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International business plan competition 2015

International business plan competition 2015 capstone apartments college station tx homework is good why ´╗┐you're welcome back now his Irish grandmother was a gifted seer and healer so perhaps it was no surprise that John Locke we ended up following in her footsteps spending ten years training in difficult circumstances in one of the poorest townships in the Eastern Cape of South Africa he became one of the first white men to be initiated as a traditional Shaymin and joined joins us now to tell us more now we're saying traditional Shaymin John but it's sangoma son call me that's the South African word sangoma son gamma means it's a Zulu word it means people of this song because when you go into trance using song and dance now that's a Zulu word but I'm part of the closer culture the same tribe as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu and there's lots of clicks which people find difficult to articulate so I'm known as the Equator yeah it's just in the last I'm known as an e clicker which is the same as a Sun warmer simple as that or actually a shame and while we watch what are they exactly a traditional healers is that right a sangoma or we could say traditional shaman is someone who is a healer is a dreamer someone who has prophetic dreams and it's basically the traditional priests of southern Africa are known as sangomas and our job is to be intermediaries between the spirit world and the community so for example if famines are bout to come and the people have to prepare themselves for famine then the spirits or the ancestors will send dreams to the shamans the medicine people because we known as the medicine people they'll send dreams to us so that we can help the people prepare themselves for adversity okay now your grandmother you were raised in South Africa my mother is Irish my mother's Irish your mother my mother's from Dublin yes okay but it's your grandmother that is this link because she would have had some of these prophetic dreams yes as she actually dreamed about the fall of apartheid in the 1960s she told my mother to prepare herself and buy a house in Dublin but she didn't I wish she had so she was she prophesized that in the early 60s when apartheid was really convenient yes it was and my grandma was very worried about my mother living in South Africa and and she always made it known make sure the boys have their Irish passports in case something happens however my mother didn't know about racism and treating black people any different so I was brought up in a bit of a cocoon of not really knowing that you know war treating people black people as less than so it was it was really thanks to my mother and my father that's I was brought up in a in a gala Tyrion kind of way not looking down upon African people as as less than or not as equal to white people but unfortunately that was definitely the status quo doing apartheid which was a very very difficult time no not everybody can become a shame on our son Gomer you have to have these dreams and you started having them when you were about 18 or 19 I was 16 when I started with the dreams and people always ask me how did I become a Sun woman always say well my journey started in Dublin in the 1950s and everyone thinks that's that's quite strange and quite so quickie but my mother used to have dreams about African elephants okay and she listened to those dreams and she left Dublin and she went to Zimbabwe which was in Rhodesia and that's where she met my father and they fell in love with African bush and they they still there now and it's interesting because the African elephant is the symbol for the healers for the sangoma people being known as the elephant people so when you start having these prophetic dreams yourself you then went into this spell where you'll be quite ill yes you get what we call that Wazza or the the healing illness or the some gourmet illness and it's a very extreme illness that brings you sometimes close to death and high fevers a great loss of weight I mean I I got so thin I could feel my ribs I loved bring the hands up inside my ribs and it was very difficult for my mother and father and I went to all the top surgeons and specialists in South Africa but no one could help me however I knew it was the calling illness without anyone telling me because I sought in the dreams the dreams are very very specific it's not just dreaming as we all know about dreaming but showing specific things in the dreams that would actually happen in reality could you not have saved your mother and father an awful lot of time and money and stress by saying listen I've had these dreams let me go through this I'm gonna be fine I wanted to but it was a part tight so being a white person I wasn't allowed in the townships otherwise I would have been arrested at that stage I was I was 18 years old and I was in the South African army when it started right and so what my dreams guided me to do was to actually practice meditation and I was led to South Korea and I worked with Zen masters in South Korea so I was treated with Chinese medicine which helped me a great deal and then I was given the option of becoming a Zen monk they they asked me to before wants to become a Zen monk and I declined because I felt the African calling so strongly so I went back to South Africa and a nun rolled back in my university to finish my