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Onenote change default new page order capstone hill search need someone to do my dissertation chapter on death penalty ´╗┐you're what's up everybody this is james car a TV on your computer screen because you decided to tune in today trying to work on a catchphrase I don't know that was bells a piece of I'm not gonna say that we're gonna come up with a good one just wait for that anyway guys dance card to be here for my final mock draft we are less then 24 hours away from the NFL mock draft 2012 I've changed some things I haven't really changed a lot of things but this is final it's set it's there it's done let's get into it the first six picks on the same things are changing in my opinion but there could be a trade between the Vikings they're copying that they may trade me with the buccaneers because that way the buccaneers will take since they feel like Trent Richardson and then the Vikings could still take Claiborne or Khalil if they water drop as well so then the Vikings would still get the look what they want so it could be a trade but we'll see the bus give the Vikings what they want but you know persons with the same Angelo going to the clothes while become the third going to the redskins Michael liberal going to the Vikings trend reducing going to the Browns the template Buccaneers acquiring Morris Claiborne and justin blackmon becoming a saint louis Rambo's did not change it all now let's get on to what uh also uh yeah also some stuff actually didn't change also low number seven Jaguars surprise some people pick Stephon Gilmore they like him a lot it's going to be the first really surprised of the drop by the way this Drive not gonna be there surprising maybe maybe there'll be some shocks in the first run but i really i really doubt it to be honest um but the Jaguars takes the farm gilmore they really like him they're going to take up my number seven you can call it a reach if you want but hey they're gonna get them number a Miami Dolphins get ride to inhale without having to trade up or anything which is good for them carolina panthers get Fletcher Cox and those three were the same also now let's get it to our chains little bit the Buffalo Bills take mark barron all right and they don't really need a safety right now but they really like Mark Barron they really think that he's a top eight prospect rumors are going around so they're gonna take mark barron and I I had mark barron going to the Cowboys but I really don't see him falling that for I think my mark brands going to go high because at first his rod shop was kind of love because he was kind of dealing with this injury but not his drunken storing our is soaring ever since his pro day and the bill is gonna take on my number 10 number 11 considered cheap steak David DeCastro there's no surprise they want them to capture they're gonna get David Castro to help with their o-line seller Seahawks Melvin Ingram this is the same as last time as well they're liking and I'm going to get Ingram here and that's going to be good for them / time I have the bills getting riley reiff but the Carla's gonna get him here even though they could get Michael Floyd here they're still gonna get wider because Riley Reiff is a lot better than what they thought they're gonna get member last time I have been getting Mike Adams I'd ohio state is he yeah I thinking how I stay here but we're gonna get rather rude because I think he's really good he's a top 10 pick but he's gonna fall out of that Dallas Cowboys take Michael Brockers and what is this kind of surprised it was really high one of you know when the when we just ended a college football season I was kind of going lower lower lower but he's still my little pretty high here 14 Philadelphia Eagles Luke oakley and what did they steal key clicks you know what did they steal for them trust me Luke weekly is gonna be big in the NFL which the Titans could get them New York Jets surprise to people get Quinton Coples their pass rush was kind of a bismal last year so cope was gonna help them out but he's going to add to their list of personalities I tell you that right now Cincinnati Bengals get dre kirkpatrick they could get Michael fuller here but they really like her Patrick and they're afraid that if he gets that the Titans are going to take him and then won't be attending on the 21st pick so they're gonna get paranoid and they're gonna take Kirkpatrick the charges don't need a need for wide receiver so Michael is gonna slip again they're gonna get Courtney Upshaw chase Oliver is gonna be happy about that one his Alabama boy I'm sure I've struck has been going down but returns are still going to take at 18 and up shot will have no problem with that and the Bears pick up Michael Floyd to add to what is already there Super Bowl team and if they pick up Michael Floyd here watch out for them in the NFC Championship I'm telling you I don't care for the Packers Giants whatever watch out for the Chicago Bears Tennessee Titans take Stephen Hill what now the Titans really like Stephen Hill trust me I'm a titans fan we really like Steven Hale we're gonna surprise some people take steven haley as good height we just have to fix up somebody's from some of these mechanics for the coast of our receiver lobengula's take Kendall right to help them with their offensive game they already had a good defense so their offense still needs a little bit help to keep up with some office like the new hood Patriots if they're gonna face them in the play also gonna get Kendall right on the opposite of AJ Green 22 Cleveland Brown surprised some people get Brandon Weeden quarterback got Oklahoma State not a big fan of Brenda we don't remember years 20 years old but I think that sometimes you stupid ball up there for Justin Blackman Blackman since he's so good was ever to get it but the Browns are still gonna ignore that and they're gonna take Brandon Weeden Detroit Lions take Mike Adams here since he fell I hadn't blown 13 but he's gonna go all the way down to 23 and they're gonna take a mere that is if if maybe maybe the bear say we want Mike Adams over Michael Floyd but I doubt that Pittsburgh Steelers I had him getting docked a Hightower but very nice surprise to people get Dontari Poe I'm not a big fan of Paul I'm not a big fan of what i see on tape great numbers during the combine but why is that on tape I want to know why the Steelers will regret this pink Denver Broncos Devon Still are already like this pic for them it's going to help with our d-line help with their stopping the run against Ryan Mathews and Jamaal Charles who are in that vision and German and Darren McFadden also but letting the something one damn is still will help them do that 26 used in textin surprise to me but take Jonathan Martin they want to our receiver they could get Reuben Randle here but they're going to surprise people help with that old line there were at least Eric Winston remember I just started for you can see so they needed a tackle too so they're going to get Jonathan Martin here New England Patriots Andre branch and this is a stew for them i'm sorry i really like Andre branch out of Clemson think it's great at watching the pastor and it's gonna be a great pick for the Green Bay Packers steel Dante Hightower inside linebacker out of Alabama great pick for the Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens take Peter Karns pretty good center they need to bust up in that offensive line after Ben grows with lots of free agency san francisco 49ers they take Kevin's eat learners that learn how you pronounce to guard wisconsin hill without running game but they could get Rueben Randle here since he's still on the board so maybe maybe they helped over their offense may be here New England Patriots Harrison Smith a rich for him in my opinion but they need a safety they finally get their safety here in Harrison Smith and finally New York Giants take Coby Fleener Tynan on a Stanford I like Coby Fleener we'll see what he does without Andrew up but he's gonna have you I'm annex I'm not a bad transmission from Angela to Eli Manning for Coby Fleener anyway guys in the gym skarbus TV comment down below your mother up gimme criticism give me love give me head I don't care point is I'm out though James Carter TV will freak one thing of that catchphrase someday ah maybe the black I don't know what we gonna think of something yeah it's got a TV i will see you tomorrow for the draft capstone veterinary tuscaloosa al Empire State College.

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