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Hotel capstone check in time order

Hotel capstone check in time order do my george brown college contact number essay about rural livelihood diversification 73-62 mr. straight we need to take care of our bodies right now in the training room and we've got to get ready for thirsty it won't be easy you're getting everybody's best shot so we gotta go over there you got to take care of business okay but again I thought hey we all did little things that helped us win okay hey everybody get your heads up it's a good win you're 19 you know you celebrate that but now tomorrow you bring it to practice [Music] this is something about um Alabama teen ever since I've been here just one against them is always up I guess a tough matchup every year the post players would say they're undersized but they play really really hard they played tough and strong so it's it's really being really difficult magic for us it's just the way that kind of that series is always gone Christy does a great job and her staff coaching them in preparing them so it's always been a really a tough matchup for Sauveur there it's always been here we've never really you know just dominated the game [Music] we didn't finish the first half as well as we should so we say come out there and punch first and be more focused so I feel like we came out there and we were more focused and we really just started playing my game and made them turn the ball over make shots and play very good defensive play Richardson close in the paint now puts it up in the lefty and nice athletic move by Brianna Richardson oh goodness we repressed them a lot in the third quarter we denied the ball and we ran some good stuff offensively that really allowed us to score we turned the ball over way too much again against them and I think we even started out the quarter five out of seven turnovers but then we settled down and started getting some some shots and some works 20 and ode six and OH in the Southeastern Conference 67 54 years old didn't feel like 13 you felt like three not exactly happy just because I know how well we did not play great third quarter I don't need to rehash everything that we talked about at halftime you guys are smart y'all know what's good and what's bad I like Morgan and accountability in the press room we got to fix it I gotta fix it I said that it doesn't matter what we're doing wrong it's my fault well I just think you know winning masks your problems and you know we didn't play really we didn't finish out the game well with Mississippi here at home after being up 23 with six and a half to go and then you know go over there and didn't just play great didn't execute very well offensively and so yeah I think there was some some concerns plus you're going against South Carolina and in coach Staley and her staff and they do a great job preparing their and they're gonna find your weaknesses and so certainly was concerned absolutely ain't nobody open to 20 you know you didn't be proud of that be proud of what it's taken to get there but also we've got to be big enough I am whatever our problems and our issues are we got to fix them be proud of yourselves I'm proud of you enjoy the day but listen we're good enough to go to South Carolina and win [Music] they can shoot it from three they they've got good point guard play obviously their post handles the best in the country you got Alena cokes and a Jewess and they are great big they've just got great basketball i.q and that's really really hard to match up with they still have all-around team they have the beards and the guards so we always talk about taking away too high and then there's no no I think you got to make them beat you some other way besides those two don't let them play volleyball like coach don't let them just pass the ball around Lane because if they get it down in a heart they're going to score if the guards are fast and they can shoot the ball good so we knew that we had to limit the touches in that area of the game look at me if you don't have an attitude of I'm fixing to bust you and you're not going to hit first might be a long night you don't have an attitude of I'm gonna win my battle whatever my battle is I'm going win my battle on offense you can't guard me and you can't score on me cuz I can tell you as your coach I've got that attitude I certainly think this team's equipped for anything I think they've been in the moment they've been in those environments and I think they're they're good you've been equipped Morgan you're equipped you're ready to play I know you're ready play never intimidated no I was intimidated I just know we have to come out there and play our game I've got a lot of confidence especially in that that junior and senior class and being able to function in a high energy intensity environment they're the two top defensive teams in the league are playing tonight who's the better one you got to be locked in you got to be talking you've got to be communicating but just remember you are ready for this moment you seniors you have worked your tail off for this moment you are ready you are empowered but you've got to go make it happen ain't nobody gonna give you nothing you have to go earn it any questions I need a mindset I need you ready to go and I need a mindset you hear me that's the only way you win you hear me let's go matchup we typically have scripted for plays in which we ran three of