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Pain management capstone project order

Pain management capstone project order write for me capstone bluffton indiana the weather report movie ´╗┐every day we are presented with thousands of choices whether we realize them or not will I get out of bed today should I take a shower do I brush my teeth will I wear pants most of these decisions we've automated we don't have to give much thought as to whether or not to do them we realized over time that some situations should go a certain way they become our habits our senses Plus learn cultural and social norms allow us to develop habits without habits some of our effortless daily routines might have to go something like this do I wear pants today well if I don't wear pants I could be cold I'd probably make others uncomfortable and I might get arrested so yeah I think I'll wear pants today we don't have to go through this silly detailed decision-making process day after day we realized over time that certain situations can and should go one way aka habits over the course of our lives we also develop many food habits how many in this room most days of the week eat almost the same thing for breakfast good now food habits can be helpful in some situations but they can also be detrimental in others case in point this apple now this is a picture-perfect Red Delicious apple it's bright red glossy perfectly round it's almost like this Apple is saying yeah I know I look good this Apple embodies so much of what we deem to be good about the holy and sacred Apple however what about this Apple now most will agree oh yeah it's an apple but it doesn't draw the same oohs and ahhs as the previous Apple some might say it kind of has a weird shape others might say it's not quite the right color some might point out the brown spot source signs that an all terrifying insect enjoyed a bite or two and others might just say it doesn't look like the way an apple should or it doesn't look like the apples that I know I like but why does the way of food looks matter anyway shouldn't it be like we're told with so many other things that it's what's on the inside that counts from a food perspective things like high nutrition or great flavor or external non physical qualities like being locally grown or knowing and valuing the production practices that went into growing and producing this food it's very interesting to examine the human development of having a liking or preference towards food based on cosmetic standards because it's not by accident determining what food was safe or unsafe for consumption was very important throughout times of human history when our food supply was less predictable early hunters and gatherers relied heavily on our senses smell sight and touch to determine if food was even safe for taste and nourishment so as we determined what food was safe and edible based on based on certain physical parameters we continued to choose these foods over and over again and we model this behavior for the next generation and the next and the next and today's research shows that one of the strongest predictors of a child growing to like a food is modeling that's seen another person choose and eat a certain food and as we grew to develop a liking towards food that looks a certain way we also harness the ability to control the way our food looks through techniques like plant breeding genetic modification and a variety of other technological and agriculture advances so as we developed a liking for foods that look a certain way our evolutionary advancements allowed us to create more food that looks that way and today we have more and more and more food that looks very similar but not all foods will always look a certain way now all apples will always be round red and glossy but this leads us to the ultimate question what's the harm in having a singular view in the way an apple or a food should look well today it matters quite a bit according to research from the National Resources Defense Council upwards of forty percent of our food resources go to waste in the United States each year that's like buying five bags of groceries and when you get home just throwing two in the trash according to the food and agriculture organization of the united nations globally we lose two point nine trillion pounds of food that represents enough food to feed the 800 million people who suffer from hunger worldwide twice over now food waste happens in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons in developing countries the majority of food waste happens in the field and in post harvest production this is the result of things like pests and diseases transportation issues in adequate storage facilities and machinery and equipment problems on the opposite end in developed countries like the United States the majority of our waste happens at the retail and consumer level in places like grocery stores restaurants and directly in our homes things like oversized portions at restaurants a lack of willingness to buy cosmetically imperfect food poor meal planning and shopping skills and over stock shelves at grocery stores all of these actions lead to good safe and edible food being thrown away every single day in the United States our annual food loss represents an economic loss of 165 billion dollars each year we spend 750 million dollars just to throw away the foods that we don't eat let me say that one more time every year we spent 750 million dollars to throw away the foods that we grow harvest process package transport stock in our grocery stores serve in our restaurants bring into our homes and somewhere along that line we throw it in the garbage and we pay 750 million dollars to throw it away this is not acceptable along the supply chain fruits and vegetables are wasted at a higher rate than all other foods it's estimated that grocery stores lose 15 billion dollars each year in unsold fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables what most considered to be the healthiest part of our diet and essential to a healthy lifestyle now one obvious reason the fruits and vegetables are wasted at a higher rate than all other foods is because they are perishable unlike something like rice or dry beans that can last for months if not years have kept in the right conditions fruits and vegetables have a relatively short shelf life by comparison and require consumption in a short period of time another reason fruits and vegetables are wasted at a higher rate is because of food grading or cosmetic standards that we have applied in order to assure the foods that reach the consumer are of the safest and highest quality now while this goal of safe and high-quality food is important it also leads to a rejection of good safe and edible foods from the marketplace a significant loss of value to a farmer and it continues to feed this evolutionary idea the foods need to look a certain way in order for them to be good and safe so one way that I would like to challenge each of you to do today to be a part of this solution to rethink why we deemed some foods to be good or bad or acceptable or unacceptable is to begin to pivot your automatic food decisions in chess instead of choosing this so-called Red Delicious apple which is actually not so very delicious choose the funky-looking apple with flavor instead of leaving restaurant leftover sitting on your plate because i don't like leftovers spring them home make them into something good new and delicious instead of following this preconceived idea of what is acceptable or unacceptable food challenge yourself to rethink why you deem those foods to be good or bad or acceptable or unacceptable begin to pivot your automatic food decisions I'd like to share with you my defining food pivot moment it happened about nine months ago when I along with two friends recently formed the organization ugly food of the north we were gearing up to hold our first event an ugly food farmers market where we were encouraging our area producers to bring their three-legged carrots they're crooked cucumbers there miss shapen tomatoes to the farmers market to give consumers an opportunity to see these ugly foods to buy them and to enjoy them I was out in the walk-in myself Moorhead neighborhood and as I approached more hip campus I noticed this small unassuming Apple lying in the grass upon further examination I realized that this poor Apple had stumbled out of someone's backpack and after closer examination I noticed that besides a little dirt and a small Bruce this apple was still perfectly safe and edible and fine to eat I brought it home I washed it off I threw it in a smoothie and I drank it and it was delicious I then proceeded to post about this experience on social media where I was met mostly with support and praise for my food pivoting moment but i was also met with a healthy dose of teasing most notably a meme jab from my twin sister who likened my actions to the actions of Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web so for those who have seen the movie Templeton patrons the county fair after hours and indulges in all the leftover foods that had been forgotten that day so after a little humiliation and a good laugh I decided that this was ok I decided to push away my feelings of embarrassment and to be proud of the decision I had made to be proud that I would not let a good food go to waste to be proud that I had challenged myself to rethink why I deem a food to be good or bad or acceptable or unacceptable to be proud that I had given food equal love to be proud that I had embraced my inner Templeton so I guess that's what I'm challenging each of you to do today embrace your inner Templeton not in the sense of gorging or excess but in the sense of non-discrimination to challenge yourself to think why you deemed a food to be good or bad to have an open mind and to rethink your food decisions to think more critically and completely about food don't think about food as just a thing think about food as a relationship what it means and what it represents when you see this Apple I want you to think of its past think of the tree that it grew on think of the soil and the billions of microorganisms in that soil that allowed it to grow think of the Sun and think of the rain that allowed the tree to grow and the fruit to ripen think of the farmer whose livelihood depends on this Apple and who spent time tending and harvesting the crop now think of its future will its past be for nothing and will it go uneaten and end up in the trash or will its past be for everything and will it be used to provide nourishment and deliciousness and sustenance for someone who might be hungry we have the power to change this because the way you look at food can change the world you do my capstone a wiley brand State University of New York at Oswego.

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