degree and when I was studying health psychology I did a module in the township and apartheid had just fallen and that's when we were doing AIDS awareness campaigns in the township because a lot of people were were dying of AIDS boys and I organized I spoke to one of the interpreters who was closer and I asked him if I could have an interview with a traditional healer a sangoma and he agreed he organized it for me and the night but before I met my teacher to be she had a dream that the Great Spirit to teepo came to her in the dream and said that she must prepare herself to train someone to become a senior sangoma like her and that this person was going to come from another culture so the next day when I came through her gate I was with my friend though I crossed the sangoma mi casa interpreter friend and my girlfriend at the time and my teacher looked at me and she said I was the one she had to train and then when we said sat down and she gave gave me a divination she started talking about the last seven years of my life and all the difficulties that I've gone through with great accuracy great accuracy and was the first time that I had seen her the make you feel good or did that freaky works both felt happy but I also felt really scared did she did she put off by the fact that you were wise at all I mean aren't there many other wise shaman's itthere I mean especially in South Africa you think it's kind of to preserve black South Africans it has been the preserve of black South Africans but it is growing now it is changed no because you've got a lot of people a lot of white people who are brought up with African people speaking African languages and at the end of the day as my teacher would say we all have red blood so it is starting to grow now it is time to open up because it is the spirituality of the land so you trained for 10 years but you lady and and now who comes to you now like what type of illnesses do you help people with and you know do you work hand in hand with with GPS etc do people you know are you are they very open by coming to you or is it something that they hide both I get all different kinds of situations I think one of the biggest problems which I I find or face in Europe is depression and people trying to find their life path because people aren't in touch with their dreams they're not in touch with their spirits they're not in touch with their inner voice the intuition that my grandmother and your grandmother's would have been in touch in touch with so my job is to help people find that inner voice help them find the intuition help them find the sacredness of their own dreams literally and metaphorically speaking so I deal with a lot of depression and through herbes through counseling through rhythm and dancing I help people to break through that that that depression it's funny because you're you were saying that you're you're coming from from South Africa from our African culture and you're bringing the US now to Western Europe yes well we must remember that to the last 300 years there's been priests coming from Island yeah going to Africa bringing bringing in Catholicism bringing Christianity so the important thing to realize here is it's important for us to see Africa and get to know Africa a little bit better because Africa and African spirituality has been Dennard for hundreds of years and and Africa's perceived in a very negative way and it's partly because when the missionaries came they misunderstood they misunderstood African spirituality and they thought it was paganism they photos all witchcraft and the photo was all black magic and and that was very sad but that legacy has stood the test of 300 years of course that's a perception that people have yeah that's it you're here to dispel yes well I'm yeah I'm doing my best tell us about use drums a lot and in your therapies and you can raise the spirits and with these drums so I asked you would you play the drums two days because we need to put a spear phrase in this Judas don't we and so do you want to give us maybe one of the songs that you would use for all right you know what have you picked out well the song I'd like to sing is it's called mercy Emboar which means let us remember the old ways let us remember our humanity okay well we're running out of time so please you can give us a short time oh oh yeah miss you more oh yeah mercy and you see him when you see him okay well you're gonna be an island for how long I'm gonna be here for two months but I will be giving a talk in Cork who's coming there Friday and and Saturday and people can find all the information on my website which is African shaman calm African - shaman calm okay well John a pleasure to meet you today and thank you for raising the spirits in our studio Thank You Asia now don't forget if you've missed any of the program you can catch it online tv3 daata eak / the morning show and that's it for today tomorrow finding a path out of mental illness Michelle Dalton haired voices from the age of 12 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia Michelle will be giving us a first-hand account of her treatment and telling us why prescribing powerful drugs is not the only solution to mental health problems you may take girls or up next we'll see you back here tomorrow at 11 until then have a great day bye bye do my capstone project presentation for money Le Moyne College, Syracuse.

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