmobile to work something like that yeah that's the way for the out-of-staters it'll watch this video which is most you that's sort of the way Vermont is it's a little topsy-turvy it's a great state in many ways but taxes aren't one of them the state government being sane is not one of them and apparently the bureau's that operate in the state being trustworthy is definitely not one of them yeah and everyone's addicted to opiates you go around you walk around Rutland for an hour you'll see two or three people that are obviously strung out yeah they look like they just got done with a late night er that's about all peace out write for me sample capstone paper order New York State College of Veterinary Medicine.

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