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Portland state university capstone project for money

Portland state university capstone project for money kapstone paper machine fire phd proposal example design ´╗┐hello good afternoon feels great to be back at the University of st. Thomas it's been a while I'm feeling really nostalgic actually I remember introducing my parents to dr. Wyn show he looked at them he looked at me he looked at them and looked at me and said are those really your parents yes but you're just so bubble gum American i still use that phrase because like me other second-generation immigrants the US are redefining what it means to be bubble gum American so for me bubble gum means Persian Burmese Pakistani engaged to a Scottish man sitting next to a Indian scientist and a Catholic father but it also means a more socially and ethically responsible citizen that transcends beyond political borders that transcends beyond company brands so a little bit about me I worked in the banking industry for should say well over a decade and the first part of my career was defined by the bull market the second half by the global financial crisis although arguably my first experience dates back to childhood I remember hanging out with my mother at the local Savings and Loan in Ohio that would go there after school and over the summer to file papers and shred learn five dollars at the end of the week and one afternoon I heard a very distinguished familiar voice and I peeked into my mom's office and it was the same sort of stirred motherly voice that I was used to and she was reprimanding her client saying you better balance that register if you overdraft the bank is going to charge you and guess what you need to save your money that client left that day feeling the same sort of fear I felt by after being like reprimanded by my mother but then I began to reel is a very important lesson right that banking is about duty and it's about care and your banker should be somebody that you trust unfortunately well fortunately my mother is retired from banking about five years ago right and so that small Savings and Loan Bank that she worked for was swallowed up by one of the largest retail commercial banks in the United States of America you see over the past 15 years what's been happening is a lot of competition and a lot of consolidation and as a result we've created some of those most complex financial institutions in the world with wide-ranging products so previous to the Clinton administration banks were just an organization that accepted deposits lent money and then manage customer risks that's because under President Franklin D Roosevelt they passed the glass-steagall act in 1930s and that required separation of banking activities that act was actually restore that was there to restore the confidence after the Great Depression so in a nutshell basically commercial and retail banks which took deposits and made loans were no longer allowed to underwrite ordeal in securities and investment banks that underwrote and Delton securities were no longer allowed to have these tight connections with retail commercial banks why because retail customer deposits are one of the most important funding sources for banks right and as a result the glass-steagall act in 1930s also created the federal deposit insurance corporation fdic so although there was a fair amount of opposition from people in government and other banks to create FDIC if there was an overwhelming public support for this why because the public wanted to kind of regain some of the losses of the Great Depression but also because they blamed big bad bankers from Wall Street see you see history seems to be repeating itself today the perception of banking and bankers is the most negative it has been in a long time if banks want to reinvent themselves banks will need to reinvent themselves to survive in a post-world crisis-era right so a lot of this is about rebuilding trust Trust is the basis for any financial transaction trust in people trust in the institution trust that the government and central banks will do so and govern these different entities pragmatically when with foresight and vision and the second most important thing is investing in the real economy and so what I mean by that is things that make our communities grow things that add value so things like development production innovation those sort of things so in my previous role before moving to London as vice consul for the British government for oil and gas i wrote a bid to the Lord Mayor of London to bring over alternative financial institutions to look at investing back in houston's real economy so in other words oil and gas prices were in the gutter like with you know very low like they similar to today in 2008 2009 and oil and gas companies were either consolidating or completely going under so there are a number of real assets in the oil and gas industry and that made it very attractive to alternative financial institutions but specifically sharia finance why Sharia that was exactly one of my clients asked me back then what so why the hell is the British government supporting is love right well it's not exactly supporting Islam but what it is supporting is a new sort of ethical way of doing business Sharia finance is basically open to any religion any race anywhere in the world there are four key principles that you need to know on a very high level and that is that there is no interest there's profit and loss sharing so the two people on each sides of the transaction will share both profit and loss of the transaction also each financial transaction must relate to a tangible asset so there is a connection to the real economy but lastly I think that to take away from this is that Sharia finance really kind of works very closely with the real economy and if you look at the recent crisis as with many other of the banking meltdowns there's a property bubble burst right so while in the words of Franklin D Roosevelt real estate cannot be lost or stolen nor can it be carried away purchase with common sense paid for in full and banish with reasonable care it's about the safest investment in the world he could not be more right and more wrong the issue of course being leverage applied Donald Trump is a great example and forgive me if you're going to watch this Donald by literally betting the ranch by borrowing and leveraging till it came crashing down sharia finance while not perfect still in a siient industry would have avoided a lot of the pitfalls that brought us into the financial crisis this is because it does not vote this is because it does not allow leverage on top of leverage so there are no synthetic structures there there that are not backed by real tangible assets and this leads me to why i joined the industry five years ago i wanted to be part of the next generation of banking I want it to be somebody who made a difference to be part of a group in organization of movement of people to change the way we thought about finance to change the way we thought about investment decision making and so I moved to London and as an investment banker I spent a lot of my time actually sixty seventy percent of my time in the Middle East it's really funny actually because I remember the first time I went to Saudi Arabia and all covered up in my abaya I landed in Riyadh and thought my bags in the hotel room went to the first meeting really excited got into the elevator two men behind me I don't speak Arabic elevator door wasn't closing i'm like okay i'm sure it'll close and then I hear them speaking speaking and then finally go go go go go go