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Internet of things ideas order

Internet of things ideas order capstone credit advisors llc for money sri lanka central bank annual report 2018 pdf tax ´╗┐hello hello everybody how you doing my name is Chris la Paco you can follow me on twitter at the chris la Paco yes the Chris la Paco somebody wrote to me on Facebook and they wanted to know about Arden Hills the exam station in Arden Hills and I never worked at Arden Hills right but a lot of the exam stations are pretty similar because they want to have uniform tests that is ideal if every exam station looked the same then that would be like the best situation because then you couldn't say oh I did better at this place because it's easier whatever so everyone gets a fair consistent test so Arden Hills is a little different layout but not much from Eagan so if you've seen my Eagan exam station video this might be a lot of review but you can go check that out too if you want okay so pulling into the exam station I'll just explain what we're looking at here this is 35w and this is headed north right if you're going from right to left that's north left to right is south and so yeah you get off here then you come in on the slope frontage road and you drive past this fleet services thing that's where they have all sorts of extra vehicles and I don't know old police cruisers and whatnot and then here you enter the exam station okay so let's zoom down to the entrance and see what that's like Denton Denton I don't see any stop sign for anybody here or anybody leaving but I do see stop lines on either side which would indicate to me that there's a stop sign for people on the other side here so can't see if there's a stop sign there but there would be I can guarantee it I guess because they have stop lines there so as we enter going this way people on either side have to stop you're good to go going through and then once you enter here we have a two-way street we got a yellow line in the middle of traffic yellow lines divided traffic moving in opposite directions white lines divided traffic moving in the same direction so one two lanes and then we got another lane where people park here so we've got three lanes on each side of the road six lane road here this looks like an uncontrolled intersection I don't see any sort of road markings that would indicate that there's a stop sign there's no traffic lights there yeah so this looks like an uncontrolled intersection to me when you get to an uncontrolled intersection slow down look for cars but you do not have to stop if there's no traffic okay you don't have to make your complete stop like you would at a stop sign so where is that as soon as we come in the entrance the first intersection looks like it is an uncontrolled intersection to me so be careful over there and both ways when you go through because this is a one-way street over here it intersects see we see all white lines so it's all traffic moving in the same direction when you go through this intersection slow down and look right everybody knows that if you go through it again a different way the same rules apply so I would see people that would slow down and look and then go through another time and poo just go flying through and almost get killed so anytime you go through this intersection make sure it's safe follow the right-of-way rules look it up in the drivers manual okay um continuing down the intersection or down low main strip here we've gone through the first intersection coming up to the second intersection here let me zoom in uh traffic lights here looks like there's no stop line but there is a crosswalk here and then it looks like traffic lights over here and over here and over here maybe hold on yeah looks like traffic light sorry um so yeah when you get to a traffic light bleed stop if you need to people take that for granted sometimes and they do rolling stops they don't stop the car all the way sit there for a couple seconds if you're making a right-hand turn at this intersection you would get all the way over next to the curb and then make your right-hand turn okay so don't make a right-hand turn from out here you see what I mean these are two unmarked lanes right here then there's one mark plane right you got it so three lane road get all the way over into the far right lane and then make your turn if you're making a right turn if you're making a left turn yeah I get as far left as you can and on a two-way street that'd be the middle of the road so get out next to the yellow line yellow line should always be outside your driver's door and make your left-hand turn once again finishing with your driver's door next to the yellow line in the middle of the street don't make a left turn that goes all the way over to the curb that's no good alright alright um zoom out again so it looks like this is where they do the staging for the vehicles before the test I don't know what their situation is as far as like test procedures for when you get there before they open up there's a parking lot so maybe they staged there I don't know but there's the main building there's the parking lot for the test that would be the drive-up window that'd be the check-in window dispatch so you pullin on the one-way street and then you pull it it's like a drive-through at a McDonald's all right and continuing sorry I got distracted so we go through the stoplights here you don't know how to follow traffic lights I'm sorry you probably shouldn't have a license here's another uncontrolled intersection there might be a yield sign down there I don't know hmm trees are blocking it look out for yield signs I'll just put it that way think okay we got a stubbed in road here so what that indicates is it's supposed to be the intersection goes on forever so the road is going to continue on this way forever but obviously we don't have infinite roam so it doesn't work basically just testing how you handle