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Kkr capstone interview questions for money

Kkr capstone interview questions for money capstone consultants gastonia nc for money custom critical thinking on government for 10 ´╗┐hello and welcome to round robin i'm your host robin mccormick with the city of hamptons communications and marketing department and today as you can see we've gone into a classroom setting and we're gonna meet some folks from the Governor's School for science and technology my guest is Vicki Whismur who's the director of the program thank you for having us absolutely thank you so much for coming out to see our school we're really excited that you're here well let's I think that this is sort of a hidden gem that many people don't know is here and it's an incredible opportunity for students so why don't you tell us just a little bit about what happens here at the Governor's School for science and technology the Governor's School for science and technology is what we call an academic year Governor's School and there's 20 actually there's 19 governor's schools across the state of Virginia we are considered to be the state gifted high schools and over 75% of them are focused on stem others performing arts humanities different different focuses and what we do is we try to find the most gifted and talented students within the school divisions and bring them into an environment that really brings out their very best and probably provide them for top tier universities and also for the for the career well and that also probably explains why to stay I mean the state is funding gifted in town to the students period but in terms of what this country in this state needs and to prepare students for the workforce and to keep our country competitive it explains the huge focus on science and technology it does it does and many states will have magnet schools the state of Virginia back in the 1970s the governor really looked at creating governor schools for the gifted for high school students so that's really how the academic year governor's schools were created and so we're very fortunate that in the Hampton Roads area we have the Governor's School for science and technology so you have roughly three tracks that a student can go in we do we have three academic strand an engineering strand biological science drain and a computer a science scientific computer science strand and the students come to us for half-day for about three and a quarter hours and the long half day it's a long half-day kids put in more classroom time the the morning session is from 7:10 to about 10:30 so these students some summer traveling williamsburg gloucester you know an hour plus away they put in a very long day because the the amount of study time is significant yes because they're doing amazing things these students are doing incredible research probably equivalent to what a sophomore junior in college would be doing their junior year course is research methodology and ethics that actually is a college course but it's a semester course we have them for a year and we're preparing them for a capstone on a research course their senior year and they work with a mentor in their field of interest for a year actually doing real scientific research and they compete locally state nationally and internationally last year we sent to students to Russia from Hampton in fact and and first and second and third place very competitive I think this is what really makes the Governor's School unique is that when these students leave here they really understand what scientific research is they understand what the industries are looking for in medical in engineering in stem it's like I mean it's just incredible very exciting and they're also getting college credit for these courses it's not just an AP exam it is literally your your dual accredited at Thomas Nelson so they're getting it's a it's a handy thing for you know parents and students because they're gonna enter college with a bunch of college credits already correct our classes are dual enrolled they are they have the received college transcripts and so those students are able to take advantage of that and many of them go in with twenty to forty credits so it can help and be very beneficial well now how does one get into this school because it is you know if you don't have a student who's planning ahead or if you're not real piped in when should parents start thinking about this and how should we prepare ourself and our kids for it well I have an advisory board committee for each of the school divisions and they're gifted coordinator serves on that I meet with them on a monthly basis we also have a pipeline where we have a pre admissions information series program and so we have those gifted coordinators and those school divisions identify students that would be a real match for the program and then we invite them to participate in information sessions in their 9th and 10th grade I also try to work closely with the counselors so that the counselors are familiar with the program and so I think over the last few years we've done a really wonderful job I have probably well over three to four hundred families in our pipeline and it's amazing and it is very exclusive and it's it's a little like applying to college and that not every kid is going to get in but if you are a parent if you have a child who's interested in science technology math it is smart to start thinking about it you know seventh grade that pre-application is eighth grade which you know isn't necessarily in your head as a parent but those seminars are helpful I remember walking into the one of my son was like mom these kids are like me you know this is a place where I I can thrive and compete and you know he still loves his home school at Phoebus and all that but it's it's a different environment yeah I think you really summed it up well this is an environment where like-minded students come together and they're able to really challenge each other they understand each other they understand the stress they understand social emotional issues and they're there to really help each other and something really magical happens especially when they've been here for a couple of years lifetime friendships are developed and you know they really make something special happen the way they think and the way they just collaborate with each other it's amazing well thank you thank you Vicki and we're gonna break because I want to talk to a student and kids out there thinking about this we'll probably learn much more from him than they will from you or me so thank you very much hello we are back and this is grant Gibson grab thank you for coming thank you for having me I want to introduce you you're just one of those all-around students here here at the Governor's School you're an engineering focus you are valedictorian at Bethel High School and also a football player how the heck do you do that let me just start with that well I knew it was gonna be a lot applying junior year to Governor's School but I really was interested in the engineering and physics and math I've always loved math and science and so just to be able to push my limit and take upper-level classes that aren't necessarily available at Bethel or any other persons homeschool yeah they're really not so what are some of the courses you've taken I mean last year you guys took college physics right yeah we took college physics that was pretty hard I mean as a junior and so most of us had most of us had most of us hadn't ever taken physics before and so taking like that college-level physics we even ended up all of us ended up taking the physics C exam and if you know the exams there's actually a physics B so we completely skipped over that yes exactly and then we also did research last year and that was really interesting and helpful for me because I actually my research I actually got to use football and so I put an accelerometer on a football sled and had my players push it and I ended up getting first place in Tidewater and ended up going to the state science fair yeah and so yeah it says really is a lot of fun to be able to include my extracurriculars into my math and science that I'm really interested in so so you have a senior research project this year not football-related what what are you doing for your mentorship for my mentorship I work with an aeronautical engineer his name's his name is Dan Vick Roy and so what I'm doing is there's a new type of aircraft it's called a hybrid wing body and it looks different because it the wings and the fuselage are blended but what I'm doing is I'm creating an aerodynamic model that can go to a flight simulator so people will be able to control the model with the flight simulator and it will have the same like aerodynamics and capabilities and hasn't been done yet for this specific model my speech I really am that so cool so someday there will be a plane something like what you're working on now but I've modified a change that will be in production and fly I've heard from my mentor he can't talk about it but I'm pretty sure they've already started modifications on a new type of that hybrid wing body model so it's it's really cool I really like I get I got a badge like a temporary badge pass so it's really cool to be able to go on to NASA and I've been in the wind tunnels in the control room and so it's a lot of fun and that's something I'm interested in doing even after high school or even after college I just think it's more experience I'm going to UVA I got accepted to Carnegie Mellon UVA Rose Holman and ante UVA and so I got I got like a full ride there and I also am gonna be a ramen scholar so I'm really interested in the research that ramen scholar they have research and so I'm thinking about doing mechanical engineering and then possibly I know I want to go to grad school but I don't know exactly what field of engineering I want to go into so it's amazing and you feel like Governor's School has given you a question it's in kind of what you guys talked about earlier is being around to everybody that likes math and science and that's really interested in these thing it pushes you to do better and do do better work and just keep pushing on even when it might get a little tougher you don't know what's going on it's oh yeah oh yeah and we use that moto and we're always communicating if we have any problems and everybody's really helpful with everybody else I'm just trying to help everybody oh well thank you so much and good luck in your future I want to talk to you again and keep up with you and see how you do because you're an amazing person and there's a lot of amazing Hampton students and regional students here at this thank you thank you for watching you nara capstone Manhattan College.

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