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Project portfolio management research topics

Project portfolio management research topics write for me average age of marriage in usa 2019 ipcc ar4 model output report [Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is Ryan and for today's video I'm just gonna be going through some kind of like newer products I've either bought received or have been loving everything I'm using will be linked and listed down below as always you can also find my social media and other things down there I really like how this makeup turned out some of you know that I've been in a depressed funk and I've really not been playing too much with makeup this is you know probably very predictable for me but this is probably more makeup than I'm worn in a while so it's been nice to get back into the swing of things try some things out and I am planning on doing a video where I recreate another youtubers makeup look which is a cruelty-free youtuber I don't know if I want tell you ever I want to keep you in suspense I've told her that I'm gonna do it but I haven't picked which look I'm gonna recreate yeah so that's exciting let's get into this video focus I've had some coffee first things first what am i drinking I'm drinking a very large iced coffee and I put funny story I put way too much maple syrup in it so it's delicious but it's very sweet so to prep my skin I'm gonna put a little bit of this lip balm thing on it's the skin Iceland berry lip fix with wintered red algae algae al gay my nose is was like oh I certainly don't think it's gonna replace my Campari lipgloss E but those feel nice and just to prep my skin put a little bit of moisture in there I'm going to use the cope re coconut rose toner I love this stuff I've had several now oops I just faked and Anaka Lipson spot we need to talk about this product it's bizarre I feel like people don't really know what it is and I didn't even really I mean maybe I still don't know what it is I don't know but I have found a way that I really love to use this so it's the Charlotte Aubrey Hollywood flawless filter for a superstar Youth glow lots of people have been talking about this Charlotte Tilbury products are absolutely gorgeous so this kind of looks like a foundation jar right but what it is is kind of like a liquid illuminator they come in different colors so you can kind of like get them to suit your skintone and you can either kind of apply it all over the face before makeup or just to the high points under makeup over makeup without any other makeup and it just gives you a really gorgeous glow so I kind of like put it all over my cheeks of the sweaty bridge a bit on my nose anywhere that I want like a nice radiant highlight I put this so hopefully you can see it just gives a really kind of like radiant glow to the skin I'll wear this without any other makeup sometimes or I'll just put a little bit of concealer like down my t-zone and then apply this elsewhere and it's just a really gorgeous gorgeous product and I find that I use it in a bunch of different ways at various different points of my makeup application the foundation I'm gonna be trying out today which I did also use a couple days ago and really did like it is the color pop no filter foundation so this is a relatively new product so I did just guess at this shade and I think probably I should have gone more neutral but I can make it work so this is a shade light 75 this is the cute little packaging it doesn't come with a lid but it does twist so that you can't press it down then you just twist it to open it so let's put this on my face oh and the brush I use for the Charlotte Aubrey thing is the color pop EPS 17 I think this is meant for the foundation or maybe for their concealer but it's just a really nice brush but obviously I'm applying the foundation with a sponge so this is one I guess like medium application of this I will say if you apply too much I do think that this is one that could go streaky to apply too much so just be careful to kind of apply a little bit at a time I would say the coverage on this is interesting to me because although it is a fairly I don't know medium to full coverage it does still have kind of a slight transparency to it and it makes it look more like skin rather than like a heavy foundation and when I wore this the other day it really didn't break up around my nose much at all by the end of the day and typically with any foundation I find that it does and yeah I like it so far and then when I ordered that foundation I also grabbed a refill of my anot refill a repurchase of the no filter concealer which is in the shade medium 20 I am obsessed with this stuff this is really a great all-rounder and I really recommend this concealer great buy for money that's probably a bit better sorry if it was too unblown out before but hopefully now you can see the finish of everything now before I do any setting um I do want to apply my highlighter because it is a jelly so this is the for Sally jelly bean illuminator for Sally or probably a brand you've seen on Instagram I think they do like the oils that people drop on their faces and you know that thing but this is this packaging it's really beautiful a weak gooey highlights are now I have to admit I ordered this from Sephora because I thought this is gonna be a useless mess and it will be funny to look at but I really like it so using the colour-pop f17 brush I'm gonna take a little bit of the lid it's a weird consistency maybe I'll show you on the back of my hand looks like this it's a really really beautiful shade so it's kind of like a gel a jelly gel it's like a jelly jelly you know anyway why don't I put on my face so I just kind of roughly put it where I want it with the brush and then I just take my Beauty Blender one thing I will say about this I'm noticing now I haven't used this highlighter with this foundation yeah and I think this highlighter is probably better with less full coverage or kind of mattifying foundations I think it works better on more of a kind of moisturize base because I can see that this has the potential to go a little Dorito II do you know what I mean when it kind of like it's a highlighter but it's picked up some of the foundation and it looks a little chunky so I do think this is better with creamier bases knocks earned like dry or matte finish ones or you could maybe put it underneath but I think this foundation would just have covered it right up you know what we're gonna we're gonna make it work as fine so probably with you and I learned something about this which is that this is not as good on kind of like match or more full coverage foundations definitely on something lighter or on bare skin on bare skin I've been loving this it's beautiful so now we have I think although our cream is done I also picked up the no filter sheer pressed powder from colour-pop in the color medium haven't even looked at this yet so who knows if it's even the right color cute most of you will probably know that my my ultimate press powder is the Charlotte Tilbury one which is you know very expensive and I think well with the price but I'm gonna try and be fair to this and give it a little go so um oh my gosh when I take my friendís Pro 2f from the Geordie collab they did I'm sorry you don't get much of it's pretty um hard even though this does look very light when I'm applying under my eye and if you can see it is kind of picking up a little darker there so just keep that in mind cuz I mean opening this other side well that's pretty light but actually it is kind of darkening the concealer I put down so okay probably go for the lighter one so