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Hand hygiene capstone paper order

Hand hygiene capstone paper order write for me uts capstone registration report abuse spam or policy violations ´╗┐hello and welcome to another video podcast today we're going to talk about how appropriate it is to drop a year and give the NEET examination again we've been flooded with emails and inquiries and queries by concerned parents and students and we appreciate the concern that you're going through and in this video podcast we're going to speak exactly how beneficial it is to give the NEET examination again if you really believe in the dream if you really believe in that goal and no matter what that career plan is for you and if you want to become the doctor I'm saying it's worth it the way don't bother about the time you're not wasting it you're investing it into your dream goal and dream career parents write to me and they ask me is it ok to waste in your I am asking how are you wasting a year you are putting in the resources one more time to get what you really want you're not wasting that you're you're investing that you're enjoying doing things much better in a much radical manner now in this video I'm going to say again the same thing how beneficial it is and how we will want you to do certain things in a certain way to get that certain definite outcome it is worth it I'm telling you and this time when you're giving the need for the second time you're more experienced aren't you you have more time on your side don't you have that yeah you don't have to go through the journals of the college and the theory examination and the theoretical answers and all that you've got solid time you can cut the crap and you can really use this time for an appropriate purpose the purpose is to build your own career in the top trade field going for it for the second time is really cool according to me if deep inside your heart you're sure what you want and deep inside your heart you stand for what you really believe I'm telling you go for it the second time and go for it real big so what should you do when you're going for it should you take additional coaching should you go for additional tuitions or should you just sit and prepare for yourself I'm saying do not go for coaching its of no use doing it the second time because you already have the information you already know the paper pattern what you need now you need now the practice to crack the examination you don't need anybody to sit with you and teach it to you all over again between coaching and facilitation you what you need is facilitation I'm telling you go for facilitation so what is facilitation let us say you identify the chapter in physics let's say you look at a physics book in physics book you have these many chapters in these many chapters there each chapter will have these many topics now when you look at a topic you know this I know and this I don't know what you don't know is all what you need coaching for so you will decide for what you want coaching now that is facilitation find out a teacher who will teach you only that which you want find out a senior find out somebody in the past who can help you only with that which you don't want if you're going for a coaching of the whole need then it's a waste of time because there's a lot of things which you already know why duplicate it why repeat it because time is a resource choose facilitation over coaching so let me just repeat what I just said you know take a subject write down all the chapters take each chapter break it down into the finest smallest topics and subtopics identify what you know great revise that once and set it forever what you don't know is what you need help for and what you taught us all are know certain revise tighten yourself pull up your socks it was funny so what is the second most important thing that you have to do identify the book from which you will do the MCQs which book will you take pick up any book which is accepted all over the nation I would recommend to use the USS book pretty good book it's got a wide range of questions and and MCQs and synopsis and everything I recommend that you don't like it no problem take a book which you feel is appropriate and do it really really do it the third important thing sit for eight hours a day whether it is facilitation whether it is revision whether it is paper solving include your entire academic period and program in the zeta walls now are you a morning riser great sit in the morning get up at 5:00 and stay back to whatever one if you're a late sitter then get up at nine ish and stare at you whatever time you want to stay back it doesn't matter whether you're the morning riser or a late sitter but put in the eight hours every day eight hours for six days a week then you'll have to solve the paper so how do you solve the papers get a collection of all possible past papers that you have it could be neat it could be AIPMT it could be some university passed papers it could be kinetic estate CET paper it could be maharashtra pick up a collection of the last ten years of every possible entrance examination for medicine sit with that and you must be solving it i'm going to share with you a detailed plan of how you should be solving it along with all of this it's important that you follow this link that i'm giving you in the description in this description i'm giving you a free link a link which will take you to a free resource every month check that link i'm going to add something in that link every month for you to follow on and upgrade your learning process month on month on month it's going to be absolutely free no cost in whatsoever now once you solve these papers that you've accumulated what should you do you have three outcomes from every paper that you've sawn one your answer is right second your answer is wrong third you knew that the answer is wrong or you had a gut feeling about something right so the first and the second is of importance the first if it is right great keep it aside if it is wrong then work with it revised it studied go to the mentor find out how to solve it so when you look at the link that i'm sharing with you you will get the syllabus you will get past papers you will get mark series you will get you'll have a cool tool in that where where you can calculate your maths based on how much it is right how much is wrong and how much you black unattempted etc so go through these resources it's going to be a free link I'm sure you like it so you are right now in September and your examination for the NEET is May so you have all this time you have three and three and three this is your time now I suggest you should be sitting in for eight hours on a daily base when you sit for eight hours on a daily base you can be sure of getting 1920 hours and I have a detailed study plan for you if you can use this nine 20 hours the way I suggest you should use now you have four weeks every month 30 days every month you have 240 hours every every month so in 8 months that's what you are having now here's what I'm suggesting you should be using you should be using 900 hours to solve one book of mcq whichever you choose and you should use the same number of time to solve all the past paper so remember the past papers that mentioned that you should have the last ten years of papers of a AIPMT etc plus you should have the last 10 years of other paper let's say of Associated CTS of Maharashtra State Board etcetera and then you should have 10 papers of mock ten mock papers and you should have 10 online papers this is how you have 40 papers we want you to revise and study and go through these 40 papers regularly write and solve the entire of one particular book of your choice use 900 hours for this when you learn this you will realize that there are some topics that you do not know use 400 hours to learn that topic with a teacher learn that revise it get your doubts solved do what it takes and use this 400 hours now you should solve additional 40 papers not these 40 papers these 40 papers are for self-study SK a lava you should be solving for tape papers to solve for T papers you will take another 120 hours good enough after you solve this for T papers I want you to use hundred hours to revisit these papers that you've written to go through with to understand which question tricked you to understand which question was a funny question which which we challenged you in some way make a list of that once you revisit the paper you will have pretty much doubts use 300 hours to go to the teacher and learn the mistakes for yourself and do it now through all this time you may need regular counselling you may need regular motivation you may need more video lectures you may need more online courses to go through it use hundred hours to go through this counseling activity just this is 1020 hours Plus this sums up to this this is how you're going to use the next nine months to crack over cause this particular examination in the month of May the NEET 2016 now here's what I've got to say children if you're listening to me carefully if you feel you will need more hours than this if you need more hours than this then what should you do and one hour every day for the next six days so what happens you get six hours a week and you get 24 hours a month and you get close to 230 odd hours in um in NV in the next good time of nine months so this is again a good time right isn't this a good extra time so if you feel that this time is less then put in that extra one hour and do it these are some extremely easy things that you should be following if you want to attempt the needs the second time and win it now you'll tell me these are so easy and if it is so easy why aren't everybody doing and winning it I'm saying because it is so easy to do it is also easy not to do people think it is so easy that they want to do it for tomorrow but remember that's the beginning of procrastination and it never gets through you know you don't you don't achieve the big things overnight you achieve the big things by doing the little things on a daily base that's discipline and that's the attitude to discipline and that's the basis and that's the only reason why some people succeed and that's the major reason by majority of the people fail because they fail to do the little small easy things on a daily basis I hope you take this very seriously I hope you click on the link and go through the page where you have additional resources I really hope that you make this count for you use this year to make it big for you come back as a doctor write back to me and let me know subscribe to this channel and keep up - the link because I'm going to send you one additional resource every month capstone logistics llc denver pa Union Theological Seminary, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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