Possible Research Topics In Human Resource Management
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Possible research topics in human resource management

Possible research topics in human resource management how to prepare for capstone 1 for money chart xml publisher report [Music] welcome to field-sports Britain coming up we're off to deer with a cat we're in a barn with team wild to me looking for feral pigeons first we've got a problem with urban foxes it's late afternoon in a garden in South London and there's a little experiment being carried out the hypothesis under test is urban foxes are bold enough to take a baby-sized object out of its pram and the sound of a baby crying is so similar to a Fox's natural prey it makes the dummy baby even more attractive the gentleman who filmed these events is a professional pest controller and field-sports channel viewer he's seen the urban Fox evolve into an opportunist and just wants to see how conditioned they've become yes the piglet will smell although it was frozen however the buggy is covered in human scent and the baby grow is brand new the cry of the baby is a fascinating addition to this experiment here is a rabbit distress call used by Fox suitors all over the world to call in their quarry doesn't sound that different to a baby does it Robert Bucknall a foxing expert interviewed for our foxing DVD says how closely these sounds resemble each other they might have loads of foxes that aren't going to be a problem there's always one or two that will push the boundaries back and hear something wailing like a hare in distress and it goes and has a look and finds the nice piece of protein there it might have a nibble on it and therein lies the problem there's always people getting bitten or you know that sort of thing but it's it's pretty rare but of course it's now become more newsworthy the papers a little more we are releasing this film not to demonize foxes just show that they're not pets and organisations like the BBC should know better here is last month's edition of their wildlife magazine and their step-by-step guide to ting foxes into your garden please don't have nightmares but make sure your pet rabbits and guinea pigs are locked up every night urban foxes making news they're also making news it's David on the field-sports Channel News stump [Music] this is field-sports Britain news a new study suggests that dogs have been man's best friend for at least thirty thousand years a pair of dogs girls uncovered in digs in Siberia and Belgium have been aged at 33 thousand years old it shows dogs were domesticated long before any other animal including sheep cows or goats the scales had shorter snouts and wider jaws and wild animals such as wolves it suggests dogs were used for companionship and protection two men have been injured in shooting accidents during game shoots in North Yorkshire prompting police to issue a gun safety warning one was struck in the face by pellets during a pheasant shoot in strength or near York a day later another was hit in the leg on farmland near Selby both men suffered only minor injuries police said accidents were rare but warned shooters to keep safety in mind North Yorkshire police said it had seized the guns involved while officers investigated the exact circumstances of the incidents and finally in the week that a bluefin tuna was sold at auction in Japan for just under half a million pounds adding fears that this animal is getting rarer a US angler has caught what might be a world-record yellowfin tuna the blue fins smaller cousin it's a 90 by 62 inch yellowfin estimated at four hundred and thirty two point four pounds the current 405 pound igf a world record was 85.5 by 61 inches gone up to date with field-sports Britain news stalking the stories fishing for facts thank you David weather looks better there than here now Roy Lupton doubts talking fallow doze he's calling in foxes in daylight and he even has a problem with a dog walker in field-sports Channel towers Roy is known as the postman he always delivers this morning he hasn't got a little red fan but a six wheel beast which has been defying physics and the Highlands of Scotland as he hunts blue hairs with his Eagles he's on his round on his ground in Sussex he has a little flash around for some foxes but the first stop is going to be fallow doze we've got a second gun so what we're gonna do is we'll try and position Dom in some of the places as we stalk through so if any deer break when Don's gonna Dom should have a chance hopefully for a shot or two as they come through from the spinies although he's on parkland the fences are no more and the herds here a transient he'd like to take out about five of the local population the only problem we've got this morning is well going into is a bit that U is very very difficult to to get into my foot you actually gotta cross the stream so the extraction of the dear if we do get one is is always the problem so that's where we've got the are there this morning so ever if we if we do get a few then hopefully we've got a means of getting them out DOM is here as well which could be interesting if Roy is the postman DOM is postman Pat's and you're gonna be filming with Roy so we're gonna find out which of us is the jinx an interesting scientific experiment to find out whether you're the reason or on the reason then we never get anything money's on you Roy has a good idea where the deer will be and positions Dom to cover the exit point if we spook them as hoped the deer are in a spinning across the bridge but they don't hang about we crawl across the broken bridge Roy lighting the way with his cheeks the plan has worked in Reverse and Dom has pushed two toes our way Roy shoots and for a change the young doe runs the group we initially spotted takes flight time to do some field work and follow the blood trail you normally find a good constant trial so where we are here we've got a we had a fantastic out shot a lot of blood where she stood for a while and then she's run but on fallow you can lose the blood quite easily as they move around the muscle can cover up the the exit wound and then you can lose the blood it pulls into their chest cavity but we find the DOE under a fallen branch so she's just laying down there so you can see if we hadn't followed the blood we would have really struggled to find her so especially the way she's laid if they've if they've laid and their white underbelly shown towards you same as when your rabbit shooting overnight they're easy to find but if they're laid the other way from you like she is they're just tucked in it's incredibly difficult to see them sometimes absolutely nothing wrong with the shot there it's obviously just where her adrenaline was up where she'd been spooked by DOM and came onto the bank there and she just had enough to to stand there and then she talked her way down here which is not more than 50 yards but when you've got to cover like the bracken and the fallen trees it can be very very difficult to find them they can be under your nose and you still not see them so again it's always a good idea if you have got one never a dog with you even with perfect shots because you can or it can take you a long time to find the carcasses in conditions like this if you haven't got a backup Tom joins us and looks a bit sheepish humble pie anyone and I'll talk about it Tom takes the strain and gets to grips with the young doe Roy is keen for another so we head off to a different part of the estate we spot deer immediately but they're not on our ground another 50 yards and for a change the deer come to us the camera remains standing but ROI and Dom hits the deck three animals