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Hot research topics in strategic management

Hot research topics in strategic management write for me ap seminar capstone digital portfolio dissertation presentation ppt downloads ´╗┐hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I'm going to be reviewing for you some maternity slash nursing lingerie now I'll be honest when you lingerie reached out to me I was a little bit nervous about reviewing some of their products not because their products aren't absolutely stunning but because my body right now is 37 weeks pregnant and I was like I don't know if I can squeeze this body into lingerie or if I even want to see my body and lingerie right now but then I took a peek at their website and all what my goodness guys I couldn't I couldn't say no like I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share these pieces with you because they are so so stunning so you don't need me to tell you but a lot of like maternity wear and nursing wear is super unattractive and like a very plain and that's okay because like when you're pregnant sometimes are you looking for really is comfort and that's fine but especially in like the underwear lingerie department especially lingerie I feel like that stuff kind of just gets pushed to the side shoved to the side and kind of ignored and when I open this package in front of my husband yesterday his expression was so priceless he was like I'm sorry that's why and I was like it's lingerie that like I can wear now and I can wear when I'm nursing it's you know big enough supportive enough really fantastic and he was just so taken aback he was like oh my gosh can you put it on now I want to see it on now and I think that that's the whole point of the brand is to empower pregnant and nursing women to feel confident and to feel good and to feel sexy in the body that they have currently and so I'm really excited to be sharing these two pieces that they sent to me with you guys so I'm gonna be honest I open this package yesterday I was a little bit nervous about this sizing so I got a small bra and a medium sized bottom and originally I was like okay you know normally I'm 5 foot 2 I'm normally about 125 pounds but at 37 weeks pregnant I am now 100 seventy pounds so I've put on about 50 pounds give her take and most things do not fit me and the last thing I would think about buying now are like any sort of a clothing the lingerie pieces for fear that truly that they wouldn't fit so my brain was like okay I'll order a medium bottom and a small top because even though I'm 37 weeks pregnant my bus still isn't super huge but in the back of my head I was thinking like I'm gonna receive these pieces they are not gonna fit at all oh my goodness what am I gonna do then I received the package in the mail yesterday and to my absolute delight to my absolute delight they look like they're going to fit they actually look like they're going to fit and for no other reason like this these could be like the most uncomfortable pieces in the entire world but the fact that they actually run true-to-size if anything maybe run a little bit bigger it makes my heart so happy and is like the biggest reason why I'm going to recommend them to you because again if you're pregnant or have been pregnant then you know finding lingerie or finding any sort of undergarments clothes in general that fit and are true to size is really really difficult I bought a whole bunch of like these big granny panties the other day from Target and they were a size medium and so I was expecting them to be really big and baggy and conkerball they were so tight and I felt so bad about myself so the fact that like these mediums underwear and this small top actually looked like you know true to size that they're gonna fit like a website says it makes me so so happy so this is the top that I got now this is the Lenox set how stunning is this is so so pretty so so beautiful so what I absolutely adore about this top just right off the bat is the quality the lace detail is so pretty it's so delicate and so intricate and then as a mama-to-be and this is a nursing bra the second thing I look for is ease in getting the boob out and there are two different options here so you have their traditional little clip off so that'll take the entire front side down or baby or and it's a traditional little clasp to which I haven't yet mastered but I'm sure I will once baby is here and there's also access in the front which is fantastic if you are nursing or if you're pumping then you could use this access in the front and not have to clip down the entire panel I've also impressed that the bra has a four clasp closure to it so you know it's gonna be really supportive you know it's gonna stay up but yeah so impressed by this and again really really gorgeous quality and looks like it's actually in a fit and it says that all cups are lined with 100% soft cotton for ultimate comfort which is really nice molded cups for a seamless silhouette that also hides breast pads which I've heard is like such a huge bonus and then yeah the wide bra straps again for comfort and for support and stability and like I mentioned the four the four clasp closures in the back so so lovely and then to go with this bra I got the little underwear and these I am really excited about again like what are these in a size medium okay nervous because if anything so I'm very large this pregnancy besides my bump it's my booty and I was nervous that the size medium was not going to fit but these look like they definitely aren't going to fit and they look absolutely stunning have that thing delicate lace all over and they have that beautiful pink hot pink bow right at the front and they aren't mesh and a little bit see-through just makes them super sexy and super gorgeous and then the set together looks like this how beautiful is that oh my goodness if you are not feeling sexy at 37 weeks like me if you're feeling just like a blob then you have to go out and get yourself some you lingerie because this is stunning so I'm gonna try this on now I will show you the brown I'm not gonna show you the bottoms but I'll let you know how they fit in what they feel like okay so via bra top is on and I think is so so pretty so delicate I absolutely love the lace detail on the front it makes me feel so feminine and so girly in a way that I haven't felt since I want to say pre-pregnancy so yeah absolutely stunning I'm gonna leave the sizing chart for you lingerie linked down below as well obviously to their website but I use their sizing chart to order a size small top and it fits really nice I'm about a 36 right now around my bustline and about a week up I do find these cups a little bit big so I had to adjust the straps but it does feel really comfortable and this straps themselves because they're so wide feel really nice on my shoulders yeah I just think it's really pretty I have it on the last closure on the back and it feels really nice it doesn't feel too tight it doesn't feel restrictive to my ribcage or to my diaphragm and yeah I actually feeling like kind of girly and kind of cute in a way that I haven't in a really long time oh my gosh guys the underwear actually fit and they fit so well I am so happy they are so absolutely comfortable and they run true to size if not a little bit bigger which for all my pregnant ladies out there know that there is nothing sweeter to here than a size running maybe a tad bit bigger than normal they are so absolutely comfortable and the material they are 90% nylon and 10% spandex are so comfortable they feel like they're not going to be restrictive they're not like cutting off the top of my waist definitely not accentuating those parts of my body that I don't want to accentuate right now they're just so comfortable and gorgeous and delicate and I am obsessed with them so yeah overall I don't have enough good things to say about this bra and underwear set I think that they are so absolutely stunning and to make me feel like really girly and really feminine this late in the game in my pregnancy I think is a really special thing I'm going to leave a link to you lingerie down below the top I know the bra top is 56 dollars and the bottom is are 16 dollars but again I will have those link down below if you have any questions about you lingerie definitely leave them in the comments down below and yeah that's it guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe give this video a thumbs up and I will talk to y'all really soon bye guys capstone family practice spafford for money Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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