hard to tell I think what I'm gonna have to do is test out when I kind of like do touch-ups because that's what I really love my Charlotte Tilbury one for I just think it kind of like some moves everything back together and doesn't add too much cakiness my cheeks are pretty cakey right now I hate it so much but we're gonna move off what else do I have let's do what I want to do next let's have a little bit more stuff on my face before I move on to my eyes so for bronzer I'm still loving the Physicians Formula butter bronzer it smells like Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and and the color I have is light bronzer now some people have asked me like are all the shades vegan I don't know because Physicians Formula are kind of mysterious that actually just means annoying and I can never find like a good list or straight answer so I just have to go into the store and read what it says on the pack but anyway I've been loving this and the brush I love to use it with is the Dell iam tools 9 4:1 tapered highlighting brush this color is just ideal for me yes I can blow on it it's mine I have hit pan do you see that like truly if you struggle with bronzer and get this brush it is lovely same for blush it's pretty nice too because you can just get like a really kind of natural flush all over the cheeks cuz it's just light and fluffy and also kind of small and precise and I love it oh I almost forgot what I've been doing lately is putting it over the bridge of my nose and kind of over my cheeks to you know make it look like I've actually been kissed by the Sun for blush I'm using the melt blush in honey thief mmm yum and um no I'm older and my face has dropped Wow I try and keep the blush a little bit further back and less on the apples of my cheeks cuz the apples of my cheeks are now down here and when you're not smiling that looks really weird so I keep it more like on the side of my face I think I've talked about this before I think this is a complex that I've had for about 10 years so that's where I'm putting my blush I am taking the makeup geek in the nude palette I'm gonna take this middle shade here and put that in my crease why am i holding this up under here as well same brush I'm gonna move over to this slightly darker shade and just focus this right in the crease and I'm just putting a little bit on this outer lower corner and kind of doing this one of these maneuvers Kurt next what I'm gonna do is take this eggshell color on a brush that's in the same set that I've already mentioned and I'm gonna kinda use that well not kind of like I'm using it where you can see that I'm using it under my eyebrow this is why you don't drink coffee around so I'm just kind of doing a matte highlight under the brows and then just blending it out again with the brush I did all my other makeup with and then I don't really remember what this one looks like on but I'm gonna find out right in there I also picked up two color pop eyeshadows I'm gonna try and remember which one is which this one is glass full and this one is snake eyes you don't think I'm just gonna remember did you this is snake eyes I think it's beautiful because it's kind of it's like a cool rose gold I would say it's beautiful but I think for today I'm gonna use glass bowl thing that's the name of it anyway if it will be linked below so double check there this is like my color if I was an eye shadow it would be this so I like it because it does have kind of a warmth in there but then it has kind of like a cool almost green silver it is just late look at that and then as the light hits it goes green so I love the warmth I think that is very flattering on my skin but then the green shade I think complements my eyeballs so it's a win win win win win oh look at this tiny little mirror on here that is adorable I'm gonna put that oh wow I'm good I love it so much it is just yummy and and the warmth and it really matches the eyeshadows I used in my crease so it's just I feel like I put this up a lot now what if you're like wow I really just don't get it ran anyway ah yummy hey next up I'm going to apply some mascara I'm using the Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes vol 2 I freaking love it so the person who tweeted me like you should check it out I love you usually I skip over this but I really want you to see how cool it is so I mentioned it in my favorites video link up in the top corner the brush just looks messy and like it's gonna be a nightmare but I don't know it's fantastic that's one coat of mascara do me now Aleutians haven't done my lower lashes in a while let's do it I have extremely long lower lashes which you know but I feel blessed I feel honored but sometimes with really bold my scars like this it can make you look you're in a Clockwork Orange so what I like to do is go back in and do a second coat on the top just about things out of it okay do you like this is wild isn't it before I go ahead and do the other one I just wanted to say if you have maybe purchase like the Too Faced better than sex mascara and just like not understood the hype or like not managed to make it work for you I think this is what to Faced better than sex is trying to do but maybe doesn't always succeed at that's probably the meanest thing I've ever said on my channel to be honest but what I mean by that is when I have bought better than sex mascara in the past before they were bought out by whoever I did like it but I did start to find it would go really flaky and it just like we just wasn't quite there and also the brush on that one was kind of hard to use for me so I think this is better all right that's enough bubbling I'm gonna go ahead and do the other eye and tidy up any little marks and I'll be right back now I think lastly all I need to do is oh actually I do need to set my face I feel like this makeup is kind of full coverage so I'm not sure how this is gonna work it could make it look incredibly skin like and beautiful or it could give me even more weird chunkiness so let's give it a go I think I like it a bit more on the cheeks I would say typically like setting sprays or whatever that meant to be like jewy or whatnot I don't feel like they always prolong your makeup but I do think they kind of give it in like a nice glow I really like their illuminating one but I know some people hate it but definitely with the illuminating one it does have kind of like a fine Sheen or shimmer through it very fine so you do have to shake it super hard and I like to give it like a test spray first just to make sure it's not like super glittery but I definitely think if you like to really powder your face or you use more kind of like full coverage things to maybe um cover up like you know breakouts are scarring or whatever it is I think this could then make that full coverage product look more skin like by giving it like that's like you know dewy or transparent finish I think I really like it next what was I doing nips I've been wanting to go for a more kind of like brown home liner so I've been using the Charlotte Oberon lip cheat in iconic nude and then I'm going to be using this gloss which is from the color pup and Shayla collab and it's B color knee free mmm I like it a lot so that is it for this video I really hope you guys enjoyed this kind of you know relaxed just trying out different products type of video please do give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already be sure to check my social media which will be on the end screen and let me know what you want to see next bye capstone quarters apartments tuscaloosa al Sarah Lawrence College.

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