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Paper technology uk for money

Paper technology uk for money write for me ap capstone seminar calculator warhammer battle report youtube abuse ´╗┐Aloha Kaku it's different to be standing like this I thought we were being in a hollow so if you don't mind I want to sit Kylie better today we invite the question we invite living the question it is not for an answer to come for us when there are cement from myself when there are so many talented and articulate people here in this audience as well as our kupuna who have been dealing with the questions to know the stranger before the stranger even arrives to welcome the stranger to welcome the unknown this is the question posed before us pause before our ancestors when they took to the canoes to travel the Great Pacific our clues are wherever we landed and there are many places in which we have landed I invite you to the question is - what is wisdom and how do we create the questions that lead us on to the new Sun that it's been said there's nothing new Under the Sun but a new Sun is present it is this time for this new Sun I would like to invite you to listen to my stories wherever they go I have no script I have been so nervous and so I trust that whatever the stories I tell that you like our ancestors will extract the best that you can from those stories and again look at your own I am just a reminder that is the artist in me our artists are our male artists are here to provide the mirror from behind the mirror where the unknown has not been spoken of for hundreds of years we want to bring it forth and the front of the mirror so that we may know who we are and the beauty that we possess thousands and thousands of years many travels many canoes did not make it our see a sea of bones when we speak to the ocean who are we speaking to but then our como Lupo tells us the connection to every aspect of our life I believe that there is a progression in my experience with bouhanni to move into that area we called wisdom wisdom is an essence already living we know her by many names and most of you who have attracted the disciplines that you have and that you practice are already attended by that wisdom once you take up the paddle once you take up this panel you begin to discipline and that wisdom immediately is attracted to you so you find that this wisdom comes to you and you sometimes look askance and you think where did that come from did it come from minor oh we're so because my Ohana is here many Aloha Ohana but some very special ones in the front row here and like Mele go in the shadows of law was a child in this story at Pupukea our family lived on many at least three islands all during the course of a year and we spent like many of us time with our Ohana we lived more outside than we did inside it is a great change at Pupukea the waters in the early morning were so beautiful and calm you know the ponds just below that big white papa where the rocks are jagged sharp on the feet when the family ate I always took food away from the family and went to go talk to the kite feed Aloha my eyes as a child always beheld beauty and I haven't grown up like you we look at these things and we cherish them the fish in the morning look like ghosts in the water so beautiful comes my mom come what are you doing one day you will not have food to feed the ocean what will you do then and what will the ocean come come away so this is a look at how present always that whoo honey is in our life that was maybe five six years old at 19 I come back after a year away at college and I have come to Pupukea and observed the great changes at Pupukea no longer easy to go down especially when the storm waves were up crashing against the rocks I looked and I thought I need to get to my pond I don't want to go in this direction I want to go up on on the popper and then to the place I counted the repetitions of the waves like we all do I found the break and thought I have enough time to go up and cross over so I did barefooted and as I got to the middle of the Papa a rogue wave starts to rise just about 10 feet off I look to the left behind there's no place for me to go through safely I have to jump to the lower pond or go into the kite if I went it to the chi with this wave I would be shredded what now mom I turned to the wave and I speak have you forgotten me I was safe I did not fear my childhood returned state the conversation was the all was always present those kinds of things and the miracles attended me daily I have no want for anything except that I ask for increased caring that is old old have we forgotten I hope not we are attended by so many questions that require definitions and complete answers when we as a people have not had always the answer but we invited the question to know that stranger so click forward I am living on Maui and Kula I drank too much one day and broke the leg could not walk for a while and people were attending to me and I felt it quite embarrassing to have my loo all table by the side of the bed to have my art supplies there and my food brought to me until I could stand at least stand on a crutch and I began to walk around using the crutch and I began singing a song that I had sang for many years it was a song that I had learned back then in Sunday school at the Church of the Nazarene in Wahiawa just like the tree that's planted near the waters I shall not be moved I kept singing it and I thought what is this so my makaula friend of many years maybe 40 years she is from away she calls and she says to me we need to go up to Pali Pali now I've had many saris and I'd love to share them with you so we go up to Pali Pali and the driver man McCoy Heaney and myself and as we drive up to Pali Pali the road gets a little like this this big boy jumps out of the tree and begins to lead like it horses on a chariot until we go into the forest where I am to gather the waters of Pali Pali and use on my leg so I get up there and then I take my crutch and I ask my friend to go get some water from the pipe because the spring is no longer there and we get dear the water and I said bring the water with me I'm going to go into the forest so I stand at the edge of this place and I know that the waters ran down but it a big water hose now thinks that water someplace else and I think oh my goodness what is this so I said over the tree the tree is here so inside and beginning to ask the question who are you did you call me I want to know you show yourself so there is a huge pine tree off to the left it is the Makua of that area that I see it is huge its space is huge big pooka I had bought four hibiscus pink ones from my yard to give this hope when I get up that way so I look at the trees before my car you you get puka one here one there one there and one then I look down the lowest one there is our route that comes out just like a bench so I know I can sit there so I put the hibiscus in and they're pretty and the pooka then I hear people coming in I think mmm I don't want my Hawaiian top this so I push all the poor inside and like this deep each whole long story short I am healed when I get to singing songs and playing by the tree and loving the tree and being all of this new old way hmm so I walk out and I'm carrying my crutches overhead no problem a week or two later some friends a vahini from line aside come and they stay overnight I called him the ye Billy search choir and we all get together to India in sing our song songs go good like that so I noticed that one of the way he had problem walking so I thought ask her to come with me and let the others walk but I've not told her the story of the tree and I keep usually very quiet about these things so we walked to the tree and I notice her limp and I think oh please cook over this way when I get to the tree all of the holes have been sealed it doesn't look like anything has happened there was no bucha and this is the tree I found it because I had stucked some pine cones into the level to Kokua with the light energy to heal my legs that which is a part of us always is present part of that rapid progression unto knowing happens basically with a belief that you have already been given deep inside nobody can tell you what that belief is it is already placed it is a gift but you call upon it by your own free will you ask whatever you ask the mana that you have is free available always present for you I invite you to the question to new old wisdom Aloha you do my capstone st 100 online Westchester Community College.

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