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Kkr capstone carry for money

Kkr capstone carry for money write for me cu denver spa capstone psa singapore terminals annual report notice how you getting along well it's rough everywhere but well we got two votes today we had 414 to nothing in there in the house on the Vietnam resolution and 88 22 in the Senate that's what I've got a little part of this country you got all of it most of the world plate I won't talk to you have you got a pencil line the federal district court last night issued an order requiring a school district to transfer Negroes to high school 11th 12th grades upon her application at st. Helena Parish if I was aware of an order the application that tell me will be made on the thirteenth and fourteenth and must be acted on but 15th Scoob against 17 now that the district court has decreed that there must be desegregation and I think that's specific direction of the Fifth Circuit Court the question is how that orders complied with now the judge informs us that's counsel for the school district the Attorney General Jack gremillion ate it yeah I remember he agreed to the issuance of the order it tell me the local police force consists of a share effort to three deputies and that they've had some core workers in that parish and voter registration when they haven't been harmed or arrest but despite this there's some feeling that that area being on the border there and it might be some trouble in the school to be segregated they're not from victim school authorities but could be from outsiders they are our information is very confidentially that is a good good deal this group that's been operating in Georgia and Mississippi these last few days of Clan people call up that thought is speeded anywhere they they we got some FBI people that they have filtrated then they say they're pretty strong now we feel it low an order ought to be maintained and after assume if you do much better than we people will be knocked out potential this morning and he feel like that this get is confidential that the federal court was as lenient as they possibly could be and we will then feel a reveal confident that there won't be any violent something well I what I what I believe I think you I know the state is as anxious to keep federal troops out as we are and I certainly do want to come in but if the state is willing to guarantee law and order I sure don't want a I want to work through the state and well you gives opportunity to the service but we both do 50 times state over there are key well I any group bought it well I knew that was the way you fell but I thought that they're good many persuasive points that I might make two years question I think that if if you could give us a surest make statement then we have had troops go in to interfere in a high school operation since Little Rock 56 and we thought that is very bad at that time is as you remember and i have had FBI and Mississippi in the Georgia in Harlem but I have them go and report to the government and he turned him over he worked with a state police and they all work together just like today one outfit and I don't like to be sending these troops and I think if you could do just assure us or tell me that to you don't want any federal troops in there and it's not necessary from the state and local authorities that you guarantee adequate personnel then I think that will kind of take care of us now you can say to your own people there our records here show that practically every southern state has affected integration without the need of federal troops Alabama has Georgia as Florida as Texas South Carolina Arkansas Louisiana itself last time federal troops were necessary but to do segregated high schools and Little Rock 56 now if you could issue statements saying it without regard to whether you prove the orders not that I've done nothing to do with it they're going to be law and order in Louisiana and long as you governor I think that have a powerful impact on the situation and it would serve to keep these hoodlums and Paris from outside of the state to remove an industry at this situation dick Russell made off a good statement I believe sent Dellinger I'm not positive but we don't think it would come explosive you yet they've got that cook might be well if you talk to sheriff up there and let him know how you feel or very confidential we've got some of the law enforcement officers involved in this Mississippi thing with braids and might be you could give a little leadership to him I don't know how he feels but I don't want to be talking to another one I want to talk to is the governor I want to assure him of my desire my willingness to cooperate completely with him in every aspect of the problem as long as he can assure me that law and order will be maintained because my duty to enforce these orders if at all and i want to i want the local people to handle them and i know and believe that you can and will we're trying to going to attempt to miss Beth as I see widgets actresses your prevent any repetition and what happened we don't be me anything like that from happening Osteen we don't think that we've got quite a situation here that they have in Mississippi and we're doing everything we can to das need to keep our boiling point though I'll be hot though we we just don't anticipate well now would you mind would you feel liberty to kind of talk to those local folks up there and be prepared nocturne journal early this morning he got me and gave me a detailed the order and he thought that it was frankly about itself that we could possibly expect out of federal court yeah and he read it read it felt like we had gained such thing as there being some kind of a victory by his body by the time for that was issued yeah he told me that the people insane alina the truth people felt the same way and so we really don't expect in the explosive situation there up that saintly and feel the way the orders written I don't the early great thing would be what would be the coldest air seeing something here we started out of even and if there's you're prepared and we'll handle it yes sir we preserve Lord or even called me and cold out our guard well but I go now thing to happen here we're just get out of here I'm going home for the weekend and I'll just leave it that way and if anything develops it changes it in any way you just pick up phone call me and we'll just we'll just treat these things confidential and work closely together and anything I can do to make your life any easier I won't do it cuz I know you've got enough problems I know it I know it I know it but I'm not gonna do any more than I have to make close it up and I keep this uh this uh the fact that you call me up for last ourselves yeah that's what i would do i don't think he's anything to be gained on the other hand on the other hand i wouldn't object I'm not gonna say anything about it but I want you to know as well I just go up and left the money if you directly if the Duke with a left uppercut well i will set all sail worried about it you know if anything you were concerned about the about violence up there and forces you of course opportunity to be and I treated that we felt like we could take care of it and we will get sanction to protect politician I see the third bet we do it that we felt be good lastly police as they are gone I think we can prevent that's fun well I I won't say anything about it you don't either and if anybody should raise a question with both just agree that I ask you to just issue a statement that you going to be this this Court's done this and that you're going to be able to look after yourself and we won't do anything we hear from you you know that we can do it you can do now this all has been issued keep those core reps in is out of that match you would make that way she said I not as much really stir them up yep and I think you wear this yeah sure do they would see house and that's a noun sense they've accomplished their to segregation order they will need that thing Lana fetch it would be a lot easier function but I don't feel really for any any real harm to the local Negroes the harm on plays are the most likely should occur with beat to the outsiders coming in there now get better don't you not sure you perhaps know where others I am I sure AM got very now I work with here and we'll just leave it this way unless there's something develops it gets out of hand you let me know thank you do my research paper topics on english language learners New York Institute of Technology.

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