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Research artificial intelligence topics for money

Research artificial intelligence topics for money do my capstone paper outline template reportage sur eogn ecole [Music] hi everybody my name is Lauren Vaska and make fashion health and lifestyle videos in today's video I'm gonna do 25 things to bring to college these are just like items that most people don't think about or just like essentials you need to have I have it on my laptop here so I'm gonna be looking down to that um and let's just get into it so my first essential maybe people think to bring this I definitely did not bring enough when I went to college I'm just gonna move this pillow and that is extension cords um you don't realize that dorm rooms are pretty small which means they don't have many outlets in the room so you're gonna need extension cords and like the ones I think most extension cords have this maybe not but like the ones with like six outlets um I found six outlets was like a good number ticket by the way cuz they make like two four six I don't know how many um yeah so I use that and I use like oh my oh let's have no strips in each like outlet area I guess so yeah my next item is throw blankets I would say get to UM I definitely use to I had were like on my bed I had multiplied my bed um I used one like if I had a chair I would throw on there and then I had one like under my bed in which I call my cave and it's just like the area under my bed cuz I lofted it and I would have some down there too um so yeah I would get more than one I would say yeah um yeah obviously don't have to but I just love like it's so another item is a rug especially if you have hardwood floors or tile floors or anything like that you're gonna want to rug um I just really liked having a rug and like made the room look more like a normal room and that a dorm room um they do get pretty dirty though somehow when you bring them to school but yeah I really liked having a rug my fourth item I did not bring my roommate actually brought and I'm really glad she did because we weren't gonna bring it I mean like I wasn't gonna buy one and I was like yeah we'll just see if we need it later and then she didn't bring in one and I used it way more than sheet with it um it's a Brita water filter it didn't actually fit in our fridge which was kind of a bummer so maybe get like a half gallon or whatever cuz we got like the bigger ones um but the water doesn't taste great always so that was nice to have it filtered um number five I have microwavable plates and like reusable silverware plastic silverware like cover all the bases like reusable disposable for plates and silverware umm yeah sometimes you just want to eat and throw the plate away or whatever its names you don't want to waste enough plates or whatever you know if you're having people over maybe it's nicer to have normal plates and plastic plates so maybe just get a few of each that's kind of what I did um yeah number six is garbage bags I know my dorm they gave us like the small bags for our trash cans like you could just go down to the front desk and ask for those but we found that we use like the big black ones way more because we would like empty your trash a few times put it in the garbage bag and then take it down like once a week because somehow you go through like so much trash when you're living in a dorm I don't know I guess it's because you put all your trash in one room we're in a house you put it in like five different areas if that makes sense but yeah so um I used those big black garbage bags like a time so maybe get some of those um number seven is a basic medicine supply um like with my chronic illnesses I definitely had more than a basic medicine supply but don't like forget to bring like the coldness and tylenol advil cough drops and one that people don't really know about or not think about often is zinc or there's another name for it like cold ease and they're currently kind of that sicknesses or like stop it in its progress its process um and if you do get it it's like a lessened severity um so I always like it's worn by those like as soon as you feel cold coming you take one of those and like you know follow instructions maybe it's a few times a day I think um but you're gonna get sick a lot more at college so that's like a good thing to have there number eight is shower shoes or flip-flops I just brought like an old pair of flip-flops I don't really think shower shoes are like much better than normal flip-flops but um maybe they don't let you slide as much I'm not sure um yeah I had my bathroom like in my room but I still wore them like in my shower so that's good to have um the next one is like slippers or moccasins I would always wear like moccasins if I was like going in my hall or going to like a friend's room or something like that like inside my dorm building is still but I was just there on those um so you have something on your feet and they're not you know what to put like actual shoes on there just like slippers so I would definitely get something like that um number ten is lots of socks and underwear that's like the thing that makes you do laundry like when you run out of that you really can't do much and you gotta do your laundry when you run out of clothes you're like oh maybe I can wear this a second time you know like that so that's like the thing holds like making you do laundry so I would get more socks and underwear so you don't have to do Andres much makes sense right yeah um yeah because I brought way too much clothes to school and like I always had enough clothes like pants and tops but socks and underwear is what the like the thing that made me do laundry it's that make sense because that's like when I ran out at first so get extras um number eleven is an eye mask I'll show you mine I have two I have this one I got from Marshalls and it just says do not disturb it's like kind of falling apart and I got a new one and it looks like this and it has like like indents I guess for your eyes so it doesn't actually like touch your eyes um and this one like blacks everything out like I can't see anything except it's kind of I must have a tiny nose because I can see like light through this little nose area sometimes but um it just looks like this and it's adjustable this is by the ran Nitra it's and i dra I think this is like 10 bucks in Amazon um yeah I kind of like this one better than this one because this one is still like kind of see-through because there's just like cotton inside of it in its silk so if you really want to go on darkening um I didn't use eye mask too much before college but once I go to college um I don't know I like let my roommate like have the lights on or whatever and sometimes I could fall asleep at the light sometimes I couldn't so oopsies um so I would put my mask on or folks trying to take a nap during the day Oh throw that on and I feel like they make me sleep better or like like fall asleep faster so maybe try that out my next one is a doorstop you're definitely gonna need one on move-in day otherwise you have to like props up up up against the door when you're moving stuff in and out and then during like the first few weeks of school my RNA also wanted us to all outdoor stops and like if we didn't have them he bought them for us to have her doors open to like pop into doors and meet new people on our floor so I don't know if that might happen to you too we were like hey like keep your doors open if you can um but like we would keep our door open sometimes throughout the year or two if we are having people over like we wanted people to come in or whatever um so yeah