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High school capstone projects ideas cheap

High school capstone projects ideas cheap change page orientation in onenote what are the common core standards for first grade science ´╗┐portes thing the faint white black I don't care about that the sports name who knows that he can go to ESPN to get their take and to fill his brain with the sports items of the day that's what the sports man always has won an ESPN do whenever I've been in radio essentially and doing this what we do here as as long as he SPN has it didn't win a different form a couple years ahead of me they are that's it so I mean I know what this sports fan wants that's what I know and the sports and what has heard ESPN a lot in the last decade or so is they try too hard to be generational and to be hitting they have tried too hard to show everybody that they quote unquote are doing it the politically correct way why does an ESPN just worry about doing sports and if they just worry about doing sports and covering sports with all their shows outside about Southern lines which sort of is their 60 minutes of all their shows why does it think what do they do that and that way they can stay out of harm's way where conservatives don't get open at a shape where you don't have to hear people say they're too liberal I'm not gonna watch where they don't have to have the White House respond to and in a tweet from one of their hosts why don't I just go out there and worry about and telling their operational people whether they be producers board ops CPS whatever they may be and hosts what you say guys thanks guys here's the deal we are sports let us do sports that means if it's the Cleveland Indian 21 game winning streak we do that that means it it's bright Cushing's 10k peds suspension we do that if that means Dodgers losing 16 of 17 we do that if that means you know Louisville hosting Clemson we do that if that means we break down Federer del Potro we do that if that means we sit there and talk about the precedent stuff and um we do that and I don't mean doing it from a coverage standpoint we . amphetamine golf course we put PMAC at a tennis court you know that's the argument where we do all that but no no no no no what they try to do too much in the heat of their day because they're trying to put up - what sports is they try to get socially correct and get people on there who aren't sports people 6 o'clock at night every night should be dedicated to the sports thing that's what it should be I don't want to hear about ratings is if you're gonna go there your ratings for what you do now stay so we're not gonna go ratings now that that's what I'm gonna do I'm Pele - the sports fan now if that means you don't do sports center because it's redundant at six we'll have the information later minds that me have to figure out what to put in there to move the needle but putting people in there to use it as a political block is not the way to go okay when you have a show at 6:00 or shows of course the day that really don't bleating about sports and are not compelling and can't break down a game and can't yesterday how could you be on television or radio yesterday how to get a baseball how can you not be on TV or radio yesterday doing sports in any shape way or form and now at six o'clock to five o'clock with seven o'clock I drop a 1960 James how can you not be on the air yesterday at six o'clock talking about the clean undies that means pick up the phone as a producer and getting Francona run that means breaking down with the street mean that's that's a me doing it at 7:00 a.m. when anyways waking up we get a little but Cato gave Gomez no no no no no that means in your our show you delve into it and you break that Indian baseball nobody cares right now about the NBA nobody cares right now about necessarily you know Colin Kaepernick right now people care about if you're a sports fan it's who you trying to appeal to they care about yesterday position as an example a baseball team that does something that hasn't done since 1916 with 21 consecutive games that's tough that is what you do as a talk to us you don't sit there and get into a Twitter war fair with a budget 12 nutcases or whatever they may be about whether he's a white supremacist flat who cares make your show compelling nothing you should be on the air to do make your show compelling get out there at 6:00 and give me a good hour of sports have a little fun with tool first to me but do sports get off that political correct orbit and this is what ESPN gets in trouble for I remember the other things including bear contracts which McClendon Cohen said back in April when she at the time you know it got suspended for a little while because ESPN doesn't like their guys and I understand it for you doesn't fight in house dirty laundry being aired by one of their employees on radio shows so I bet I could understand to a certainty where ESP I'm coming from you know they may tell terrible business decisions from the NBA which does not generate the ratings and even the NFL what point nine rebounds a year and as a result you know they emerge and if somebody says that'll work so the company on national radio you can understand why the powers that be at ESPN the same happens to be the sign those contracts who said should be on the four o'clock those fingers have on an opinion up to that so I can understand acts on a person get man but but ESPN should also do is be consistent if you get fired or suspended and suspended like a shilling for saying wacky things about Obama which I have no problem with and shouldn't have them you should also pay I not without some stupid statement you know while we disagree with these you should also be reprimanded more severely when you go the other one be fair right down the middle and have the rule there's no politics they know where to go to for politics that are gonna Fox they don't like that they go to MSNBC if that's where the political persuasion is let them don't find their political persuasion or political persuasion its course and that is where ESPN is lost its way maybe it's because I got three thousand channels maybe the eternal period of too many people they got the got a million shows they got to put on air they're on 24/7 whatever the case might be but gee whiz yeah why does it they but they call it six on six whatever it is I haven't met anybody anybody whose ship steer and tells me and I'll get a chance to lunch I don't mean mean anybody who sit there and tell me that they are compelling that that show is compelling function be compelling use sports to be compelling I've been doing these show up for 35 years outside all over the place I'll be done about 25,000 talk shows of my life I never get involved in politics I had to add 9/11 and happened to my back the Hitman I'm back to her and I had to to agree with the Duncan show a new town I lived 25 minutes away from the school so those two days outside I should've done it every when do you mean we talk I talk about boobs I'll talk about Timmy's mr. BA I'll do it no I do wild thangs but what do you sit there and tell me to break down a president put the presidency I barely talked about Trump when he was running her office I think I did one hour on it in seven months people don't go to us for that people don't go to ESPN for that occasionally with Kaepernick you are forced to go out there Michael Bennett you're forced to go out there Marcellus Bennett you're forced to go out there and have an opinion I get that but if you're ESPN and your ratings at 6:00 or stick already I mean I read a toilet you want one of your hosts in there talking about why the president being a white supremacist that's what you want that's what your boy if I ran that place I would have hey guys guys guys guys good luck the politics what's your thoughts and let me hear you folks are the Indians let me hear your thoughts on the Dodgers let me give you thoughts on Dana you know a clash of the touching with the with dped let me hear your thoughts on Thursday Night Football let me give you thoughts on Clemson Louisville let me the much that that's what I want to hear today okay I don't worry about coming oh Anthony we've got nothing it's not bullshit well you know we don't need help coming oh Anthony they don't even let's do what the sports fan is doing and the problem with this aneema and the problem today in all aspects of media is we have so many places where fans can get their sports that entities whether they are copthorne hotel cameron highlands contact us for money Utica College.

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