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Internship and capstone

Internship and capstone write for me capstone course define nger reporting 2018 tx68 ´╗┐do you slide on all your knives right do you try on all your knives like this put some spider on the slide what still clip hey guys so this is going to be the beginning of my moving out day vlog for bu and it's so surreal that it's ready here I can't believe it today is actually a Tuesday night and I move out tomorrow Wednesday May 10 but I wanted to get this vlog rolling today because it's going to be a very hectic next two days since I have a final a tonight six day and then tomorrow 60 I want to give you guys a little overview it's very messy right now but I haven't really felt like cleaning it especially since I am moving out my little closet oh it's funny because I filled my room is so different now since I filmed my room tour since I rearranged everything own while we are at it this is reminding me this side right here is the last bag of envelopes filled with you guys's bracelets that I'm shipping out to you guys for those of you that donated I have about 20 envelopes to just finish shipping out today and I know those of you that are waiting for your bracelets have been waiting patiently for so long I'm sorry it's been taking me so long but a lot more people enter than I thought and I've had hundreds and hundreds of envelopes to ship out and yesterday I was at the post office for hours because they only let you do 10 at a time and you have to get back in line and wait again basically it's just taking me forever but I am doing my best and I have that last bag today so if you guys don't have your bracelets by the time you're watching this video just shoot me a DM on Instagram be like hey I never got my bracelets and I'll figure it out from there but I know I got some emails and some angry messages of people saying that they donated and they're still waiting for the bracelets but you should have them by now but basically I just got back from SoulCycle this morning I want to nati be my big it was so fun and then we went to a juice press after and got really good acai bowls oh my gosh they're acai bowls are so good with coconut on top mmm and we went to this whole cycle in Beacon Hill if Johnny he's so good I love him get some really good moves today I really like today's class and I just had kombucha for the first time after SoulCycle I've never had it I got synergy organic kombucha cosmic cranberry and it was good it's like not what I thought it was me at all I didn't know was gonna be like so bubbly I thought it was gonna be like tea but Yohn wasn't even playing I'm so tired I just had my accounting final and while I should be studying for my information systems one I gotta start packing because my room is full still and I have so much stuff I think I'm really under estimating how long that's gonna take me and I'm leaving tomorrow night right after my six day final so yeah gotta start packing I'm all over it up a conversation with trust me and trust me I'll give it a just bounce in my hands so upend the man on the jukebox then we started dancing now singing like girl you know I want your love your love was handmade for somebody like me coming now follow my lead I may be crazy don't mind me see boy let's talk too much grab almost look at the difference I got so much packed in that little amount of time so proud of myself so obviously it's a nice morning and I just got back from getting my eyelashes done they turned out so good this time I love them Kate even Kate the technician that always does them for me even was like taking pictures this time she's like wow that came out really good I'm taking pictures so you like the way that turned out and I literally covered my face in bronzer so it looks like so dark like who am i oh my god it looks like patchy right there I'm not that good at putting on makeup anyway I want to show you guys the progress I made last night if you can't tell by how echoey it isn't hear how empty it looks I made a lot of progress I still have to take this down this is gonna be the saddest but this is what we're looking at how sad guys so obviously I still have some random stuff I took off everything in my clothing rack but then my shower disappointed I like coming up my towel there yeah all of these are empty these are empty I have to take the stuff out of my fridge I have to pack my blender it's a good thing I saved the box it's under there there's McAfee stuff obviously like all my bedding all the walls and everything are so bare you guys are not ready to see the hallway in the common room I assume it's probably went to kill me but I'm like don't worry guys I'm leaving tonight but like I don't understand how I physically fit so much stuff in here like ready okay so this is all my dirty clothes that I didn't feel like doing before I left so I'm just gonna do at home and it's free at home so that's better then we get to this little thing which has like my pajamas and stuff there's a bunch of envelopes and bracelets that I sent out to you guys