yourself add another uncontrolled intersection so when you get up here scan look for other traffic look for roadsides if there are any yield signs pay attention um we're gonna make a right turn like before get all the way over next to the curb make your right-hand turn it's going to make a left turn stay out here in the left lane what is that thing alright stop it stop it if you make a left turn be out here with the yellow line outside your driver door and finish out here under this street with in the middle of the street so how many zoom out here now so we came in we went straight down the main strip and now I'm looking at the back of the exam station here okay the top part of the uppercase T so we got stubbed in roads again here so the males also the other thing that the other reason they do that is so you use your turn signals make sure you use your turn signals when you make your turns during any place that has with any place that has stubbed in roads okay um this road back here doesn't have any road markings on it so that means it's a two-way street there are no road markings that means it is a two-way a usually 30 mile-an-hour not every time but 30 mile-an-hour typically you see them around in neighborhoods residential neighborhoods two-way street one ways will have road markings and road signs so look out for those and then you know you're on a one-way street but a yellow line or nothing means it's a two-way street and then when you get over to the corner over here this stuff has nothing to do with you okay so you're playing over here in this playground don't even worry about this so you come up here and you would make your turn left because you can't turn right and you're not going straight on another unmarked two-way street it looks like headed back towards the entrance right going past the main parking lot ooh now we got some road markings what's going on here yellow line divides two-way traffic white line divides traffic moving in the same direction so we got a two-way street we drive on the right side of the road going that way they drive on the other side of the street we going this way and got two lanes for traffic moving in the same direction so we got a double turn lane over here this car would turn in here got it closest lane will stay in the closest lane and then the next closest car in the lane over here would turn over into this Lane got it so outside lane to outside lane inside lane to inside lane this is off of a one-way street over here same thing goes for over here so we know we're turning onto a two-way street from the one-way right so all white lines over here traffic moving in the same direction multiple road markings that indicate which lane you have to be in to make a turn and if you're in the outside lane over here turning off of the one-way street onto the two-way street you would stick into this outside lane got it got it if you're in the inside lane you stick into the inside lane and that yellow line better stay outside your driver's door or you're in big big trouble yo right here we have stop lines so that indicates traffic coming this way and traffic coming this way both have to stop so if you're coming down the one-way street here it looks like to me you don't have to stop those other cars have to stop so you just keep on cruising baby don't stop unnecessarily that is not a good thing um yeah so I think that describes that everything you need to know there stop lines stay out of the stop lines it's a two-way street there's a yellow line in all the road when you see all white lines then you know it's a one-way street and also look for road signs that say one-way will continue driving down the road here this would be the equivalent of fail corner at the Egham exam station but see it's like a regular intersection here so I bet people don't fail all the time right because they know oh I can't make a left turn from over here what if somebody else is turning left anyway they understand that it's not a double turn lane here and fail corner is supposed to represent an intersection like this but actually it's dubbed in road over here but yeah so then people stay in this outside lane and then turn left and you see why that's a problem here because if this guy's over here he's turning left you run into him this isn't a double turn lane do you see me reload markings that indicate a double turn lane no man so don't do it don't do it get in the left lane make a left turn yellow line better be outside your driver door in the right lane all the way over and right lane to make it right in turn but you're not gonna make a right-hand turn there because that's all that Fleet Farm or whatever Fleet Farm yeah okay so then did I miss anything on that road doesn't look like it slowing it back around all right so now the fleet surplus services whatever is that our back and we're headed towards the entrance looks like parking exercises parallel parking over here um and once again unmarked so you know it's a two-way street there's nothing to indicate that it's a one-way Road yellow or excuse me white line here solid white line is a stop line so that means there's a stop sign there I would imagine let me know if I'm wrong if you go take the test but that's what those mean so make a complete stop usually you'll turn here onto this street oh you know what that reminds me so let's say you make a left turn here making a complete stop look out for traffic coming up on either side because they don't have to stop right you turn and you turn into the first available lane to the right of the centre line because this is a two-way street all right sweet you nailed it oops now let's say they have you continue driving up this street here and then you have to make a left turn onto the one-way what a lot of people do is they make a turn like it's a two-way street so they'll turn to the first lane to the right of the center line which is over here but that's not the rule the rule is