are just yards away in what appears to be a great shooting position but all the boys can see our rear ends we follow up slowly and still they remain tricky to nail down then they evaporate and we soon find out why a dog walker in Woodland with no footpaths Rowe is firm but fair what they do is they run them against sensors and then kill them defenses even just stretching them out as well although she said that her dog wouldn't kill there that dog was perfectly capable of chasing the deer wrung them up against the fences and causing damage obviously as the season progresses the doze pregnant at the moment you know another another month or two they're going to be very heavily pregnant and if they start to get chased around like that and it's going to cause a lot of damage to the future generations of deer that we've got on here so yeah you feel like you're bashing your head against a brick wall sometimes but you know you always got to just try and put your point across and hope that eventually it sinks in with our stalks foiled such a glorious morning Roy fields it's just right for a squeak he lets rip with the silver fox barn we have a very place observer Tom takes his chance I heard you whispering the other side of the tree obviously that was blocking my my view from Superboy trying to get him to stop on the call yeah a lot closer to us expecting that Fox just appeared to my right-hand side here so he just came up behind us and made us I didn't want to move until we got the camera on it and I was hoping if he did make us he just moved off and then would get a chance to squeeze the trigger and that Dom did a super job as the Fox just crossed our line back down the bottom here I was trying to stop him but he was just just moseying through he'd slowed down a little bit but as this one appeared and the shot went off there was another Fox coming up from the bottom just making its way through all the thick bramble there so obviously with with that report going off its it's unlikely he would have come anyway but no really please that was a fantastic call he came in really close on hope it looks good time to recover that deal with the Argo to increase the states it's going to be a waterborne extraction I've got any bangs up so we can go across get back across the river why don't there's a bridge Roy for the Christmas a successful uneventful morning and even though there are bridges everywhere Roy and Dom seem to be making the most of it if you'd like to find out more about the ArchiCAD go to WWE Achatz comm from deer to Dobbs where Nottingham sure farmers have a problem with feral pigeons pinching all their feed they call in team wild TV with a stalking antelope in the African plains foxes in the field of southern England or this feral pigeons in a farmers barn in Staffordshire you have to approach your quarry carefully and with plenty of forethought [Music] you can tell this is a perfect environment feral pigeons the grain stores plenty of feed in here the rafters that provide great places to roost you can see by the floor there's plenty of scout these guys obviously living here full-time just gonna make our way around the farm just nice and study using all of these bags and this machinery is cover about using these zeiss range-finding by nose because it is a big shirt we do need to make sure that we're checking our Rangers at the rifle zero for 15 yards and 35 yards and supportive shoots about an inch high at 20 but any further than that 40 50-yard shots a couple of inches difference and we don't wanna be causing any damage to the asbestos or to the wooden framework here so we're gonna make our way around and see what we can find see those two three oh one two three one on three one two three got it [Music] this is a livestock feed protection exercise once you plan to approach the shooting can begin reload I've been lucky so far these guys these pitchers haven't been shot for a while now lucky the good thing is he's our life as he stays state hare ranges are very quiet mine's got a silence wrongly carbine barrel pinky's has just gotta try it try a turbo so we've taken a few shots we've missed a couple but they don't seem overly concerned they flying out just flying around a couple of times then come back in so if we just hold fire for a little bit should get a few more shots so pretty good day so far and say in a bag so we're going to do now I think we've pretty much shot this out why don't we head back and back to fontys play some suit and during the shad sting let's do it [Applause] you need the farmer on your side and you need the farmer to know that you're on his side the reason was called your end is because of the pigeons we're destroying the crops causing messes in the barns and which slows up the growth stages so you boys have come in to control the numbers so we're not going to have this damage in future semester the cause in there in the dark the shed sir of cause mouth cancer paints and that sort of thing we also get that keeps them out of the crop stores which are food stores and if they'll get in through any available gap and they also cause their deaths defecating within the food stores which you don't want back at the shooting and the Farrell's are still providing plenty of challenges another pigeons just flown into the barn over here and Keith hasn't had a brilliant day shooting it's not up to his usual high standard say a little bit of an argument is he should take the shot cuz I like to make sure the bird goes in the bag but you know killers pretty keen they're pretty confident get it so starting ocular [Music] it's actually two birds in here so what we're gonna do is on three we're gonna see how bonnie trots [Music] [Music] mr. h1 mr. Killer zero all the records that was seeing she [Music] so look at the mastery man over beast [Music] yeah enough to go in [Music] as you can see keith is a highly-trained gun dog handler he's still trying to get that bird from that soft mouth spaniel over there but this is not unusual if you experienced seeing Keith operate in the field this is pretty much par for the course we can plainly hear the sound of Benny Hill theme tune of the background play it's not gonna get any better we might get our bird back in one piece and he's been successful [Music] enthusiastic little fellas as you can see perfect part shot that's just above the just with the chest and in the crop area and when you're shooting pigeons inside it's always best to go for something which has got a good size target area obviously the best shot is ahead of the next shot by the time I get through the feathers the neck is actually very small and the head bobbing around all the time you might not get a clean shot you might hit the building luckily for me this thing as you sort of drop straight away dives straight away and I've got all these helpful retrievers to help me pick my bird say when it goes [Music] so we've had a great day we've knocked over 12 marks really happy the air range of performed perfectly we're gonna go back in a couple of weeks time and stay on top of them well we're back next week and if you are watching this on youtube don't hesitate to click the subscribe button that's somewhere outside of the screen there or go to our website field-sports channel dot's TV where you can buy our DVDs or click to like us on facebook follow us on twitter scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you'll find the constant contact box put your email address in there and we will spam you this has been field-sports Britain [Music] internet of things stocks to buy 2019 order New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls.

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