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Network design capstone project cheap

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got a shirt support for the home team right that's all that's all and i'm going to know football parties for super bowl sunday but i am going to enjoy it here house just if just chill but today I'll people or so the life as I know it clicking segment we were going to make another a party thing and as you can tell by the title of this video is a clap video with my IM noir TV system is Reza T so please check her link out below in the information box and we are making a party favorite well Super Bowl something that you can have and something that you can eat and enjoy foot football and super bowl sunday Suellen the other football games and other sports game other sports party's over gathers whatever you have it Oh y'all know ima I love to host parties or whatever I love to be a host of gathering so today we're going to do one of my favorite it is pizza balls you guys pizza balls and with um this being a special video I'm gonna do it here and in my kitchen table so um let's get start you 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going to use a block cheese you can use their shredded cheese but i'm using this cheese stick houston some string cheese mozzarella string cheese and yeah sorry and what I'm going to do is I am going to cut it and cut it in this can go inhales or third so I do it in thirds because when I was at the store I thought it would be it didn't have but thurs it's fine you use this kind of cheeses use about this much here and um yeah or you use like I said the best thing you guys the best thing to use is the block cheese so what I'm going to do is click the pepperoni put the pepperoni in the middle come put at least you can use I didn't know they had turkey pepperoni you can use you know that and put that there like I said you can use turkey what whatever okay put it in the middle put in the middle there and then start folding it and pitch in the corner y'all my big mistake but I didn't do is drop out be my cutting boy so pinch in the middle like that and then foam it into a ball like that and so that's that's that and I'll show you the rest I'll speed up the process in just a second Oh okay you guys what I am about to do I forgot one ingredient you guys want ingredient and that is a beaten egg so what you're going to do is your bday and I have my basting brush here and I'm going to base each um each biscuit of each roll pizza roll with every egg so I'm doing that and um Oh before i'ma talk to y'all but while I'm doing this since you are actually using your hands for every ingredient the biscuit the pepperoni the cheese the dub seasoning and everything else my suggestion if you're doing this for a party make sure you use gloves you guys make sure you're using gloves and you know beat you safety first you safety first and health first and all of that so what I'm doing is just basing each roll with with um a beat name yeah so I think that's all I had to mention to you guys and I know my day one fellas are I'm gonna do this my day one homies so what you're going to do now is what I'll do is I'll sprinkle dis first I'm using some Intel Italian where is it at right there some italian seasoning and i'm going to use some oregano as well as Parmesan cheese here you guys Parmesan cheese and I'm going to sprinkle each one over the top and I'll i use a Parmesan cheese laughs you can and also you can use butter instead of the beaten egg on top of them and i found this dish off of pinterest so shout out to pinterest and follow me on pinterest and inside mr. rh three everything on social media is inside restart street by the way italian seasoning oregano and lastly the like the kids say almost kids in your family call it but like my niece and nephews call this papa john cheese sprinkle the Parmesan cheese on top of them thinking he was getting on that one but anybody yes so that's it you guys that one there when the end is the one idea with the with the shredded cheese and we're gonna get into this but um yeah again make sure you pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees on the 425 degrees and set it for 18 to 20 minutes so i'll set my timer alexa set a timer for 20 minutes 20 minutes starting here all right you guys I'm I will be back for the show you the next step so here is everything and ready to go in the oven Alexa how much time do I have left about 20 seconds Alexa start timer you know a good thing about this you guys are studying this and watching and like us i got it from pinterest and i'm studying and watching other videos to see how they did it you know because I'm a visual person and I and I like to see people do something instead of actually reading it but a lot of folks out of their pizza balls had spillage out on the outside but you know what mines did not so here is one of them you guys here it is here it is and unless you guys it is the okay you guys as i was telling you all about them spillage there's no spillage so here is the break apart and as you can see the cheese in the middle and with the with the salsa please please please please please if you're making this have individual cups and individual disposable bowls for each guest cuz you don't want them to keep duensing in you no no no you go good very good very very good and so this is a deletion take the bite for your football guests for your party guests whoever I'm out of here thank y'all so much for watching know that I love you for real and I see you next time here on life as I know it go ahead I'm not here y'all peace paper vs onenote for money St. Joseph's College.

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