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Game development capstone project

Game development capstone project capstone texas state for money ejemplo de reporto bursatil ´╗┐Dr. Delgado: Let's go back into history because you know my mentor was Nathan Pritikin, and as you know he was an engineer. He had 14 different patents and in engineering and physics and things and he was a genius! He was never, people think he was a medical doctor, he wasn't. And yet he left college early to kinda help his family during a tough time during the war and so forth. But he had a scientific mind. And he became ill with heart disease. Tell us that story. Dr. Bland: Yeah I knew Nathan quite well. I also knew Lester Morrison quite well. Dr. Delgado: Dr. Lester Morrison, he was an MD correct? Dr. Bland: He was a cardiologist at UCLA back in the forties, and he developed, Lester Morrison, this concept that a very high complex carbohydrate, high-fiber, low-fat diet was the treatment of choice for people with cardiovascular disease. One of the people referred to his clinic, the Morrison clinic, happened to be Nathan Pritikin, who at 42 years of age was this genius engineer that was really dying. He had serious cardiovascular disease, he had hypertension he was a a risk factor from death waiting to happen. And he listened to Morrison, he was a believer of what he had to say. He was a devotee, went on the Morrison program. Completely caused regression of all of his' disease. And he said, "This is my life's work. I'm going to take this on." Because Morrison was not the best guy at bedside manner, he was not the best communicator. Nathan Pritikin was a fantastic communicator. So that took that program, the Morrison program took off as the Pritikin program, and the rest is history. Dr. Delgado: Now I know there was a Dr. Hemsworth that came up probably before Lester Morrison. Dr. Bland: H.B. Hemsworth, that was the thirties. He was actually the dean of the University London School of Medicine. He was the guy who was the first to discover this concept called insulin resistance. So he said there two forms of diabetes: One is where the person can't produce enough insulin, that we call type 1, and then another form where a person produces a lot of insulin but they're not responding favorable to it, we call that type 2. So if he was really the discoverer of type 2 diabetes and the effects of what we now call metabolic syndrome. It was that early stage discovery that then other people picked up on and like Gerald Reaven at Stanford and started to really develop the concept of metabolic syndrome. Dr. Delgado: Neil Bernard and John MacDougall both identified that there's the likelihood that somehow dairy product in its protein molecules passing through like a leaky gut somehow started to set up an autoimmune and destroying those proteins but it also mimiced the same proteins in the insulin or that is the pancreas. So there's a strong indication that type 1 diabetes might have its origin in massive consumption of dairy products. Is that probable? Dr. Bland: We do know that certainly, everyone in a field of endocrinology would say that type 1 diabetes, which we need to go juvenile onset diabetes, is associated with an auto-immune reaction of the body's immune system against the beta cells of the pancreas. That causes the insulin secreting cells to be lost. Now the question is what triggers that? One of the triggers, not the only trigger, but one of the triggers is the introduction of cows milk too soon to infants. If they have this sensitivity to their genes to that protein, casomorphin, that gets into their bloodstream, the immune system can can cross-react in with the beta cells in the pancreas and cause that to attack itself and that leads to the loss of insulin secreting cells. So I would call that one of the possible implicated factors not the only one. Dr. Delgado: Then Pritikin told the story that going back even into further history, that they called it sugar diabetes, either in the Egyptian or the Roman times. When they would notice that if there was urine from a human specimen on the roadside that the flies will come around. And then they measured and they said that person has sugar diabetes. And so somehow instead of the sugar glucose getting inside the cells with insulin's assistance pushing in, it was Pritikin's belief that somehow fat desensitized the insulin and it couldn't get into the cells properly. So it floated around into the bloodstream and got excreted out the urine. So that being said, his' solution wasn't to cut off the carbohydrates because the sugar was being peed out. He said let's cut back the fat, and sure enough when they cut back the fat, the insulin no longer was desensitized. The insulin, a very powerful hormone, pushed it into the cells and you corrected the diabetic condition. Is that something closer to what you understand? Dr. Bland: I think thats a really good high-level description. Now the actual kind of piece parts of the mechanism of insulin receptor substrate one and through these tiny signaling pathways have all been a lot elaborated but that that description that you've given the high level i think is a very good description. If a person has high triglycerides in their blood and a lot of free fatty acids floating around critically saturated fatty acids it blunts that insulin signaling mechanism and now the insulin cant ... its like the insulin molecule speaks Chinese and the cell only understands English. You don't get the message being communicated. Dr. Delgado: Pritikin also described that people who had a high fever that under a feverish condition maybe primitive times the human knew, "Hey I'm I'm sick, I'm ill I got a retreat to the cave and long in the cave i cant forage for food." So the fatty cells would release free fatty acids, induce or cause insulin resistance and a temporary diabetic condition. So once the fever was corrected, you know they were fine but some people would over-react. "Ohh, he's got a fever. Oh hes got diabetes, we're gonna start treating him with insulin." And then it when all down that pathway. Dr. Bland: And that's a kind of a general thing thats done in emergency rooms or in the critical care centers of many hospitals. Because often a patient in inflammatory crisis in a hospital environment will be hyperglycemic. They will be appearing diabetic. And they will be infused with insulin to bring your blood sugar down. Now I think at a certain point that's a good strategy because to high of glucose can cause coma and paralysis, and heart attack. Dr. Delgado: So, when your looking at your favorite chronic disease that you know that most doctors and educators aren't familiar with the pathways.. Are you looking at certain things that maybe hasn't been looked at outside the box nutritionally and biochemically? We've talked about a few of them but are there some others a conditions, such as MS, and neurological diseases? Because I know that Pritikin often referred to the MS diet. So they talked about twins and how one would develop MS and one wouldn't. And they noticed a complete difference in the fat intake again. And somehow the myelin sheath would be affected. Roy Swank I believe... Dr. Bland: Yes, of Oregon Health Sciences. Yes very ahead of his' time, interesting guy. And we know that MS is a consequence again of an autoimmune reaction of the body's immune system against the myelin that make of the insulation of our nerves. Once you get an insulation frayed, it's like having an electrical cord in your house thats lost its' insulation. It can catch the curtains on fire. So the question is how do you prevent de-myelination of those nerves? And there's more and more evidence suggesting that you want to cool off the immune system. Vitamin D plays a role in that. We know from the work that's been done by Hene and Hollock and Hayes, Elizabeth Hayes. And we recognize that there are certain kinds of environmental chemicals that can stimulate the body's attack of the myelin. We recognize that inadequate levels of the essential fatty acids that help phospholipids in them. The phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, that come in the diet that's a rich in in plant-based products and particularly soy has a lot of these phospholipids. So there are many things that can be done to help strengthen and support proper neurological health. do my mlnd capstone project github New York State College of Ceramics.

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