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Hotel reservation system capstone

Hotel reservation system capstone capstone project university of south carolina for money do course work on high school students ´╗┐more on YouTube dollar store art my name is James and today we're going to go over another Crayola technique using an idea I actually sell on Sophia Stiles page which I'm going to link a link to her in the description what she did was she melted some crayons into coconut oil and used them as lip gloss and I was wondering if we could actually turn that back into an art supply so let's see what we can do with this I'll go over the the method that she shows as well as a link to that particular video and we'll see if we can make this work later on in the video I will show how it looks on paper as well as canvas and what you'll need you'll need some coconut oil now I know this doesn't normally this doesn't really follow our dollar art supply however it's about 15 dollars if you go to Sam's Club for this massive what is this 54 ounce container of coconut oil so we're gonna need some coconut oil we're going to need some crayons a huge bag from the thrift store for a dollar and a measuring spoon something to stir with that you don't care about this fork was I think twenty nine cents of the thrift store and a small pot as well as something glass report because we don't want this to go directly into the water we also don't want to just do it straight in the pot otherwise it will burn the coconut oil and the crayon but we do it inside here and heats up just slow enough that it'll melt the two things first I went ahead and filled this up with some water I don't see it there there we are alright and this does not have a water in it the glass container which is just a simple measuring cup does not have any water in it and as just set down right inside that pot she actually uses the water only filled up about a half an inch and a ramekin so what we're going to do here is we're going to go ahead and turn this to a medium low just a little bit upside of that because my burners are lousy this entire oven really could stand to be replaced and then we are going to take 1/2 teaspoon measuring stick and we are going to portion out three of these come on little guy there we go three of these per crayon that's basically two right there so important go ahead and call that guy good we can get the other one out come on fun stuff to work with and that's for one crayon so I'm going to start off with orange just a very basic simple orange and we're just going to let that melt now coconut oil actually gets to liquid form at around 75 degrees so this process goes pretty quick what we're trying to avoid is actually burning a crayon because coconut a little heat up it doesn't care what temperature it is it's wonderful stuff a little side note if you don't really cook with coconut oil outside of art supplies it actually can help with a lot of brain issues things like Alzheimer's I used to have a border collie and she got Alzheimer's real bad and every day we would feed her an egg with coconut oil after the started and it completely cured her Alzheimer's could have two more crayons and added the same three half teaspoons of coconut oil to the mixture now you can do this with a quarter teaspoon it just gives you a more of an opaque finish and we're still waiting on this one melt so I assume once the water actually gets up to a proper temperature will see some moving on in here not quite there yet but it is starting to get cloudy so we're going to go ahead and let that continue to melt down and once it's fully melted we'll mix it up a little bit now we're going to pour this has melted all the way down we've gone ahead and stirred it up a little bit to make sure that those colors match now go ahead and grab this by the handle be careful because this stuff is hot this is a completely liquid at this point now I got these little plastic guys at the dollar store there was twelve them in the package for our buck so let's hope these hold some heat it's about three crayons worth the rest of this we're just going to go ahead and try to get every last bit of that out there we don't want to waste our supplies just going to set that off to the side and toss that back in there for my look that looks to be holding that Jess I'm not melting or whatnot they're just going to cap that we're going to start on another color it's a little liquidy but that's okay it should set up just a tad bit once this okay so this is a random page out of a book I didn't really care for too much so idea was I went ahead and drew this little random sketch on here some some dude coming out of the shadows with a a knife and a dead poet in front of him poet in the murderer so what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and take our red here we're just going to add a little bit of red and so well while you were away I made some red and some purple and I've actually got blue on the oven right now so the purple hasn't quite set up yet it's okay this is going to be a lot more liquidy than the others so we're just going to kind of go in the background of the murderer here gosh I'll take this down first so I could hold the camera do this so we're painting through if a camera screen you yes I am actually painting with crayon right now it gives almost a weird oil watercolor to feel to it so a little bit more just be careful with that initial dab of paint because it kind of clumps it touches the paper which is fine if that's the technique you're looking for but kind of annoying otherwise we're just gonna stay simple with this you know we aren't going to in dev here cuz I mean you don't need to watch a how to shade episode now do you so okay so then now this stuff is almost like painting with a weird wax which is fine you know you just want to kind of grab a little bit off the surface you know ditch the excess a little bit off the surface and you can almost just paint with this with like galaxies this as a as a finger paint well so much for bloody knife that kind of looks almost like a bad what are they called jello film Italian jello film which were the murder mysteries of the 80s out of Italy I don't like that blood streak all right now we're going to move on to some other colors I'm not going to bother finishing this right now but that's that's what this winds up looking like and it is still workable after it's on the page it's like a watercolor that's still workable it it's really a kind of a neat neat thing to work with so once you're finished with this you will want to spray matte it and then you'll be done if you get a little too liquidy that's fine just let it harden you can always put in the fridge if you'd like that will harden it up real quick because the coconut oil so it gives it gives it its liquid coconut oil is what makes it liquid so I'm not going to try to reproduce that I'm not gonna bother cutting it from the video you guys know what I mean so let's see here works great on paper I have not tried it on canvas so we're just going to take a little sample here I've got a random canvas sitting right here that I'm not using for anything at the moment and Wow look at that actually actually paints on real nicely on canvas so by all means try it on both this is a thank you for Sophia styles for this idea and for her amazing video that I'm showing how to make this stuff if you haven't seen it check it out hope this helped you out if you like like it if you favorite it favorite artists whatnot I can't speak tonight it's like 2:00 in the morning so anyway working on canvas with this and it does blend just like normal colors wood I'm putting blue and they're kind of a burgundy together and it's blending across nicely and it stays workable and this is still relatively wet and lucid sorry paying more attention to actually putting stuff on a canvas than filming putting stuff on a canvas which is never a good sign well now when it comes to YouTube that is it's great sign for the art itself alrighty so there you have it this works great on campus and you can use here multiple colors to continue to blend and it stays workable until you spray fix it so as long as you want to keep working it you can the white I would use half the amount of coconut oil on so you get a little bit thicker product and aside from that good luck and keep doing art if you liked it like if he's if you wouldn't mind I'd appreciate the subscriptions to have a great day there's more to come do my capstone project bcit cheap Manhattan College.

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