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Latest capstone projects

Latest capstone projects do my capstone software engineering project 1000 word essay due tomorrow ´╗┐hi I'm John and I'm Willie we grew a lot of her own food out a little urban homestead here in Seattle tips we've got chickens we've got fees and out in our big vegetable garden to flat onions and today I'm grill cook eat we're going to talk about how to grow them we're gonna make a flatbread and we're going to enjoy a great snack i means are an awesome crop to throw in your own garden because there's such a staple in the kitchen we use onions all the time at home and when you grow your own you have access to like a huge range of varieties that you don't normally have think I'm gonna head outside think it started Tucker gun uh-huh I'll be in here think about it okay so onions are a great crop to grow in the garden because you have a big choice of varieties that are hard to find at the grocery store and also when you grow them in the garden you can harvest them at different stages so you can harvest them as scallions and then you can also let some grow on and become big bulb onions today I'm going to show you how to plant members of the onion family and you have a couple choices with onions you can grow them as ceilings or you can grow them as sets I'm going to show you a really simple way to plant onion seedlings that's quick and easy so you want to start by taking the onion seedlings out of their pot and gently working them apart and you want to try and preserve as much of the roots as possible so you can see here this little teeny plant actually has quite a bit of roots so you want to get them separated out from each other and there's usually you know five to 10 ceilings per pot once you have them separated out you want to go ahead and dig a trench that is about four inches deep then lay the onions on one side of the trench and space them about three inches apart and you want to space in this close apart because what you'll do is as they grow you can harvest every other one and then they'll be about six inches apart and you can leave those ones that remain to grow into larger bulbs so get them in the trench and then all you do is you simply backfill the trench over the onions roots and then lift them up so they're straight standing straight and take soil from the other side of the trench and firm the soil around each onion or in this case leaks once you get them planted you want to go ahead and water them really well the thing to remember with all alliums and aliens are members of the onion family is that they have fairly shallow root systems and so they need to have consistently moist soil in order for them to grow well so you want to get them all watered in and then not a bad idea to mulch them with straw or grass clippings to help keep the soil cool and moist throughout the summer so now I'm going to show you how to harvest onions so I mean they're super easy to harvest all you do is pull them straight up out of the ground and if you're harvesting scallions that's all you need to do but if you want to harvest onions for storage when they begin to yellow on their top like this one what you want to do is fold their necks over right at the base so I've folded all these over you just bend them and down and that prevents sap from flowing up into the leaves and then just concentrates energy on the bulb and you can leave them like that for about a week and then you pull them up out of the ground and you just want to leave them to dry in a warm dry spot in a process that's called curing and what that'll do is that'll just allow the papery skins to develop on the outside of the bulb and that'll protect them from rotting and storage so you leave them in the warm dry spot for a week and then you can bring them indoors cut off their tops or if you're going to braid them you can braid them together as well the only other thing that you need to keep in mind with onions is that you'll want to choose varieties that are going to do well in your area so in the South you'll need to choose short day varieties and those are ones that mature when day lengths are typically under 12 hours vidalia suites are really common short day variety in northern areas you'll want to choose long day varieties so those are varieties that mature when the days are over 12 hours and walla walla suites are really popular long day variety so keep that in mind and then otherwise just plant onions they're super easy to grow and they're so delicious when they're straight out of the garden I'm just going to harvest one Indian right now because that's all we need for the flatbed recipe and gonna head in and start on that today I'm going to show you how to make a sweet onion and olive flatbread and it's a super easy simple recipe that really showcases the onion flavor so I've preheated the oven to 450 and went ahead and wash the onion and peeled it and the first thing we're going to do is slice the onion really thinly i'm going to use the mandolin which is a little tool that allows you to quickly and easily sliced vegetables Finley we're going to want some super thin onions for the flatbread but you could also use a knife you just want to make sure that it's really sharp for this recipe you'll just need half of a large onion thinly sliced okay so get the onion sliced and then I'm going to roll out some pizza dough and you can use homemade or store-bought pizza dough doesn't matter it's a nice great recipe in that way and that you can kind of cheat and use some home grown ingredients and also some store-bought ingredients so I'm going to use a half pound of pizza dough this is a pound I'm just going to tear it in half and then you want to flour your surface with some flour and then go ahead and flatten the dough into kind of a oval shape and then roll it out you just want it to be about a quarter of an inch thick when you've got it fully rolled out and you can sometimes stretch it to that helps it okay so once you get it rolled out nice and thin you're going to want to brush just a little bit olive oil onto your cookie sheet so it doesn't stick and then transfer the dough to the cookie sheet and then we're gonna do the toppings and the first thing I want to do is put a little bit more olive oil but you want to generously brush it with olive oil especially on the edges because we don't want them to get too crispy or dried out take some olive tapenade again you'll probably need just about a quarter cup and you want to spread that in the middle of the dough leaving just a little bit of an edge maybe a half inch to a quarter inch and then we're just going to sprinkle those thinly sliced onions over the top get the onions on and all we're going to do is slide this into the oven again it's at 450 and I'm going to put it on the middle shelf and we're going to let it bake until it bubbles up and the edges are nice and brown which usually takes about 12 to 15 minutes it's nice and brown around the edges so I'm just going to pull it out of the oven and once you get out of the oven you just want to brush the edges of the flatbread again with a little bit more olive oil and then sprinkle some sea salt or kosher salt over the top couple pinches and some red pepper flakes and I'm just going to use the cutting board as our serving tray and go ahead and take this out to John okay are you ready for a snack definitely but only if it has onions on it that all right can I pick one yeah onions are normally like a star player in recipes they're sort of a contributing member so I think this is a nice recipe because the onions are actually her main ingredient and they're not caramelized this recipes is so easy in the past they're still giving they're so fresh too you can tell they're a little bit sweeter yeah definitely when they're straight from the garden I think I don't even cry when I was cutting them there were just so sweet I didn't have any cares I'm glad of it yeah that was totally delicious but I think for once I improved your recipe thank you you know I think your idea to add olives really made the recipe thanks so much for watching this episode of girl cookie and for tuning in to our first season it was so much fun to put it together we really appreciated your comments and suggestions so if there's something you want next year just let us know yeah we're happy to grow anything you want so happy gardening and we'll see you next spring you senior capstone projects order Pleasantville campus.

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