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Pulp and paper technology colleges in india for money

Pulp and paper technology colleges in india for money my capstone experience hws writing center yo yo yo what is up baby people we have a review video for you today a world war 1 also known as the Great War which lasted from 1914 to 1918 ok when we start let's talk about the causes of the war and the causes I'll be talking about really more European focus but it's good to have a background on why this war started so I want you to think of the the word main here ma I N and M is going to stand for militarism in which countries built up their military then I want you to think of alliances which countries had secret alliances that would drag other countries into a conflict even though they may not have an issue but because of their pact or alliance with another country they are forced to defend them then we have imperialism which is countries competing for overseas colonies and nationalism which is the desire to demonstrate the strengths of each country and that's often intertwined with militarism one way to show your strength is by building up your military so look at the first letters of each one of these M AI N and that is main - think of the main causes of World War one then we have the immediate cause of this guy here he was assassinated Franz Ferdinand who is the Archduke or the heir to the Austrian Hungarian throne so here's the heir he is assassinated in 1914 which sets off a chain of events which ultimately leads to one one so it's how about the two sides you'll hear the Allied powers in the Central Powers the Allied powers consist of France Great Britain Russia even though they get out of the war towards the end and then some countries that joined later include the u.s. Italy and Japan now there are a lot more countries that are involved on each side here I'm just simply showing you the big players that you should know for ap the central powers consists of Germany austria-hungary and the Ottoman Empire as well okay in the beginning of the war the u.s. sought to remain neutral and Woodrow Wilson was president in 1916 one of the slogans for the campaign was he kept us out of war when he was running for reelection in May of 1915 we have a ship the Lusitania this is a passenger ship that was sunk by Germany by German submarines and it killed nearly 1200 individuals including over a hundred Americans as a result of this many people in the United States are very upset please note the date here which is 1915 the US does not enter World War one until 1917 so oftentimes you'll hear that the Lusitania is a cause of World War one that is so much you the better cause is the submarine warfare which did in fact state the Lusitania so why did Germany sink the ship well they claim that the ship had munitions or ammunition and weapons and that's why they sunk it this was later found out to be correct that effective was transporting weapons so we have a year later the Sussex pledged and Germany damaged a French ship called the Sussex and here is a picture of you can see that it is severely damaged some people were killed many were injured and as a result of this Germany promised not to sink merchant ships without providing a warning so in other words if they were going to sink a ship they would come up to the surface give a warning and allow everybody to get off the ship first so why ultimately does the United States get involved in the Great War well as I just mentioned we have unrestricted submarine warfare this is the biggest cause for the u.s. entrance into the war this was a policy in which Germany would sink all ships including American ships they did not trust any ships neither language Germany and they thought that these ships would often transport weapons so they would sink them we also have the Zimmermann telegram which happens in March of 1917 and this is when Germany proposed an alliance with Mexico since the secret alliance was intercepted by the British and the whites and in the proposal was that if Mexico attacked the United States and Germany ended up winning the war Germany would help Mexico get back land in the southwest united states so if we look here you have Texas Arizona New Mexico down here this is the land that Germany promised Mexico they could get back that was part of the Mexican Cession now if you look at the border between America in the US and you follow it all the way up to the red here the red outline that is the Mexican Cession so Germany was promising some of that land back for Mexico all right Woodrow Wilson gave a speech to Congress and he outlined 14 points or 14 ideas for how post-world War One Europe would look in the world for that matter and he sought to make the world safe for democracy some of these ideas included no secret alliances and freedom of the seas that no secret alliances will get rid of the a part which was the cause of World War one the Alliance's freedom of the seas would help get rid of that unrestricted submarine warfare but the biggest in so you can see no secret alliances that's bad but the biggest part of this was an establishment of a League of Nations which he envisioned that countries would come together and help solve their problems doesn't quite work out as he had hoped okay let's talk about some domestic issues during the war we have the crew committee which is led by this guy a journalist George creel who helped promote the war effort and he he and many others would give four minute speeches throughout the United States to support the war effort in 1917 with the Espionage Act which is passed which seeks to prevent interference of military operations including the draft this is upheld by Schank versus the United States in 1919 I do have a video on this check the description below if you want more information on that and the new year later we have this edition Act which is passed which made it illegal to criticize the government and a very famous socialist Eugene Debs who ran for president several times was actually convicted under the Sedition Act of 1918 and spent some time in jail he actually ran for president 1920 from jail all right women african-americans and labor unions during the war women worked in factories and as nurses many women worked while men were fighting and this helped lead to the passage of the 19th amendment which grants suffrage to women African Americans many fought in World War one and they fought in segregated units and like the Civil War mostly they mostly did manual labor very famous african-american wev Du Bois during this time he supported the ward he hopes that this would help lead to improve rates for African Americans when we're talking about labor unions were going to focus on a couple the National Ward labor board was created that helped oversee disputes between unions and businesses we have the AFL or the American Federation of Labor that was led by Samuel Gompers and they did not strike during the war they helped support the war one union organization that did strike often was the IWW or the Industrial Workers of the world they got a really bad rap during this time and their nickname was I won't work because I often went on strike let's talk a little bit about fighting in the Great War although ap rarely test on World War one battles but some things you should be familiar with we have trench warfare and most of the fighting occurred in these man-made trenches so you have these huge ditches that are dug out in maybe a couple hundred yards apart from each other and there would be fighting in this area here where you see this black area where there's no trenches that was called no-man's land you would not want to be caught in there or else you probably would be shot in Christmas of 1914 there was something called the Christmas truce in which fighting stopped for a day you have British and German soldiers they would actually crawl across no-man's land and exchange presents with each other and sing to each other and they would just celebrate Christmas and then the next day that went back to killing each other pretty crazy I know a chemical warfare was new during this time it was huge you have mustard gas chlorine gas lots of different gases which caused massive amounts of deaths and finally an armistice or an agreement to stop fighting was agreed on November 11th 1918 that's why we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th every year all right the Treaty of Versailles ended the war in article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles punished Germany for starting the war even though they were kind of the third ones involved in the war but it didn't matter and it punish them severely this was known as the war guilt clause in which Germany had to accept full responsibility for the war led to a lot of resentment and anger in Germany this ultimately helped Adolf Hitler come to power the League of Nations is created in Article acts of the League of Nations called for members to give assistance to others if needed and this was something that Congress really disliked and I do have a video this on this as well check the description for a more in-depth analysis but basically Congress is the one that declares war and they were afraid that if they joined the League of Nations they could be dragged into war without Congress's approval so ultimately the United States does not join the League of Nations so let's finish up with some effects of the war the u.s. reverts back to isolation that had had before World War one in fact warren g harding when he ran for president in 1920 campaigned on a return to normalcy so kind of going back to the way things were before we have the red summer which were race riots in many northern cities and this was due to the first great migration in which many african-americans were moving from the south to the north and this led to a lot of race riots in northern cities do not confuse red summer with red scare you see the word red in both but the red scare is something different that is the fear of communism the first Red Scare will happen right after World War 1 if Palmer Raids and other things going on during that time as well and finally you will have an increase of nativism you'll see during the 1920s that there are two acts that are passed that severely limit the amount of immigrants and a lot of this is due to this desire to want to go back to the way things were before and do not interact with other countries of the world all right thank you very much for watching I hope this video helped if you have not already please take a moment and subscribe to my channel if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below I thank you for watching and have a good day guys do my research capstone title Monroe Community College.

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