you're supposed to turn into the first available lane on a two-way street the first available lane is the first lane to the right of the center line bingo right here on a one-way street the first available lane is right there dummy I'm sorry you're not dumb you're smart you found this video so you're not a dummy okay but this is you know and this is like worth as much as your parallel parking if you make a left turn on the one-way street and go into one of these other lanes to three or four when you don't have to like if there was a car on fire over here yeah that's fine whatever somebody's parked there illegally and you can turn yeah gotcha then go into two three or four the first available lane so whatever lane is available assuming this lane is available you're making a left-hand turn from over here you should turn into this lane then make your lane change if you have to okay you will probably have to do at least one lane change during the test I can't tell you where you would do a lane change during the test because that would be giving away too much information right but yeah so I won't tell you where you do the lane change all right I won't tell you where you do the lane change we don't disclose non-public information here on the Chris lapacho experiment all right there anything over on this road over here so we know we can't turned up right down that street it's one way going that way here we got one single yellow line in the middle of the road but this is where they'll get you on this one row or Lane position is what people forget about over here so you see there's like a messed up looking truck right there anyway there's room for a car to drive and room for a car to park what people will do is they'll drive in between both lanes if there aren't parked cars there and they'll take up the whole goddamn road right you know the people when you get to a light you want to make a right-hand turn and they're taking up too much of the streets you can't turn right behind them right right right so they should move over to the left a little more and give you some room to make your right-hand turn there being a road hog don't be a road hog when you drive drive out next to the center of the road keep that yellow line outside your driver door and then if you want to make a right-hand turn to park your car then get over into this right lane got it easy enough and then okay we're coming up here again we're making a left turn onto a one-way street from a a two-way street here right just like before first available lane right there don't go into one of these other lanes over your first available Lane right there making a right-hand turn coming up this way so we're driving out next to the middle of the street next to the yellow line we're going to make a right-hand turn you signal at least 100 feet before you make the turn get all the way over next to the curb don't half-ass it get all the way over next to the curb make your right-hand turn into the first available lane which would be right here unless lets you had a whole bunch of like parked cars here waiting to check in where's the first available lane at that point bingo right here so if you got a bunch of cars checking in first available Lane is now here okay remember that first available Lane stay on your side of the street stay in your lane only what else is there a stop line up here in the corner there is coming into the exam station now so these people coming in have to stop it looks like anyway I think that should pretty much cover it man watch my Egon exam station video I'll explain some other stuff there too but a lot of it's the same a lot of it's the same yeah now I'm looking at it there's pretty much no difference except where you initially come out at the Eagan exam station you come out here when you start your test and it looks like it aren't hills you come out here to start your test oh that's another thing to remember anytime you leave a parking lot anytime you leave a parking lot or an alleyway and enter a public road you must make a complete stop bugs the out of me people never make complete stops leaving parking lots just pull right the out annoying that's a bunch of points that's worth more than your parallel parking okay so if you're if you're starting up here in one of these lanes right by the start you know right by the road you're already starting from a stop you don't need to make another stop but let's say you're sitting in behind some other car right they take off going to their thing the examiner says alright it's time for you to take off now go out here and turn right or turn left or whatever and you starting from back here pull out and don't stop that's a bunch of points all right I don't want to assign a number of points to it I'll do that in a different video okay anyway so when you leave if you're not starting from a stop all the way up there right if you're way back here and they tell you to start make sure you stop when you get up there and then make your turn wherever you gotta go okay shweet is that really it is that really it are we really done now Chris yes we're really done my name is Chris lapacho follow me on Twitter at the Chris lefaucheux yes the Chris lapacho you can also donate to me if you'd like in the upper right hand corner of this video there should be a little I click it donate give me $1 $1 a month that's all I asked you know how many dollars that is in a whole year 12 I did the math earlier so give me twelve dollars per year think I'm worth it I think I'm worth it and tell you what you can even give me a dollar and then cancel it sweet fine I don't care give me a goddamn dollar go to experiment donate subscribe right here right now and follow me on twitter at d chris lapacho yes the chris Lopaka thank you for watching peace up a-town down you basta bye bye copthorne hotel cameron highland blogspot for money Rockefeller University.

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