those are left over it was just Katie and Emma's birthday so it's decorated really pretty in our common room I wish those there like all year because it looks really cool but look it's almost okay first you're gonna kill me okay so this is blanket and I wrapped blankets carefully around do you guys remember the gallery wall I had right here I had to take all those down and had so many glass pictures and like clocks and stuff that I had to like wrapping blanket so I thought that was a good way to do it I have like dishes in here oh I bunch of like lotions and shampoo and stuff like that that I was scared was gonna get squished in like a soft container so I put it in these hard boxes all these are so pretty by the way they're like the nesting boxes from Kate Spade I love them I've school seven there I have close the big issue is clothes if you can't tell and these are just some of my shoes more of my shoes headboard pictures I don't even know what I put in the suitcase there's like Christmas lights and all my tapestries in there my yoga mat my roller this is my hiking bag for Africa so I started packing some stuff that I had here that I know I'm going to bring to Africa clothes exhibit one more clothes more clothes more clothes these are just all the hangers that I had all my clothes on pillows Kate and then I decided I was going to put all my clothes on here and buy trash bags today which I just bought from Starr so hopefully those kind will work to just throw on my clothing because I thought that would be a lot quicker and I still have my studio lights over there and like a bring light down there that I have to pack up and then all of my clothes weren't fitting there so I put more there and yeah it's just a crazy time I just have way more stuff than I thought I did I would say like 3:00 a.m. last night and I was like I just have to like make progress you know and I saw my information system final today at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. so I should be setting for that I'm getting hungry so I need to go get lunch with that even though he's a thing before I leave it's like last year I feel like summer I was waiting since like February I couldn't wait to get home like the semester felt so long and this year I'm like it doesn't feel like it should be some already like it feels so surreal there you have to go home and like I don't know the semester was definitely my favorite semester Epis so I like don't want to leave you know like last semester I was like ready to get last spring I mean I was ready to get home and go home for the summer and in this semester I'm like they're all my friends luckily I'll be in York City this summer so so many my friends are me New York City and actually my whole fam is and just a bunch of other girls and friends of that bu so it's gonna be crazy fun summer I don't really see like doesn't mean stuff but this is getting off topic this is a be moving out vlog [Music] do you try on all your knives like this put some spider on a slide what will you smile no your night right [Music] so I bagged up all my clothes and then I just have to bag up my shoes so since you saw me last I went to Eastern Mountain Sports got a therm arrest got some more socks got some stuff on me for the hike and went Ariana's I got my jacket my rainbows which I needed but is now at 5:15 so I was to go it's my six o'clock exam I don't know if you guys think that I was just crying because I'm freaking out because I still want my visa to go to Africa so I'm scared I'm not even bill ago because if I don't get it by Saturday um we're leaving Sunday you know and I still don't have it I know I should die out and time to eat it back and I'm like Sofia right now but it's fine I just have to like nothing about I decide to put my exam so yeah next time I see you it'll probably be dark and I'll be trying to pack up the car quick with my dad so almost there guys almost there so everyone just get back for my exam in the dining hall probably got a ten and these little puppies are helping yeah okay so luckily since I have I have read like two so far and yeah solve a lot to go but making progress we're leaving don't worry there's more trips we need to take yeah and we're moving are we ok because they have our IDs or the bins thank you reading you this mod ok bye everybody okay this is it Oh them get them in there I got an iPhone case oh you did what you just found an iPhone case but it looks things I don't see so this is the beginning of the process we were trying to load this car with all this stuff can we do it let's hope so like two hours late two hours and let's let you know good job ladies you're doing so well Rahil a fragile is the word you touch instead yay good job perfect perfect race form everyone's doing such a good job including me whoo oh yeah oh yeah baby update yeah I'm gonna miss you nugget No Gretchen has an unreal amount of things this is like a max of a and she filled two hole cards and we're not done her bad L feel main thing that's a summary everybody praying much is luck and and look at the car yeah Lucy stuff