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Nursing capstone projects examples for money

Nursing capstone projects examples for money capstone directors for money what is a physician narrative report ´╗┐okay can everyone hear me okay okay I can do that okay all right well the meeting will have to come to order I did turn way up didn't I okay my name is Ron Wilcox I'm the lead organizer of Northern Virginia tea party and this meeting is under that this offices we are not a nonprofit organization because of the IRS targeting and will get a little bit into that I appreciate tips because that's what keeps us going at the moment our expenses at organizing do not meet what comes in the in the filter release so just let everyone know this is the bright bar tonight and I appreciate everyone coming out for that if you think about it Andrew Breitbart saved America and there's no doubt in my mind as it's a tradition in Northern Virginia tea party meetings we start with a prayer now we have a little rule about the prayer we don't tell the person how to pray so if you don't like how they do it it's your turn next time so so don't explain and our esteemed at prayer today is larry pratt the executive director of America's gun owners America you may have seen a YouTube video where he mopped the floor was a certain with suppose a man certain Piers Morgan millions of yep now larry pratt is the kind of citizen activist that i think everyone should be because you can always count on him even though he's in charge of a national organization becomes a local event he participates in the local republican party he participates in the or be organized the convention he is where they need political muscle so we appreciate that and so we're going to optic we're going to give him the opportunity of to of lead us in prayer thanks Ron let's bow our heads in prayer Heavenly Father we thank you that we can be here today enjoy this meal we thank you that we're free to come here to express our minds freely without fear of consequences Lord we just to pray that you would continue to have mercy upon this country that we as a country would turn from our wicked ways turn back to you acknowledging that even as the country was founded so we should be today a country where Jesus Christ is king now we pray his name amen thank you so much now I don't know exactly what it is but there's something about Larry that whenever he is near by I feel a lot safer okay I don't know what it is and Carl faecal is a retired major in the Army did he get it right major in the Army and he's going to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and we have a nice humongous flag here for that please stand I believe the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice all so army beat Navy yeah okay propaganda arm of the army the most important thing that we do in the meeting is to why are we here so after I had someone storm out that you don't explain anything about the organization I started giving example statement in his fault sound so the reason we're here is the very thing that Andrew Breitbart was had his singular purpose which is take the citizenry and weaponize them for the constitutional limited government and it was the techniques that he's taught his associates and that have and the organization of Breitbart which has really helped advance the Liberty Liberty movement and citizen activism and basically what it is is when you are informed as to what is really going on or as to what your polish politicians think of you you are a force to be reckoned with there's no doubt about that whether Magendie Tea Party was formed because we all felt very alone in this Liberty movement in 2009 the government was out of control we had stormed the switchboards no no tarp and they did it anyway that was in 2008 that the Tea Party movement really started and then 2009 really gained it gave it gained its form when the fellows name befell on the stock exchange to call for a nationwide teaparty and that gave rise to our movement where we all began to meet together and suddenly we felt like we weren't alone and suddenly we discovered we have political influence when we were not alone so what I tell people is if you want to be politically influential you have to know people that live with know your neighbors that live within a mile or two of your house that you can exercise political power you know ten people near you much more powerful than if you know ten people scattered around the city especially a county like Fairfax which is so very big so our purpose here is to return help our government return to limited government and the vehicle right now is the Trump administration and the Trump agenda and maybe we don't agree with every single thing but those things that we do agree on we're going to lend our shoulder to the wheel and we're not going to be a pain in the neck what we don't disagree and it's very important that we do that because when a Republican president wins an election generally conservatives go everything is taken care of now I hope in the last 100 or so days that you have seen that it's not okay there is so much momentum and so much wind into the back of the left for all the years and so much institutional power that we have to be engaged and involved in the process of getting a conservative agenda passed without us our support it can't be done so we need to be very involved now Donald