them in the first series offensive or chicken 15 we did do a good job of getting on the board's early against them we got 19 offensive boards in the game you know when when we came into the game we had a mindset that when you weren't playing home but we need it to play good we needed to play took five shots but good news is that's how many chances math two things one that shows that's an indication that maybe not shooting the ball real well but to get on the board and so I was guard the bigs are guards Morgan just ran the team you know we executed real good and often and that just gave us that gave us those open shots she calls out the play you want some states up 72 in the first quarter Billingham white baseline jumper she was soaking rattled out halfway down to for a first down the offensive board with the brown Richardson scores from the right side Williams I love it yeah boy I'll guarantee they're taking a bunch even right now about offensive rebounds 35 to 28 I was really proud of how we competed fought and where we were at halftime of seven again earned that may plays it's the same spot we were at Tennessee we play good we just had to go back out and play first like you always said so half-sandwich we had experienced so we just had to go out there thank you playing best club the circle to Wilson Wilson looking to go inside but it doesn't have anything quite about Richardson over the gray right-wing [Music] circle drives it left of the paint kicks it out to the open play this more left wing to Wilson free throw line now over to Harris she's wide open left corner three Paris topic a circle tries it right of the key he's going to cut off by Ginny install another three on the way [Applause] [Music] they came out there punch first I don't think we'll focus just them they came out there was been more aggressive team it's it's not a 20 minute game that can't happen you know we just we can't come out and lose kids and let people run their stuff and score we typically don't let you run what you want to run [Applause] I wasn't scared and I'm when I looked at my teammates their faces there was no sign of fear you know it was just more like okay bring it up together and let's go like we just got out from the locker room this is not the way to start a second half and so just that was that was an edge to you know because no one was scared when we got into happened to huddle no one said anything that that triggered any sign of fear it was just more like okay let's grip this all together and let's go [Music] [Music] just heard coming in and giving those points it really mean [Applause] [Music] [Music] I mean what Puma don't think they split the light from Zayn because she's a rich or freshman but what you don't see is her going to practice every day against tiara now well yeah I was really proud as ion I mean just I thought she really played well in a knock in an opportunity where she hadn't had been in that moment she knows what's to be done at what time and that was what she did a play was called for her and she got it done and working and I took off [Music] [Applause] we wanted to try to get a quick - and then try to guard them and maybe get a steal yeah I seen how she was gardening so I was just playing we're breeding she said a boss screen I used and used it again and like coach told me the first like before I come play for the heals like jumping to learn we should three because she's flying at you so when I shouted I kind of like jumped into her kind of came off a screen bad good and got a good look my ball almost went in was so crazy but I was calm she never eat those I got up there and I knocked the first one down I thought knock first now I was pretty relaxed then I knocked the second one down and the third one rimmed out a chance to review this to see if indeed that was out on South Carolina just about like we could you know we could run something we'd already scored a couple times you know out of out of our out of bounds stuff and really executed well and [Music] [Applause] [Music] five seconds left [Music] I'm heartbroken for my kids I just felt like they dirt did enough to it to put themselves in a position to win the game and certainly we had our opportunities you can talk about miss free-throws mister layup you know you'd say in a game like that of that magnitude everybody in that room has stepped on the floor can think about one possession that whether it's one stop one block out one free-throw one layup one good screen it comes down to one possession when you come ready to play you can compete with anybody in the country anybody you're good enough you can win a national championship yeah I think Mississippi State is a team that very well could reach the final four they have all the key ingredients to being you know a national champion well I think across the country people saw what Mississippi State women's basketball is all about I think they saw a team that's firing competitive I think they saw skilled basketball team one-possession my head it's just one possession if I had owned us right if I hadn't given up this reality if I hadn't turned the ball over just at one possession you know and when I got in the locker room and I sat down I said to myself you know we still have a chance we still have a chance [Music] [Music] you financial enterprise risk management sweeting amazon for money Paul Smith's College, Paul Smiths.

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