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Project intern meaning order

Project intern meaning order capstone ministries kisumu for money edit literature review on mother cheap ´╗┐parents faculty students esteemed guests and fellow members of the class of 2016 yes fellow members because I have become an ad-hoc member of this magnificent 2016 class after 39 years receiving my Foxcroft education I'm finally graduating as part of this class of sweet 16 and what a class it is together they shine with collective achievements and unsurpassed brilliance and as individuals who wouldn't be impressed by acacia's remarkable wit and humor tipsy steely determination and athletic prowess Jesse's elegant and seemingly effortless dance fluidity Valens heartfelt yet pointed poetics Inez's utter kindness and helpfulness and sophia's exemplary caring and musicality and of course Lexie's incomparably captivating smile you'll see very soon there are 39 other equally notable class members I see this remarkable day as a reminder of the circle that is such the symbol of this ceremony and what it means we are sitting here in the round the three crucial groups parents faculty and students and the last official act of this gathering will be the formation of the Foxcroft circle which spirals ever forward as the seniors become no longer Fox cross students but alumna who now go out to conquer the world thus we see all three phases of time represented today yesterday and of course tomorrow so let's look first today and the familiar yet oh so meaningful phrase no more days till we get out sound familiar I know the golden oldies in this class have been longingly singing the sprays of eager anticipation for almost four years so this is the moment to savor its heft and it's true implications you're settled in this lush and lovely garden in the son of thank you Miss Charlotte I need to add here that in 39 years I've experienced only one indoor graduation that's influence and you are not gazing not just at your parents and friends oh and that pile of diplomas that coyly sits on that stark little table but you gaze most intently with blissful anticipation toward that garden gate in the world and the rest of your life that lies beyond it so when my words are finished and lexie us how to say and we congratulate the award winners and watch each of you embrace wave hug your green leather bound badge of achievement you will join the Foxcroft circle and then go through that gate for the last time as students at Foxcroft that phrase no more days do we get out always uttered with such conviction and longing makes me think about how we spend so much of our lives wishing we were someplace else or that tomorrow or next year would come more quickly some of you may be sitting here today thinking I can't wait to be the beach or I really wish i could post this on Instagram we are not well adjusted when it comes to our relationship with time today is really the only thing we surely have and we continually wish it away or waste it seldom satisfied to fully live in the present moment always lean forward never content to embrace the one sure thing we have today that is today right now 10-25 may 27 2016 the author Jerry Spinelli said it this way look today not yesterday not tomorrow just today inhabit your moments don't rent them out to tomorrow so I need your help because if there's ever a moment worthy of our full attention and complete beingness then is this truly golden gathering in this exquisite garden with miss Charlotte's shining down on us so proud and triumphant yet again for this one hundred and second graduation I would like for everyone to turn to the person next to you and say I am so happy to be here with you at Foxcroft on this great occasion so let's do that let's turn to the next person I am so happy to be here with you at Foxcroft on this great occasion and shake that person's hand or give them a hug yes we have finally connected and that's great this is a day that begs us to connect this is a day that requires us to bask and what it really means to be as part of something bigger than ourselves something magical and fully alive to reach out to each other and totally be a part of this moment not just occupying a chair and wishing it was time for the little sandwiches and punch but connecting to the experience as it unfolds was Ian Forrester the great English novelist Lucy matts knows who I'm talking about because she wrote a wonderful paper this spring on him who says in his novel Howards End only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted in human love will be seen at its height Lars Forster entreats us to find that natural spark to ignite and like the vision of our own lives how ironic that such profound self-awareness isn't really about us at all but about ourselves in the greater context of finding the purpose of life through our relationships with others so this day is the day of celebration of both accomplishment and connection we are here and we are prepared to be completely happy and hopeful for all the members of the class of 2016 and our constantly expanding circle what about the past miss Charlotte opened Foxcroft in October 1914 with 28 girls and one boy Frances green for the first 10 years the graduation ceremonies were held on brick house long in each class for those first ten years planted an ivy vine to symbolize the connection and the slowly spiraling ever upward motion of a school that was successful and growing in 1925 the ceremony was moved to the garden and I like to think that our Foxcroft circle is the direct descendant of those early Ivy vines as it replicates the beautiful round and circling movements of the ever-growing vine the alumni of the school joining hands and marching forward through time ever reliant on those who have gone before as the new class begins to create the next chapter of the Foxcroft story when I think about this lovely symbolic circle that will end our proceedings today I think of all the girls that have gone before back through time to that first year in the end or the beginning of the line there is Miss Charlotte clutching the hand of perhaps case age or flora Whitney both members of that first class and confident even then that they would always be there for each other and the school as it grew this deep responsibility felt by so many in the constantly expanding line of graduates was expressed by Betty sharp class of nineteen twenty six when she wrote but the point that strikes us most clearly as that Foxcroft does not change its face may change the girls the building's the faculty but the heart and soul of Foxcroft which is embodied in the Charlotte is the same and will keep the spirit alive till the end so the spiral continues and when Chloe next year's student head of school leads the seniors out for the last walk as students I like to think about seeing them take the hand of the last student in the line from last year's class of 2015 and then 2014 and back and back until it the final position will be miss Charlotte with a wonderful look of pride and satisfaction on her face showing that just as Lily Briscoe feels at the end of Virginia wolfson novel to the lighthouse as after many disappointments she finally finishes her painting her masterpiece there it was her picture yes with all its greens and blues its lines running up and across its attempts at something it was done it was finished yes she thought laying down her brush and extreme fatigue I have had my vision miss Charlotte also must have felt extreme fatigue as she followed her heart and started the school which seen sometimes no doubt to be the impossible