Trump will take a lot of risks and if we're not there for him he'll stop taking those risks so that's a very important thing to keep in mind so I want to give everyone's attention to the basket it we accept tips we need tips you know this stuff breaks routinely that we have to all around and we're changing our model and I'll talk a little bit about that in the future so if you feel if you want to pass the box around Richard just got the Box leave a week sure walk it around if anyone wants to donate it a little bit extra little help us at the end of the at the end of the meeting okay now we have a very special guest with us here today who has been with the conservative movement in the era of Reagan and now the art of Trump and Diana Bannister is the president of surely and banished Republic Affairs which means she's been involved in some of the most important political public relations actions in our lifetime the things I don't know exactly what she's done but behind the scenes she has been calling the strengthen about the Svengali actually now behind the scenes that she has been teaching people how to get their message the conservative message into the press into the minds of the public and advance the conservative movement and she is every bit the activists that all I I admire she's an active in the Republican Party and she votes with us which is really good at votes with the conservative action and she's so well-liked though they didn't try to take her out last time so which is awesome they did try oh they failed so far because in addition to being super smart she also has a winsome personality so so let's give her a nice welcome and she's going to give us a nice tribute and rise thank you thank you so much Ron really appreciate it yes I am in one of my hats tonight Eastern District vice chairwoman for the State Central Committee which means I represent us here on the State Central Committee and our eastern district of gen8 Commonwealth and I am one of you all I'm a tea party I'm not part of the establishment so we have a lot of battles in the State Central Committee that we need your health and your prayers on and I know Ron keeps you very well informed but I can always use your input okay pretend I didn't make that introduction you know like four days ago I was expecting like 40 people and this is just amazing so everything expanded so we have a candidate portion which it says right here before her at 7:05 candidates and Corey Stewart is going to do a live we did extend this opportunity to all candidates at our meetings so Cory is going to be first so stories come on up and then we give a podium out of the way okay don't be shy come on forward while we're waiting I wanted to I want to introduce a few people and come on in everybody let's crawl behind here all right good to see you doctor and this is my wife of 22 years my wife Marie everybody I know so thank you for coming everyone tonight I've got a special announcement to make I'm Corey Stewart I'm a Republican candidate for governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on this election coming up in June 30th there have been a lot of politicians who have been announcing things over this past weekend and I would like to denounce a few things myself tonight so hold on we just got a little technical issue all right everybody you know it never works quite right does it okay I'm really proud to be here tonight with Breitbart because I denounce fake news like the Washington Post who lie to Virginians to lie to Virginians and you use political correctness as a weapon to shame to ridicule and to silence Americans I denounce weak establishment Republicans like Ed Gillespie who refuse to stand up for life who refuse to sign up for our Second Amendment rights and other constitutional rights and our heritage and for our president a great president President Donald Trump night announced sanctuary cities like Richmond they like Fairfax County who Harbor ms-13 gang members and other illegal aliens who commit crimes against our families and who take our jobs and I denounce greedy corporate monopolies like dominion Virginia Power please try neighborhoods and who trample over Virginia's property rights an I denounce Governor Terry McAuliffe who sits on hand while working Virginians of all races in all parts of Virginia struggle as thousands of jobs leave our Commonwealth and I denounce bigotry and biggest white charlottesville City Councilman West Bellamy who foment racial hatred and I denounce hypocrites like Ross Northam and Tom Perry all who refuse to acknowledge the long history of racism in the Democratic Party and who refused to denounce racist Democrats like West Bellamy folks my fellow Virginians my fellow conservatives it is time to stop apologizing it is time to stop running away it is time that we stand up for Virginia I love this state I love Virginia I admire its people I respect its industry I marvel as its natural beauty I treasure its history and its heritage and all these things I pledge to you to protect using every power available to me as governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and I will not back down On June the 13th let's take the first step to changing back Virginia god bless you god bless your family let's take back Virginia thank you all [Applause] microsoft access 2019 capstone project order Brooklyn campus.

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