is also going as you have you know from this is just scratching and we're getting started so yeah which is like my role or a good thing over and out so now going back in about a day to did you two tosses okay there how's it David then come on Ben what do we like couple goal and it was out here in Iran just like ships you guys alone I remember yeah basically I was allowed to be in videos about how many Jen's any thinking about so far see that's it what are your day if I can tell you like okay my guess is gonna be you have a good feeling about this one roses have these four pairs on this is I can't wait here this plan come here go away thank you so many hours of sleep I've got and in half three days hey Camilla let me guess negative for did you see him pretty good Shh excuse me right camera just as well with it yes or no no your leave on cuz it's like we're gonna give you guys it's like a heavier smash oh yeah be I thought your in color Luisa no I call it nobody knows so we're using ketchup over that alright the drama will give you the gun so agrees no one in Kirby arrest so I told her to do the visa process you know my business day shipping two days shipping back punish me right laughing oh yeah man I'm going to see you okay so just close everybody Jesus did she go at the bottom yeah he doesn't like three or four days out there and now they might not check it out and if they don't ship it out tomorrow okay my prediction honestly climbing uh now in the other night yeah but honestly like know her lying everything works out you wish you gonna marry counting that she didn't study for without the curb Savion care oh it's gonna be like an A+ A+ Hey so on it on a test of the average from kids who study ten hours or more work was a sixty percent positive attitude give you in life good things don't wear final miles are through if you think I'm your dad oh boy here tonight around like a hex I have a small my siblings telling my face looks like a compass good bikes so round it is I really troubling brothers didn't KOA comment below what what you guys want to see from us in Africa ie me cuz you know dredges not Monica Gretchen when I want me 200 miles long like ours and we're back here alright this is a sad day for GLB I shall get gonna say I'm gonna miss her oh my god something's that we're gonna miss for a long like wait oh oh that's no it's about to see to be us 20,000 feet and mount kilimanjaro hopefully three weeks late I have to warn them because I won't have a computer the whole time on their on what no way how are you men oh my god is that in it yo your get John oh yay everybody's in it watch our vlog lino as you like that so we're filming because Louisa definitely a so I was in the elevator right outside right now can you believe in her I think these things just don't fit in one elevator no a stars I know there's other guys in there and they would have been I don't want to look at Abby's bun it's bigger than life I know there she is [Laughter] girl I was like there she is different girl walked out I'm gonna give us diseases the end maracas wrapping things up over here room got the wrong and look at that room compared Taylor's room hi Jay okay Gretchen kiss your room goodbye Josie but this is it the blender meeting the end of an era we are saying goodbye to my stew beef Alexa say hi Oh baby all right bu I'm just talking I'm gonna miss my view guys yeah I'll show you one last time Oh kick in the can you know what that means when you kick the can that means you die it symbolizes death it may be idea that sophomore years when you are the hey baby and all I'm saying Juanita my day in the life happy you video the other day he was like oh shine blur out your room number and I'm like nah doesn't matter cuz I'm not living here anymore you know ha ha oh my god I can finally say there remember if I live in Ted anyone watching this video lives here this is my room living room number B yeah yeah yeah or D something like that that's gonna be me on that Highway in a little bit going home hey wait guys kind of look like a little bit I said they need to feel that you're alive cuz you mind if at all hey what are you studying for Nina oh that's so great no I wasn't living you can have my sweatshirt yeah do you wanna switch shirts right now alright it for my moving out vlog for my sophomore year don't you feel like we made them moving out one for freshman year like yesterday dad goes back very quick it literally this spring won by quicker than any semester by far my favorite semester at B it was so fun and they must've already sang go by Taylor and avi Louise's Lucy and everyone knew sue said but I'll see everyone soon family Roma for the rest of the summer it's not gonna sit in your family or the restaurant I'll take care I'll take all together I'll take care of it my dad's a doctor you'll see out the bag we know cuz I way more stuff than we talk it's okay and yeah thank you guys so much watching this video and I'll see ya next time bye capstone diploma program order Mandl College of Allied Health.

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