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Maupin house by capstone professional

Maupin house by capstone professional internet of things vision applications and research challenges for money best annual report 2018 - Why not ditch cursive altogether, and go paperless? - I can't write in cursive. - No way. - I can't, they never taught me. - No. (funky music) (school bell ringing) - Hey there cool teachers, thanks for joining us here in the Cool Teacher lounge. a lot going on here. We've got our arcade machines, we've got our soda machine, and of course our microwave that occasionally some people come by and use. But, more than anything in our cool teacher lounge here, we have knowledge. And we're gonna drop some of that on you today. We're gonna talk about the paperless classrooms. - Wait a minute, I found some paper here. - Oh dear, goodness. - Oh, let's get rid of this stuff right now. - Are you gonna recycle that? - Yes, I'm gonna recycle that stuff. - That's quite a stunt. That was pretty cool stuff. - I'm angry at you paper, angry. (laughter) - No, but as we mentioned in the open, I actually didn't learn to write in cursive. - Are you serious? - Yeah, I went to a school that, in the 70's and 80's that had already decided that they were moving away from cursive. That it was a waste of time. - Yeah, yeah. - I don't know if they saw the advent of computer mediated text and description and stuff like that, but-- - Very progressive school. - Well or lazy, I'm not sure which. - We learned cursive, but I don't write in cursive anymore. - No, well I've never written in cursive. - Chicken scratch is what I write in. - Ok, so the question that I think that everybody has is paperless, what does it really mean? - Does it mean you have absolutely no paper? Probably not. - Probably, what's it mean? What does it mean to be in a paperless classroom? - Well, it means that you don't have paper. But, I mean there has to be some paper there. And but it really is a successful integration of everything that works together, that allows you to have less paper. Like, what the, who the heck is that? Oh hey coach, how you doing? We're just recording here, our show. - A little pod show. - Yeah the pod. - What's the topic today? - Paper. Paper. - Going paperless. - Paperless. - Do you go paperless? - [Barbara] Do you have paper? - I do use paper. - Oh, well you're not paperless then. - No, not paperless. - Could you have a paperless classroom if you wanted? - This is all very exciting. - Yeah. Yeah, well help yourself to the leftover lasagna in the microwave. - Oh, dear goodness, that things been there, will you clean your stuff? - Yeah, get out, yeah whatever. - Thanks, coach. - Yeah thanks a lot, have a great day. - See you at the dance. - Ok. (laughter) So what does it mean to go paperless? Well that was nice wasn't it, he just dropped right in. - Yeah, good to see the coach. - Good technology, good technology integration. You have stuff online, you have cloud based stuff that you save your work to. If the teacher can access stuff, you have to have internet of course. - So, let me see if I get this. The paperless classroom is the integration of technology tools like the cloud and different kinds of computing devices, tablets and computers and those things. So that they can do all of their work, and all of their interaction without printing. - Exactly, without paper too. They can look at it on their computer screen or their tablet or whatever. - So how do they get to this stuff in a paperless classroom? - Well they have to be online. Duh, yeah. Ok, they have to be online, usually, I mean, you need a network of some sort. So the internet is the best way to do it. And if you're using tools like Google Drive and you're using some sort of a classroom management tool, a lot of teachers now in K through 12 are using Google Classroom. I mean everything integrates that way, with Google Drive tools, and you can use e-reader books. - Wow. - Yes, it's pretty exciting, really. - That really is. That is very, very cool. Ok, so David Warlick was quoted in Edudemic recently saying "We need technology in every classroom, "and in every student and teacher's hands, "because it's the pen and paper of our time." - Oh, I like that. - "The lens through which much of the world is experienced." - Well, that's a really interesting thing, and I've found this blog, Kerry Gallagher is a teacher, and she wrote this blog post about what she found out from her students perspective, after she went paperless for a year. Would you like to find out what her students said? - What was that like? - Well, her students first of all realized their phones are very powerful tools for learning. - Yeah, for sure. - And then they also felt more organized, isn't that a surprise? I mean really, because everything is somewhere. - Teachers, think about that student whose binder system is like a hot mess. Right, it's just like this crazy animal with looseleaf. - How about they feel more connected with their classmates. I really like this, even the most, because if we really believe that learning is social, that learning never occurs in isolation, the more opportunities we provide for our students to see other students' work, the more they can self-assess, and hopefully improve their own work. - And it levels the playing field I would imagine. When you're dealing with digital objects, we're not looking at handwriting, and then