where outside outside outside so I went outside the elevator door shut like how the hell do I get to this set to the sixth floor so walk around get to the other side of the building and I see a sign haha ladies have separate elevators less than what ladies have separate elevators so after a long day of meetings I come back to the hotel lesson two you're a single woman don't get excited when you see a restaurant full of men you can't sit with them I came back to the hotel i SAT there decided to show a little bit of ankle saudi government please let me back in if you see this and this waiter came up to me and he's like madam madam yes you need to sit in the family section and as a joke I said well I need to sit here first to start a family I got kicked out of the restaurant so on a serious note though this amazing country which so much potential was not utilizing half of its population there was not one woman and any of the investment banking meetings that I went to you see it's very interesting because in Saudi women are more highly educated than men they have higher level graduate degrees than men do they say what they're worried about their daughters I say worry about your sons and because of pool a female intellectual capital that's growing in Saudi is going to be part of the next generation of banking but what could I do to help I decided to do something like what you were saying earlier today so I sat down and I started to write I would you know put down everything that I struggled to learn in my journey and boy do I tell you there was a struggle but you see in organizations what happens is decisions are centered with a few but have consequences on the many so in finance there's one thing that is certain in finance knowledge is power information is kept in silos and when we all speak different languages things are lost in translation for example if I'm trying to sell you an investment you may not know the right questions task and why would you you're not the originator of the transaction and conversely if somebody may you may ask a question and somebody may provide an answer but it's not really the question you've asked so an educated investor is a better investor and you know what sometimes in finance we put the cart before the horse in my instance find the dress before being invited to TEDx but this is one of the reasons why I started an advanced financial literacy program in the Middle East and another one is a little bit more personal one of my first visits to Kuwait I met a client whose sister was mis-sold a product she was a widow she had two kids and despite investing her money with a reputable organization that had a good brand name at the time she lost everything I was really moved by this story I was really moved by this and I really wanted to make a difference so I started to do some research and I started to attend these women empowerment events and they were great for networking but what I found is that it was more about acknowledgment less about actual tangible skills transfer that you could pass along what can we do to help each other you know it's great we all have war stories we all have some adversity that we've overcome but what can we do to help each other so I started to research and I found a woman who's running for Parliament at the time in Kuwait nabila Anjali she agreed to incorporate technical workshops in the next female leadership conference she had and that was a great success so you can see us there and then from there I started to host conferences nobody showed up but uh Lizzie and Sally also the women when they take off their scars they shouldn't be photograph but I started to host different conferences and roundtables and you know held an event for a lunch and learn for the for the ladies of professional ladies of kuwait oil company but you know what was really interesting is that there was a hunger in these women and they wanted to learn more about investing and this led me to meet dr. sahara lorae she she is an amazing compassionate kind Saudi educator and activist that was recently award awarded by David Cameron for her great work she's a Dean of a university for all women in in in Jeddah Saudi Arabia we agreed to collaborate and with the help of my friend mohammed el Razoo key he's going to kill me for the selfie of him at me we created an educational initiative to equip women in Saudi Arabia with the tools they could use to learn about banking real tools like practical stuff and we created a curriculum that that's in a four-day MBA program that we teach every year and these students learn practical experience stuff that you can kind of you know meat and potatoes so how to read an investment memorandum how to look at fee structures how to analyze an investment because education as a base case should / teach a common language of communication but on a good case on the best case it should provide the tools to make a transition into employment and contribute to society a lot has changed for the better since my first you can see some of the classes here a lot has changed since the first time I went to Saudi Arabia a lot in fact this year they announced the first female CEO of one of the largest investment banks and that's huge but also I've met some really truly remarkable women in the Gulf and they are running some of the biggest family offices and corporations in the world and that's just going to continue to grow and grow and grow recently I hosted through my employer a number of Forbes 100 most influential women of the Gulf and they spent a week with me discussing real estate investment banking and what was really interesting is that before you know I started the class I asked them to give me a name of a woman that inspired them and overwhelmingly the women said anyone who's overcome adversity so you see here we are all heroes each and every one of us have something to contribute everybody has a story so what does the new generation of banking look like the next generation of banking look like well to start a formation of a company called lehman sisters just kidding well banks will start focusing on their core responsibility right so previous you know during the landscape the glass-steagall Act you know two previous times we will start doing a separation of core banking asset management investment banking again banks will have to transform their business or more narrow or scope and work on more simpler structures that is because banks will they will also have a greater reach and that is because banks will target new clients and emerging economies and focus on building them and they will have to focus on building the real economy very similar to Sharia finance technology will transform the role that people like my mom had in banking because retail bank lee banking will largely be online shadow banking which is also a very interesting concept so companies that process payments and provide alternative financing will take more and more market share and it's going to be interesting to see how the regulators manage in that space but lastly and most important to me is financial education will be part of banks good governance across the board and they will be and these programs will be specific to the type of investor because the more educated your investor is the better it is for you banking is based on trust and we need to ensure that we rectify the ills of the past through education we must redefine the contracts that failed us and to stand up to the values and ethics expected of us thank you enterprise risk management internal audit for money Liberal Studies.

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