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Good research topics for business management

Good research topics for business management write for me capstone technologies lincoln ne an easy approach to teenage smoking research paper [ Snare Drum Fanfare ] TRiO is made of 7 programs designed for educational opportunity outreach; Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, Student Support Services, Veterans Upward Bound, Educational Opportunity Centers, Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program, and Upward Bound Math & Science. TRiO programs serve low income and disabled Americans. Special emphasis is placed on reaching students who are in the first generation of their family to attend college. Upward Bound was created in 1964 as part of the Economic Opportunity Act. The program serves both high school students from low-income families and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a Bachelor's degree. Upward Bound prepares students for college by providing instruction in core subjects. The second program, Educational Talent Search, was started as part of the Higher Education Act in 1965. ETS students in grades 6-12 are given assistance to increase high school graduation rates and attend the college of their choice. By 1968, Student Support Services was set up to increase graduation rates and help students transition to post-secondary institutions. These first 3 programs became known as TRiO. In 1972, Veterans Upward Bound, was started to provide skill development and remedial courses for military veterans for successfully transitioning to post-secondary education. More than 25,000 US veterans are enrolled in the TRiO programs today. In the same year, Educational Opportunity Centers were established to increase the number of adult participants who enroll in post-secondary education institutions. The Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program was added in 1986 to help students participate in research projects and pursue doctoral degrees. In 1990, Upward Bound Math & Science programs were formed to start specialized math and science learning centers. [ Snare Drum Fanfare ] There are currently 866,000 low income Americans being served by more than 2,700 different TRiO programs in this country. TRiO was a big help to me. TRiO helped me at my Associates level, TRiO helped me at my Bachelor's level and now TRiO helped me at my Master's level. My name is Michael Simelton, I'm a Master's student at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. SSS means Student Support Services. Our particular one at Shawnee Community College was called AEP, which was the Academic Enhancement Program, and once I got to Southeast Missouri State their SSS program was very good also. It helped me to set in to a bigger university, which is very hard to do since I come from a junior college, I didn't know anyone there also, so their program was pretty structured. I got to meet a lot of different people and then after being there a year, they started the McNair's Scholar's Program, in which I joined, which was one of the best benefits that I've had. I grew up in a very small town where not too many people went too far, and I feel like without TRiO, I would still be around the area. I wouldn't have possibly gone to college. I began participating with TRiO programs starting in 8th grade when I was in Educational Talent Search, and that's kind of where it all began. My ETS advisors helped me, just preparing for high school and start thinking about college and they also provided the opportunity of going to a summer camp, which happened to be Upward Bound Math and Science, another TRiO program. I think the best thing about TRiO is that they not only help me reach my goals, but they inspired me to push myself further. TRiO programs provide instruction in reading, writing, study skills, foreign language, mathematics, computers and other subjects for success in post-secondary education. They also offer academic, financial and personal advising and exposure to academic programs and cultural events. Tutorial services and mentoring programs are a strong component of TRiO. Students are given help will all aspects of the college entrance process, including assistance with applications and essays, preparation for college entrance exams and the financial aid process. Additionally some students are granted waivers for college applications and entrance exams. Through TRiO programs, students can explore career opportunities through work-study programs, job shadowing and career research. These services provide skills for students to succeed in the academic environment and beyond. TRiO helps students overcome obstacles to success. When I joined the program, I had no idea where I wanted to go with my life. I was just in school, hopefully just get through the day with like no homework or whatever, but through the years in my experience and my involvement in the TRiO program, I have a sense of my life where I want to take it. My name is Donny Xiong, I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin and right now I'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the future I picture myself graduating from college and pursuing medical, medical school with a career in pediatrics. The TRiO program helped me get a better understanding of what going back to school is really like now, that I've been out of school for so many years. My name's Ron Hart, graduated from the University of Minnesota. Shortly after my graduation, I was drafted into the United States Army. The TRiO organization with their tutors and their sponsorship of all the other organizations have helped me out immensely. Without Upward Bound, I wouldn't... I wouldn't know where I'd be. I'd be at home right now getting lazy, but like here, I'm learning stuff for my next year. I'm Andrea Califf, I joined Upward Bound my freshman year. Belonging to Upward Bound to me means belonging to a family, it's not just like a community of friends anymore; like I've been in it so long it's a family. My parents are both deaf and having that I don't speak the very best English that I can. Upward Bound has helped me to create a vocabulary that makes me look like I am naturally fluent. Uh, sign language is actually my first language, so. My name's Chris Kayser, I joined Upward Bound in 9th grade and I was in Upward Bound all through high school and it helped me get to Central College where I'm at now. I just finished my sophomore year and I'm majoring in biology. Over 40% of K-12 students in the United States are from lower income families. These students are less likely to graduate from high school and fewer still are able to continue on to college. Millions of people have received a college degree with TRiO's help but because of a lack of federal funding, more than 93% of eligible students and adults are not able to have access to TRiO programs. Upward Bound is important so that kids like me that do not have a good background, do not have a good family life, can succeed and can thrive and flourish just as I have. Students in collegiate and graduate TRiO programs, like McNair and SSS, are more than twice as likely to remain in college than non-TRiO students from similar backgrounds. Students in pre-college TRiO programs, such as ETS or Upward Bound, are four times as likely to earn an undergraduate degree than non-TRiO students from similar backgrounds. Since I joined Veterans Upward Bound, my life has improved tremendously. I know that I will be able to go and complete my Bachelor's degree. My name is Wyleta McCance, I am a Vietnam era veteran. I am in the Veteran's Upward Bound program here in Indianapolis. I was a homeless female. Where would I be if I did not receive TRiO help? Uhm... I don't think I'd be alive today. That was a tough question. [ "You Raise Me Up...", Uplifting Music ] "Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he has overcome." [ "You Raise Me Up...", Uplifting Music ] A farmer can dig, dig, dig, dig, plant seeds, plant seeds and plant seeds, and never get anything without rain, and there are some students that try and try and try, or there are some students who have their mind made that they want to go to college but they just don't have all the right tools. Upward Bound is that rain, it gives the students that have been digging for so long, the right tools to be successful. capstone lawn care St. Bonaventure University.

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