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Good topics for capstone project order

Good topics for capstone project order write for me capstone final project report self evaluation report essay [Music] hey guys it's officer Giordano we're out here today with packed 128 if you guys remember pack 126 went to the whole Academy but some of the things that we did not show you guys was the community service that they do in the Academy not only do the officers focus on academics and the training that's needed to become a police officer they're also given good values when it comes to community service you'll notice that you'll see the new recruits and different areas of the community and also in different units within our own Police Department so let's check out what they're doing and catch up with them now walking around the grounds over here you got to be careful where you step you're dealing with horses you're also dealing with landmines you don't want to walk away with a surprise on the bottom of your shoes we're going to catch up with the class right now they're getting prepared to lay down some mulch that for the horses this is the area the horses actually walk around [Music] [Music] alright guys I'm over here we'll recruit Lopez from PAC 128 sir how you doing good sir now this is a little difference from the classroom work you guys do huh yes it is you're not in the a/c you're outside smelling nature and his finest oh yeah so give us give us a rundown man what are you guys doing out here today today we're cleaning up the amounts of Units table we have some recruits inside taking off some folks from the horses [Music] are you suborbit the horses stables and they're painting and repainting them making them look nice you know we have some recruits over here taking care of the little walkway that they have and making it look nice you know putting some new mulch putting some rocks around the perimeter of it and overall just cleaning the whole stables you know as the recruits are doing the thing putting the mulch down I have office to plow over here he's one of the officers in the training unit how you doing so officer proper I feel in laying the mulch down I know we've had lots of heavy rains so far this rainy season is that the reason why yeah basically as this is the that what we call the electric Walker you know those horses that are being used are not being used daily we put them here towards the size of every day and as they walk on over the same area it creates like a like a downslope so with the rain it gets swamped you know and and it creates hoof rot to prevent that at 120 Avery crews have come out here to do this wonderful project we're gonna backfill the entire area with mojo it drains down that the rain falls as you can see we created a circle May with our with our recycle rocks so they can match the era in order when these tables were built they had to match the area of robust Park which is the city's oldest part now when you say match the era yeah what are you talking about the 1800 1800 yeah this park has been around since the 1800s yeah this is the oldest city part as you can see or every structure around Park is got our stones implemented into the structures yeah so when the stables were built I guess 1112 years ago we had to match that architecture of the area so it was pretty much to maintain the historical look of the structure like back in the days all right so as the recruits were out here cleaning up the major showed up we have major Ramos I do a major how's everybody doing very very good very good all right major so I see you got your recruits out here now can you tell us the tell the viewers the reason why throughout here today basically we want to instill early on the values of community service I want to say it's our foundation it's what we strive to do if we could get that right and we can teach the the recruits that first they need to connect before they try to solve any problems in the community I think we're doing a great job as an officer community service you know here's the foundation of police work we have to have that that engagement with the community and everything so with that being said I'm gonna let you go ahead go right now pick up a fork and I'll help them out as well and say yeah watch where you step yeah exactly I already hear Lansdowne had a few big awake [Music] [Music] [Music] so the class just finished beautifying where the horses walk around you did a great job they put the rocks to match the historical feel of the 17 and 1800's and now when the horses come out here they'll have a stable platform for them to walk around they did a fantastic job they're on break right now so let's go catch up with them when they finish to you they're running away from you okay so if anybody can put a price on that I like to know how much it is but for these prices you do the same any block you work into the same very easily you see the street we've also tried to them you see how much they appreciated that what is really needed guys build it up build it up upon the community I'm not trying to be yes what I believe in this way I have thought for 20 years of some change he has paid off you know he have to offer me so potential video that little thing right there is prices and I [Music] who's got the crew when he got there couple horseshoes we can hang Gilad Atzmon bro officer curtsy one of the drill instructors in the Academy if I am and this pack what swimming is your class it's my class can you tell us a little bit of the team-building skills and the community service that your class has to go through during the Academy so we usually have a couple of debating projects throughout the Academy that six months here this is going to be their second project at the stables right now than when they're doing on a me is wetting down the ground on the whole stapler afterwards we'll go out do it fully thought about the whole building make sure all those threads anything that's inside the grasses picked up so this is not only a community project is a team-building project also it's important that they work together this is apply here so we can take a few that we learn here in the Academy and a flight out on the street everybody has a certain job to do need to row together to do accomplish one job right now we have some food we've and we have some foods that have the water we have some food wiping down here so let's go down the street you understand that once you come on up aho find out what else needs to be done it so you can help and clear that Carla soon as possible exactly because when you're on the street time is of the essence every call that you go to there's multiple officers on the scene they're just going to help out if somebody is writing a ticket the other person might be writing a toe slip the other person might be securing the scene so this is the the the part of the Academy that helps instill is the foundation is the foundation exciting you get out on the street a pillows those those characteristic here in the Academy exactly because in the street everything is passed you got to move forward so they're getting in here they're learning those those values here which is very good obviously Kirk can't wait to get back to it thank you and I think [Applause] [Music] hi guys now we cannot talk to pack 1:28 without seeing their flag my name is Riku Chetta recruit shut up Jenna yes sir like the cheese like the cheese yeah as you guys know from the previous Academy classes the guidelines are responsible for the flag they cannot allow this flag to fall on the floor so I noticed your model sounds a little familiar yes sir can you recite it for me all for one one for all all right now did you get that from the three musketeers or did you make that up yourselves well we actually came together as a class as a team so we came up with it we always have each other's backs and we learned the importance of teamwork throughout the Academy and throughout our careers so what better saying our motto to put and now sit on our flag and it's the truth man when you're out there on the street as every officer knows all for one one for all yes you have to back each other up but we got to handle those calls and we need to make sure that we're a we arrive home safely for our loved ones so you guys are finished for the day imma let you get back to your class but before we go as always guys don't forget to Like share and subscribe have a good one guys [Applause] [Applause] [Music] capstone consulting services for money Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.

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