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Portland state university capstone projects

Portland state university capstone projects umuc cybersecurity capstone news reporters laughing hysterically image ´╗┐hey guys good morning good evening good night wherever you are I am actually gonna be showing you guys my Friday my daily Fridays how my Fridays look like pretty much um I'm currently in my school parking lot and it's like six 36 46 36 um why am i up at 6:00 a.m. on a Friday good question it's because I'm in the radio station and on my campus and I'm actually on air every Friday morning at 7 a.m. so I'll take you guys to the office god bless my beautiful sister for getting me passionate black ice tea last night so I can have this in the morning if you're not a coffee person then I recommend you to tea because I [Music] [Music] [Music] god damn it it didn't work we knew this was gonna happen to be like message somebody and nobody responded like nobody wants to be here this early whoever said oh you write back when they figure it out thank the Lord think whoever Thank You Mario Mario that was his name so last time I couldn't get into the room as well and I like luckily I had found somebody no they came like are you able to let me in and he's like I don't think my card works but I'll try and so he swipes it and it opened so it's so happy and then this time I was like I might not get as lucky so I went out into campus and I found some guy in a cart and I was like hey do you think like you didn't let me in or try attempt it and he's like yeah yeah yeah hop in in a little car and I'll take you I should work you know and it works so now I'm in here let me show you a little bit this video so this is Casey our radio station the award-winning sound of state so this is just what we control them Mike that time we'll be on air at exactly 7:00 a.m. phone call more Mike's on this side so yeah I'm just gonna get prepared and we've heard my co-host and then yeah we'll see I turned my head and hold it high um so quick update I I'm in studios in my show starts in two minutes and she's not texting you back I don't know if she slept and accidentally or something it's pretty early um but what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna play music the beginning um just to see if she gets here if she doesn't I am going to start off by myself but I want to play music to kill time because I can't talk for a whole hour without her I I didn't prep enough for this show I really only have like two big events that I'm gonna be covering and she was gonna cover like two other ones like take a lead so we have like a talk show kind of thing [Music] what I've seen is that we have a talk show and we talk about news so we give you the news and if we don't tell you by giving you the news we talk about everything each other so we'll have like topics and we'll go off of that with each other but you usually take a lead on something that I'm just gonna input and vice versa so I don't have the other two down like she did so we'll probably just play music from the San Diego State University studios this is Casey are the sound of stay [Music] good morning you're listening to Casey are the award-winning sound of state and I am Diana I'm Corey and you're listening to DK updates where we update you with the latest news and updates and update but it's kind of sad because we're back to talking about another earthquake and another hurricane like that's insane we just just talked about this and right now it's one hit do you shop in another one Congress honestly so crazy yeah it's sad that we even have to be back on air to to talk about this right there's doctors nurses working overtime for free so the hospitals are not charging for anything at the moment in Mexico and it's it's a beautiful thing to see that people come together to help those in need tomorrow yep if you had plans tomorrow and you should probably switch soon because you know the world is gonna come to an end I don't know Cory do you believe in that I mean that's how it is now and it's going back to saying like how devastating is to see that it's happening a lot more right now like it's you know we're seeing all these hurricanes we've seen all this earthquakes hit at the same time but we also see all these things happening as well like alright you know um so who knows the world might be ending but to me this is already the end this is the end of those hey guys so I'm walking to the library right now I'm gonna go do some homework because it's due at 12 I have a class it's every other Friday so it's due at 12 so I'm gonna do homework right now I shut my eyes trying not to speak pretend I'm a regular Friday I have class at 12:00 but I have class every other Friday for that class but I have a class every Friday at 1:00 but what sucks is that I'm here on campus at like 6:00 a.m. because my radio shows at 7:00 a.m. and so having class every Friday at 1:00 sucks because I'm literally here from 8:00 to 1:00 I could go home but I commute so I hate driving back and forth so it's not homework right I'm gonna do then I just say on campus and how to do that listen I'm gonna do them just sit here and maybe just watch youtube videos on how to edit and I am so new to this and I want to have better fuel to these videos for you guys and this is a first of all gonna have to edit because there's more Clips my intro video is super easy I didn't really edit it much because it was one straight clip that I used and this is actually gonna be multiple clips so I want to learn but today at 2:00 when they get out of class my friends gonna help me he has a channel of his own I'm actually using this camera though into it by my own so he's gonna help me do my banner how to edit this is my dusty friend Martin I have a bagel and the straw berry acai refresher are we going to library worry okay I'm going back to library I just want to eat my bagel if you're already pretty yeah I've been here since like here we just saw all these come features like they have these little girl Sydney's buckle there I shut my eyes trying not to speak Richenda Martin's running the class to two catches wait baby girl marching the type of friend who always wants to sit in the back and I'm trying to sit in the front going to be a good student walk a little slower yeah she walks by yeah he's scared to talk to this girl was I scared before until you started telling you that nope cuz he is like he his plan his plan is to seek her while walking and just introduce himself like who does that that's weirdo if I'm walking to class I don't want somebody to introduce themselves to me right [Music] damnit why are you trying to chop up the the TA that's what you have a a where did you go I went to go find her and I couldn't lie yeah I came back around this explain what happened your your version what happened what do you mean she goes dude it was a perfect time you guys it's been a long day like I've been on campus and 6:00 a.m. and I'm still here it's about like 4:00 p.m. for 18 and I'm actually gonna stay here until about 7 p.m. the reason why is because I don't want to drive back and forth so my my show was really early like at 7 a.m. and then I had two classes today at 12 and at one so I didn't want to have to drive home between 8 a.m. to noon so I stayed on campus and then I actually have another radio for my campus radio meeting it's at 6 p.m. so I didn't wanna have to drive home because I got out of the class at 2:00 and then my meeting is at 6:00 and then like I was like in a while just like start editing this vlog or do homework like I could be productive you know so right now I'm taking a break I'm having pendants YUM and on my computer it's just a very long boring day except for you know my radio show this morning but this is not my Friday consists of you know and I'm only still here because of that meeting but otherwise I would have been home taking a nap right now alright guys so I am back to where it all started at the parking structure I'm ready to go home it's been such a long day it's actually seven oh six and I've been here since 6:00 a.m. if you saw my you've seen the beginning of my vlog I'm really pooped out like really really pooped out I'm tired I'm ready to go home and sleep like I'm gonna stay super early today because I just woke up really early but yeah this is the end of my blog thank you so much for watching stay tuned and subscribe okay thank you guys have a great night [Music] I shut my eyes trying not to speak [Music] letter of intent for capstone project SUNY Canton.

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