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Latest paper printing technology for money

Latest paper printing technology for money do my ashland ma zillow radeon hd 7600m review of literature Oh CJ CJ CJ here we go a siegean for 20 gold no f 20 gold do you have your independence when you declare war on me I don't think so sir 25 gold Oh getting a little bit more you know tempting oh hey wait wait vasil mount maneuvered we get settled Metro Leah trolo patrol is he murtala or however you say it now he's gaining loyalty why would we want to take it from him so sorry sue for peace I've got my vassal you'll pay us money and that'll be it there you go was that so hard we're going to keep our eye on this one oh hey we got claims on them and their King died so Claire warp and we're just going to make them their vassal that's the only plan won't we yeah that'll be enough to deal with it see any improvements we can make we can build roads but its last stitch thing Oh Albus Aaron wow you can build a lot training grounds here and the thing here zaragoza still muslim so it can't get any religious buildings that i want um yeah nothing as of yet we're going to wait start building some more roads new realm the chiefdom of karelin from the principality of full Tosk is that great it's Polly of Lithuania still there still kicking no Lithuania proper though we do have a very close one was pull task he might try and claim Lithuania who knows they would be a full-toss maybe a bell Russian or something close to that I don't know when that draw knives puppet master well you're a failure and you're not anywhere related to us we're married in or anything no diocese Bishop gah no diocese bishops for you sir you just want me to get excommunicated again I just know it wait how big is this guy's piety that he keeps getting Wow 1765 piety I wonder why he becomes papal controller he's going to get any chance he's gonna get he's going to try and excommunicate me a apostle ikut to a pasta like poverty discovered here in cali odd pollack poverty so that i think that's a religious stringency thing Oh run again here yeah it is architecture we want large church but let's go back to power because you know power is good a plate armor we still haven't discovered except in sporadic locations crash weapons mmm bows or some locations nothing we can benefit from here yup go to ok these guys are actually not related to us countif per gal we can make one of our sons but that would mean that his children they're not producing children they used to they hate each other was surprised ramundo is three children so far author died so his wife is it was already not way old and him I'm think I'm thinking we could make a new family member here but we've got no family who we can give it to ya you can't maybe when the next guy becomes king white piece that's a laugh alright your steward or serve you faithfully years she gets a prestige bonus of 1250 and she gets more loyalty and we liberated the province we're going to sue for peace make them are vassal make them pay a little bit of money if they have any no no tribute send offer and that's a quick war getting it back into the grouping now can we declare war on you know because you haven't died yet we can the thing about peace is that the kingdom's that you have peace with usually keep that piece so no problems there but if you ever have to ask for anything else yeah I'll be right back folks just another phone instead of hitting the record button I hit the play button there for a second we just got Berlin the Seljuk Turks offers YP so we're accepting and we're at peace completely and under glee at peace let's see here anyone else I don't think so look at the claims we have in Tangiers and we have one on Sevilla and I always forget that we have this one province that is ours well not ours but our Dukes voix oneself wah duchy of gascogne and sir Lee nice actually of course we're getting 0 for 1 minus 30 2.3 minus 0 where we know there's going to be a war with let's see here eventually all Afonso Jimenez Duke oporto and if that happens we're taking away his Duke title and the count of Columbia because he's going to inherit we're going to give it to someone who can actually deal with it maybe someone who's credibly loyal like something a coin bria so I don't know although he's rebellious would be a good choice he's gotten his successor is yay Jimenez how ah lian is sorry oh so no he's not a good choice his line will die out with him it looks like hey well hope good day folks another phone call all right should that should end the phone calling well no oh hey there we go again with this so we had this event before the Arabic and Lucy and Anna Faris of Eros even Achmed philosopher astronomer and writer on Islamic jusef reedus has translated and commented on the works of Aristotle that were mostly forgotten in Western Europe he sustains that truth can be reached through both religion through philosophy we already have this advancement and we have a school in Burgas we have don't think burgas has any sort of no um so we're gonna actually go with this one so we get scholastics and Ross Italian logic and a fifty percent chance of natural philosophy go my sounds of it that little bloop sound we got something so austere Chilean logic got ya so I love that that one keeps firing for some reason that one keeps coming up it's a little interesting death by illness