the one student's whose fabulous handwriting and the other one you're embarrassed to show it because it doesn't look good. - You can't even read it maybe. The chicken scratch, you know, that's what I write with. - Ok, students like this. Anything else that they--? - Well, they're learning more they say, and they're having more fun. Are they, wait a minute, are they allowed to have fun in the classroom? No, cut the fun out, no. Kerry, cut the fun out in your classroom. - Ok, so students largely like it, and she wrote her blog about that. Well, what do teachers think about this experience? - Well, teachers think that they learn, teachers have found out actually, and we're going to interview Matt soon. - Matt G.? - Matt G, we call him, because I don't know how to pronounce his last name. Sorry, Matt, but I'll find out. That's my first question for you in the interview. But anyhow, he found out, he did a study, he's gone paperless for three years in his classroom. He is a teacher in Calistoga, California. And I think it's a middle school. Anyhow, he found out that the test scores improved. Now, you know, we can't, this is just a correlation obviously, we can't say that this is what caused the test scores to go up. But, circumstantial evidence is pretty good, that his paperless classroom is doing quite well. - It's definitely the result of his investigation, or worth further investigation. - Right, and we're gonna ask him those questions. In fact, we're gonna ask him a lot of questions. So Matt, be ready, because we're gonna be hard on you. - Another question is, we're doing all of this with this technology to save some trees, but recycling paper is getting better, and we're starting to, why is it so important? What's the prevailing thought? - I think it's just, it's so much easier, but it does save money. I mean, let's face it, you told me that, how much did your one school pay in photocopying costs and all the printers being used? How much was it per year? They could have bought computers for everybody. - It was somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 they just spent on copy machines. - Right, I bet you if you went in to your school, and looked at the budget for paper and copying, it would be over the top. Just think about how you could spend that money on technology. - That would be really cool. - But there is a, excuse me for interrupting you, that's what I do best. There is another blog writer, another person, and what's his name here, let me find him here. He's got this really cool post, it's called Curmudgeon. - Oh yes, - Oh, that's it, Curmudgucation. - Yeah, check out his stuff. - I don't know what his name is, Peter somebody. Anyhow, I'm not good at names. But he said, he argues against the paperless classroom. He said that it's very expensive to transition from paper to paperless. And it probably is. - I think you're probably right. - But you save money if you cut out the copying, so I don't know. And it requires constant upkeep, which you have to upkeep your computers, although if you have Google Chromebooks, there's less and less of that, so there's another thing. And you save money by not having to buy the Microsoft licenses, don't get me started on that. And then he says that the paper comes from managed tree farms, so you really can't say that we're saving trees. - Some paper comes from managed tree farms. - Right, so I'm not quite so sure about that. He says we shouldn't be eating like the hamburgers and the fast food papers, instead we should stop eating that. How do you feel about that? - I am not in support of not eating hamburgers. - And then he said, also, that there are concerns about privacy, of course. But there's gonna be, all schools are electronic, their student systems and stuff. And finally, he says he can't see his students reading Huck Finn on their smartphones. Again, I'm not sure, I mean I, yes it might be hard to read a book on a little smartphone, but-- - So there's a lot, there's a lot - But he does have some valid points. - He does, he does. So depending on which side of this issue you come in on, hopefully you know just a little bit more. - Peter Green, that's his name, and Peter I really appreciate your comments. And I love your blog, Curmudgucation. I love that name, wherever you came up with that, I want to steal it. - Yeah, very cool. Well thanks for joining us, we want to get you out of here with just a couple of quick reminders. - Here, have a piece of paper. - Yeah, a quick, maybe we'll give this away in a future episode. The paper that Barbara tore. But we want to get you out of here with a couple of reminders. If you are not yet a subscriber on our YouTube channel, please click over there and subscribe, so that you can always get access to the Cool Teacher stuff. If you've got any ideas that you want us to go over, we'd love to have that. Send us a message on Facebook or on YouTube or G plus or any one of those things. Heck, just write it on a pumpkin, stick a knife in the side of it, and set in on Barbara's porch. We don't care. - [Barbara] I need a pumpkin. - Yeah, and hopefully, we can get one of your awesome ideas on one of the Cool Teacher shows, (school bell ringing) the bell, in the future, we'd love to have it. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time. - Bye bye. (funky music) erau graduate capstone project online Manhattan campus.

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