we used it a lot and I mean I'm moving out day of course too so yeah um number 13 is a full-length mirror you're gonna want to check your outfits out and bathroom mirrors probably aren't gonna cut it so I mean they're probably not tall enough for you so I had a full-length mirror like on my closet Network perfect and those you can get them like starting at $10 I feel like Target or something um number 14 Wow I'm like out of Wrath because I could just keep talking I'm talking really fast because I have a lot of energy right now that's 8:30 at night but this is when my energy comes okay so I for number 14 I was suggest getting a steamer instead of an iron because with an iron and to get an ironing board and I think everything is like kind of harder actually you have to be like careful the fabrics a steamer you just like plug into an outlet you put some water in it and then you put you'll hang up your shirt or whatever you hold it up and you're just like wave it across the shirt and it gets wrinkles out maybe I don't know if your shirts a really or Uncle Dan iron might be better I'm not entirely sure but um I didn't use either at college so this is just maybe if you really like think you're gonna need it I would just suggest a steamer over an iron but like I said I didn't use either my clothes were wrinkled are you there for them or like I wore them wrinkled or I just didn't wear them for the year so yeah so that's why I do have my clothes are they're wrinkled um so yeah maybe things like if you're using an iron just see more now you're probably gonna need a college if you're not maybe not so um next item is a fan my roommate just brought like a little like um fan that like we could put on the floor on a desk whatever I was just like this big so people would get like the clip-on fans too um we had air conditioning and we still use the fan pretty much all year our air and heat just like didn't have much like variation like we had a controller in our room you know but like the whole building was set to like a certain temperature so we really couldn't change it so we were either like hot Urkel so um don't think that your air is gonna like cut it because I might not so um next this is kind of random but if you've seen those scrub daddies um they are a sponge with a smiley face in it they're great I think they're like five dollars you can get them pretty much anywhere I think they're on like the TV commercials I believe there are like Shark Tank - um yeah but it's really good because they harden after you use them you can clean your spoons with a little smiley face and everything like it works great um yeah so I really like that um number 17 is an air freshener like just for breeze or whatever um yeah because I mean you have so much stuff in your room you like I had a bathroom in my room and food and yeah you're just gonna need some air freshener at some point so that's a good investment um number 18 is portable chargers I feel like most people have these like already but I use them so much at college consent is all like leave at 8 a.m. and won't be back to my dorm till 7:00 or something and I might be in class or whatever and so I would always have little charters with me and an outlet like the cube thingy um yeah cuz my phone dies easily so the next one is a travel mug and like a swell water bottle or whatever continue go something like that um yeah it's kind of nice if you're having early classes friendly coffee or tea with you so I liked having a travel mug I just put like my team like my swell bottle um i really suggest like getting one of those hot cold water bottles um because they're super nice um number 20 is a bathroom tote or like caddy or whatever they're called um I bought one even though my bathroom was in my room but I just ended up using it for like other bathroom stuff anyways um but if you're like if your bathroom is communal you're gonna do walking back at four and it's gonna be hard to like carry all your stuff so just gonna bathroom tote they're super cheap so yeah um we're 21 is an umbrella um I don't have much to say about that it rains sometimes and you're gonna need an umbrella in irinka yeah number 22 is a lamp um I had like a little one I got from Amazon it and it was just like a little line I guess and then you can like open it or you could leave it closed if you left it closed because I'm really been explaining it okay it was like this okay so you could leave it like this or you can leave it like this and if you left it together like the two pieces then it would be like just kind of a gym setting and if you like like put the light light part off then a really brighter and then you could touch it till I crichton it up more um yeah and I feel like just move it around cuz it was so light so maybe something like that or like a clip-on light I wouldn't get like um I went behind me but like I wouldn't get like a family room kind of lamp where it's like a huge thingy you know just get more of like a dorm lamp if that makes sense um number 23 I was just getting a backpack laundry holder um yeah here 100 will get heavy but it's like easier just to wears a backpack then to like drag it throughout the halls into the laundry room um and then I for mine mine did break halfway through so I got a new one but they're like $5 I'm talking like I think they're like nylon or plastic like a fabric kind of material thing they're probably waterproof or something though um so once I would say like lights one would say darks or colors or whites or something like that and you would just if I I just did two loads like lights darks so you can they would have like a pocket like that inside the backpack and they even either like a pocket for like you're an attorney or whatever on your laundry sheets and you just throw it in your back yeah mine would go down to like my knees but like a lot of people have them and it's really useful to have it in a backpack form and I would just keep that inside my laundry bin because I felt like an actual really laundry bin so I would just put that inside there just that had some like structure to it it wasn't just like falling on the floor um and that worked really great for me so 24 is a bug protector like mattress cover if that makes sense it's basically like a zip on protector sheet thingy that you put over your mattress and it prevents like bedbugs and dust mites and stuff like that and yes bedbugs do happen at college that is a joke my friend had a serious bedbug problem her whole year um and she had a protector but it's a lot better with a protector so yeah and the the mattresses are just like kind of gross looking so bed protectors are good so I don't know what brand I got was like what the brand was but I think I got mine at Kohl's and that worked out good um 25 last item well you made it through this is a really non or not what am I saying anti-climatic I am it is a hole puncher you're gonna need one because like in high school in high school you could borrow your teachers but in college I just just does not happen they don't have them with them so get yourself a hole puncher um I got like a bigger sturdier one I'm like looking around for it it's not in here though um or you gonna get like a clip on one to your binder or like just throw in your backpack they have like the portable ones um either one works great um that's the end of the video make sure to give this a thumbs up subscribe down below to see more videos like this and I'll talk to you guys later thanks for watching bye capstone logistics granite falls nc Sy Syms School of Business, Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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