so our granddaughter died no kind of sad and he's on his second wife already it's kind of funny how about our other son is he producing nope oh but they hate each other so I'm not surprised oh it looks like they're once again part of the kingdom germany yep but we'll see no one really goes and takes the italian title or any of the other titles away from that guy Oh for silicon structions now bruh can we build them we compared to the church yeah we want the piety increase Wow bard seeing any place we can build any churches this one's still Muslim Zaragoza is like a holdout tried the Muslim faith ah hello hello can build the church Callie it'd ragazza forgiving bit of apple to build anything there for a long time our capital civilian Harbor is a good one get church here too let's go with the church first and then we'll get the other ones eventually I'm keeping a buffer amount of money because I haven't been able to oh we just committed an act cruelty it's not great yeah so is it still the café's ruling France nope de borbón I don't know what the cat beds have been kept kept at ya cadet merchant families expelled a more piety Harry pump dear brendan Catholic England is got itself I don't know a lot of Wales in it anglo-saxon Wales mind you yeah sorry I do that sometimes I'll just go and look at the other places in the world because you know when there's nothing really going on in your corner of the world what do you do quarter without duties marriage ties has got tired of sitting in court and he is expresses our he I think they mean she well if they want to go they can go good trip and good fortunes I don't even know who you were you should pay more attention to checking wick and put in power yeah our marshal suck right now like we're not a very marshal family we're a good ruling family but not a marshal one but it is our income anyway 98.9 8 wow you know was it you know oh it's got new spouse 17 year old to Barcelona let's start them investing in some of our Dukes here send a gift and a gift and send a gift for good luck you know hope you have a child smugglers ring broken up and navara at last oh we got new Duke of Puerto Fernando you know since he's gonna inherit King of Portugal Valencia bheja when this old one dies grab title we're gonna revoke title count to Cumbria oh why can't we ya see revoke title Oh Duke oporto it's because he's got hmm now we're gonna end up fighting him anyway vassals please their fair rule under fuel contracting law good yep very good lard shipbuilding frontal charge training grounds an Elvis Aaron wait aren't shipbuilding oh hey is that power thing it is Wow slowly advancing this way now you get a advance a lot quicker when you're actually a piece huh we're no religious stringency an hour they have attacked the emirate of Tripoli I'm ready to Tripoli okay good luck oh and I'm in Garda so our daughter can marry so we're gonna marry her the closest one we can in court so she can produce children with old age comes to changing abilities all right she's 62 she ended up in my court oh she's been here for a while hasn't she hmm anyway she is very good at diplomacy but we have one better 0.4 per month for mundo so so how it goes in succession here we have our third child bruh mundo being first our first child oh no burn windows second so our first child a mural I mean first a inheritor then we have ver mundo than we have tallow the two-year-old and we have manual he was definitely not going to inherit oh he's got spouse was also 42 okay that's not gonna happen then it's or don't know then hello but the good thing is all across the board it is our family so we're pretty safe good at court of justice in UMP we you know build anything else no no I'll barred we're going to start building these extensive road network in lab art Oh an elusive shadow see these kids are actually good pedro de calment uh this child is excelled in the art of decadence she lost the trait modest she gained the trade indulgent she gay has a seventy-five percent chance of getting lustful what she didn't get she didn't get gregarious she didn't get weak willed well she oh great gah that's not exactly the best thing to happen new realm another Titan where the chiefdom miskova from the best work of rises on again and a tile factory and Costello where I can build other things when I gets down to it the quarters opening challenging your stewart's ability and claims to be far better suited for the job I disagree my current Stewart is better she's got 16 I'm sorry just loyal vassal outmaneuvered we still get the title Metro Leah I thought we already had that and he's also gaining loyalty his name is it come I loft us nice name 210 okay tile factory milena that's good lino can build school that's not why I want will build in castellón training grounds because it's kind of on our border feeling towards your loved one of cool down significantly yes evidently it's time to move on that's why she wasn't producing children with him not because they hated each other well his parents is the king of Germany but he uses rebellious he's more that he's uh yeah really interesting thieves guild disbanded finally your lover's left you oh no margarita died in labor the child was also lost my daughter no yeah actually oh wow can't do anything about that I'm the dumb those producing a child capstone international programs Episcopal.

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