dream so she too was an artist she connected in the most profound in that humble way when I see this enduring and powerful spiral which so symbolizes the heart and soul of Foxcroft then I comprehend totally her masterpiece this is it she did it she had her vision and every year we helped to keep it alive and growing and now the future class of 2016 as you celebrate your Foxcroft career and your graduation and build your post Foxcroft life I've got a few pieces of advice after all this is a graduation speech and it seems standard procedure to fling at least a couple of profound nuggets to be sure that the crowd is still awake I could be flip and share Eric idols epigram life has a very simple plot first you here and then you're not that is a cautionary tale which encourages all of us to be aware of that ticking clock and always engage fully and now alas I have only three bits of advice to share the first comes from nathaniel hawthorne and his near-perfect novel The Scarlet Letter and it is just this be true be true be true show freely to the world if not your worst yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred authoring jumps out of the story to blurt out this morning his message be true don't be a poser love yourself the real you be true embrace your values and beliefs and live by them and be true love honor and cherish those who love you and care about you good advice for any century in any time of life miss Charlotte said it this way be loyal to the Royal in yourself in class of 2016 look up and down your row now these are your friends till the end second do something difficult easy is fine on occasions it feels good but challenge yourself take a hard class develop a new skill outside of your comfort zone shake up your conventional thinking do something that at first seems alien and impossible say hi and be kind of someone you don't even know I of course look for a poem to demonstrate this if you want simple try this poem the Lord and His wisdom made the fly and then forgot to tell us why we relate to this Ogden Nash poem and we understand immediately we have a chuckle and move on but the following poem may give you pause and puzzlement it is profoundly intricate contradictory and thus both troubling and reassuring and based on the astounding physical comedy of Charlie Chaplin perhaps the most famous silent film star because he understood the relationship between laughter and despair the poet Hart Crane attempts to transfer the celluloid movements of Chaplin's genius into equally animated poetry Chaplin asked by Hart Crane we make our meek adjustments contented with such random consolations as the wind deposits in slithered into ample pockets for we can still love the world who find a famished kitten on the step and no recesses for it from the fury of the safe Street or warm torn elbow cupboards we will sidestep and to the final smirk dally the doom of that inevitable thumb that slowly chafe sits puckered index toward us they seemed a doll squint with what innocence and what surprise and yet these fine collapses are not lies more than the Perewitz of any client kane our obsequies are in a way no enterprise we can evade you and all else but the heart what blame to us if the heart live on the game enforces smirks but we have seen the moon and lonely alleys make a grail of laughter of an empty ashcan and through all sound of gaiety and quest have heard a kitten in the wilderness this is both hope and despair in this poem there is a musicality and mystery that engages in yet perplexus what does it mean it has a litany of double meanings and complex metaphors working contrapuntal II but teasing and taunting each almost encounter with harmony is it about the frustrations and insecurity of creating your masterpiece in a world that simply seems not to care the point of course is to take the plunge take a stab at it accept the challenge and maybe the failure engage with the complex confront what seems unsolvable and take away what meaning you can forge and what solace there might be in trying my third and final piece of advice is from one of my favorite authors and human beings of all time Maya Angelou I am inexorably tied to her because she appeared at Foxcroft january thirty first nineteen ninety-one and was so magical and amazing i will never not be under the spell she cast that evening we were totally present involved and alive she drew us in with her voice and movement her charisma and her words her total understanding of performance and we those lucky few were connected to something profoundly joyful and moving for a lifetime she performed this poem that evening and I need your help I need your help I need you to click your fingers for me just like that and a nice rhythm alright let's have some clicks human family I note the obvious differences in the human family some of us are serious some thrive on comedy some declare their lives are lived as true profundity and others claim they really live the real reality the variety of our skin tones can confuse bemused delight brown and pink and beige and purple tan and blue and white I've sailed upon the seven seized and stopped in every land I've seen the wonders of the world not one common man I know 10,000 women called Jane and Mary Jane but have not seen any two who really were the same mirror twins are different although their features dive and lovers think quite different thoughts when lying side by side we love and lose in China we weep on England's more and laugh and moan and guinea and thrive on Spanish shores we seek success in Finland are born and die in Maine in minor ways we differ in major we're the same and note the obvious differences between each sword and type but we are more alike my friend than we are more than we are unalike say it with me we are more alike my friend than we are unlike we are more alike my friend than we are unalike one more time we are more alike my friend than we are on alike this poem identifies one of the most extraordinary qualities of Foxcroft and one of this made me most proud of being a part of it we believe in the human family and we delight in our diversity whether it be raised nationality ethnicity sexual orientation will they just believe political persuasions we are all equal and invested members of the Foxcroft community we learned so much from each other and our difference is at the center of our unity well not always easy yes there are dust-ups misunderstandings conflicts and upsets but these are dwarfed by the ability of community to encircle and include and empower all of us and my classmates this is a value that you take away today into your adult lives and it will serve you well make it grow and flourish now so that ms McGee he doesn't have to get out the big hook to end this part of the ceremony I will leave you with a song prayer by another amazing Bard Bob Dylan Dylan has been my constant companion since college and I depend on him often to say things with style grace and cutting-edge honesty to you may God bless and keep you always may your wishes all come true may you always do for others and let others do for you may you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung and may you stay forever young may your hands always be busy may your feet always be Swift but you have a strong foundation when the winds of change is shift but your heart always be joyful may your song always be sung and may you stay forever young congratulations class of 2016 my class all of the wonders of the world await go get um do my what is capstone at the university of alabama Onondaga Community College.

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