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Internet of things examples in manufacturing for money

Internet of things examples in manufacturing for money do my capstone bd example of a college level essay ´╗┐so I gig we're kidding halfway through almost a semester now here's a different types of interfaces I want to talk to you today about and a lot of when we interact with on a daily basis but we don't even notice if you think about the simplest form as as command based interfaces we do that every day with our keyboards we typed a letter J and J appears space bar for our space these are prompts keystrokes a lot of you are gamers out there and you know if you move your joystick to the right or left or if you swivel your mouse what happens the interface works well this all grew out of an idea called the star interface from Xerox where they were trying to help their secretaries integrate and work faster with computers and they came up with a system of windows icons menus and pointing devices essentially all those command based pieces that were using a lot of a lot today on almost every invention we have from our refrigerators to our new washers and dryers to a lot of you even have them on your watches which we'll talk about a little later so there's a lot of things you can think about with these and one of them is the options through how they're structured in the menu devices itself these are the areas to where you choose from the provided options there's a cascading style which is our most common type that we see we're just step down if you click on one and allocates the second air you click again and allocates a third the contextual menu is also a control while clicking you press the control key hold it down you click and it opens up a secondary window face just like the cascading except you don't see like the stairwell effect to where everything comes down as you maneuver the icons of design which I like to work with a lot is still that persuasive types of features the most common that we can think about are the essential ones that are still out there and used predominantly today if you think about Apple first time I'm had a misspelling there so I hate PPA sorry apples trashcan it's all it's a friendly notion that we understand what's happening we put the piece in the trash can it goes away Windows folders are emotionally appealing we know them we recognize this metaphor the same thing with a lot of the multi media interfaces today they're using all different types of graphics and design such as audio and visual graphics today I'm using one here I have a graphic design information keystroke Tinh you're hearing my voice you're seeing a visual aspect and you can also understand that this is almost a hands-on activity because I'm moving it and controlling the motions the same as this right so it's an interactive piece today just grabbing something one of the most Commons is the wearable pipes here's a piece from YouTube it was just out well cool just to look at a snippet in case you haven't seen the iWatch they're pretty common in a lot of places today even though are so expensive take a look welcome to Apple watch person it's our most personal devices yes because it's the first one you actually wear it works seamless it works seamlessly with your iPhone but it's a clear new kind of experience so make the best use of it song it has some amazing new interactions and technology they make apple watch super easy to use when you're on the moon and since it's right there on the wrist it's ideal for brief interactions it lets you quickly do things you're used to doing on your homework but in a more convenient less obtrusive way you can even do other things that simply weren't possible with your phone like give you a discreet stab can you receive a notification monitor or monitor your heart rate to tell you more you've created a series of guided tools in this one we'll give you an introduction to Apple watch to activate your man you don't even have to touch race just raise your wrist and it wakes I it that's there turn off the display simply lower your wrist experience with her experience without her watch sparks with the watch faiths customized you can customize as a song as well as add additional pieces of useful information like the weather like the weather calendar your cast snapshot or a snapshot of your physical activity you can tap on it you can tap on any one of these to go to the corresponding app other time the information is Apple keep saying about the user experience they're showing you physically a touch screen they're showing you the finger touching and how you can change the interface to your liking they're telling you that you want to have the temperature or what you've done today and your activities can be here and you simply touch and it brings it up and even the interface which I think it shows you in a minute on the back side is where there's allocations of three dials that check your heart rate and continuously monitor this for a color watch as it changes the screen options from your watch face from your watch face just two simple gestures swiping up swiping lapping down and swiping down swipe up to see wipe up to see glances to just bite-size snippets of the content you check most often tapping on any glance opens the full app now we just talked about that cascading idea the same type of elementary interface is now designed doing more things than almost a three-dimensional perspective swipe down to see on your miss and act on your miss notifications to see all your apps in one place you press this the digital crown the digital powers of revolutionary input device and as integral to Apple watch at the click wheel was - iPod what is that similar to now think about it I'm moving it my mouse on my Mac that I'm using here today kind of a change and adaptability of the same interface which we see in this design a scroll touching hands-on interface interacting it gives you the visual you can also hear an audio if you ask it to speak it'll tell you the commands as look take a look at how it works scrolling with your rolling with your finger on the screen covers up your information you're trying to see when you rotate the digital found you can navigate easily and precisely or without obstructing your view now isn't this not the same thing as what we're talking about what the interface is the first designs from Windows it is essentially a cascading interface design - where different data comes up touching it will change out or control-click is it not the same as that functionality so these are all adaptable innovations this is not breaking the wheel but it's a new thing that's incorporated into new inventions they sustain the same type of ideas but they're also changing the way we work we will feet feel we think they also change our behaviors and you can go as slowly or as quickly or as quickly as you want adjustments and adjustments you can also use it to make fine adjustments such as setting a timer adjusting adjusting your daily removal in the activity app or customizing the design of a watch face it was interesting to see the idea of the exercise where it forces you to understand this new technology is called for stuck in there matters that's how you search for a location nevertheless the interface is really interesting because it is changing our behaviors I'm more interested in this at your attention or even share your heartbeat pretty cool that's your and that's your intro to Apple watch a lot of you're going to have a lot of interesting interface design it's hands-on house it's gonna change ourselves you know we have fitbit's now and people are changing their weight loss and doing different things we're seeing our heart rates we're starting to understand more and more when it starts getting into that virtual reality of interface is when it starts coming through that next level with Google glass or the healthcare industry they fo again sorry gang is changing the way we actually interviews interfaces to monitor our own calorie or take or levels of cholesterol for more important diabetics and they understand their different levels real quick now with new interfaces education university of pittsburgh is changing this way because there's now virtual classrooms to where all students have to report to class virtually in Second Life there's actually three or four teachers doing all their schedule this way which is really different so police forces are using the virtual reality for training to understand good versus bad situations so how do we look at these with appliance furnitures you know everybody sees about the the laundry applications now are coming out or the kiosk and McDonald's I've talked about fryer on how they're trying to condition you so they can get rid of a workforce to use the kiosk it interacts with you there's also the air based gestures to where everybody playing the games and they used the functionality with weight loss withholding the two different handheld apparatuses so they can bowl or strike or shoot pull shoot a gun and do all kinds of different physical aspects like jumping rope even virtually these multi models are actually interfaces that use touch sight sound and speech interestingly it's going back into the world of business and let's take a look at Amazon's pretty creative ad they just came out what if it did look how this new interface they have called the echo is changing the life stream music things order things turn on the lights you're blowing it bro we have over the world's changing pretty quick as my point who knows what the next interface designs gonna be maybe you walk in the classroom and instead of a teacher being there it's one of these and I'm working it from my home I don't know what the next adventure is gonna be hopefully one of you guys will design and give me 20% for helping you and motivating you along the way so here's some different things about interfaces think about how they're active in your life today where else do you see them do you see them in the gym yes how are they doing that I get on the treadmill every day I can hook up my iPhone to it I can play a Netflix movie through the interface or I can change it so that it looks like I'm running with dogs through a mountain lake area or I can change a scene to a city some way to motivate me and change my behavior or not before it's pretty interesting how these interfaces are working today and simple things that we don't even understand or we use so commonplace for forget about them like our telephones on a desk if you have one says my name and it tells me digitally the numbers I'm dialing who knows what tomorrow will bring but I know I'm excited about it gang I'll talk to you soon have a great weekend do my capstone project about violence and racism in soccer order State University of New York at Potsdam.

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