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Example of capstone paper

Example of capstone paper ida what would capstone decode plugin whale super sub smart 1100 review of literature [Music] [Music] good evening my name is Jorge Pena as part of the get ahead program our first session consisted of learning more about ourselves and how to deal with different personality types within a team by being aware of my own personality trait it has allowed me to adapt my behavior and to increase my awareness hopefully with the aim to create and encourage a cohesive environment where I can be most productive as part of a team as a professional we must be able to identify the various personality traits within a diversity ensuring that all members will motivated included and engage we should work towards developing our own emotional intelligence to have more empathy and to ensure that all members are heard as they all have something relevant to say and they must be given the opportunity to contribute different perspectives will encourage new innovative ideas it is important to remember that the key to a successful communication is mutual respect hi my name is Maria being part of the get ahead team made my final Ian here at Coventry even more special amongst the week ten weeks of sessions we did my favorite one was the one with John Lothrop which we didn't meet - he gave us a set of questionnaires which helped us derived our career records those are the anchors which push us to make our future decisions after this session I realized that I choose stability and security and a balance between personal and professional life more than anything for my future life this session overall helped me be self aware and reassured me in my own views for my future and one in our networking session I'd learned how to fill more comfortable approaching people in a work in events and to use my body language to manage different situations networking is an important part of our lives and the professional relationships that we make can provide us with career opportunities mentoring and professional advice with people on our field after the session I felt more confident meeting meeting and initiating a conversation by using techniques that take me to look more approachable and formulating questions that will show interest and up next [Music] hi my name is Mariana and I have been part of the team of the get ahead program in 2018 this has been an amazing experience for me particularly speaking when we all went to visit in the Institute of Directors during a networking event well not only we had the opportunity to listen to an amazing lecture by mr. David Taylor about the importance of social media and how can business users use it to enhance growth but also the cause of the networked experience itself where we all had an opportunity to talk of different people from different business backgrounds as equals sharing information and exchanging business cards making valuable connections that can be very useful for me in the future once I graduate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] great creative content but allowed me to manage it freed up to be able to converse engage in social content money behind it it's going to reach out to new audiences using advertising and then if you break that's the inaudible business going forward drive your business plan [Music] [Music] [Music] hi I'm Maria it was a great opportunity to be part against the program we had a session on lute umbrella LinkedIn is a great platform to manage your professional identity which helps to build connect and network with professionals what happened access to knowledge and opportunities this session has helped me to connect to create an account that looks professional by having the right type of profile picture an attention-grabbing headline that explains what is it you do and to show your passion and value also a summary that focuses on your career accomplishments and inspirations so that right recruiters also could connect and network with you overall this session was very beneficial and knowledgeable to me as I helped too [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey there my name is Leon and I'm from Germany one of the most memorable experiences from the program to me was the visit of Thomson Reuters at Canary Wharf as it allowed us to get a glimpse on our possible career path we learned from a graduate scheme attendee about a typical role in the company as well as how to use an engine for research purposes which pulls well aligned with the overall value get the headers to me relevant hands-on experience while continuously learning and growing as an individual as well as a team of future professionals and I'm highly thankful that [Music] when I used to go to work at 7:30 in the morning even earlier sometimes I couldn't understand people coming out of buildings under all over the patent it would be working impressive like some of the work with the writers so good mostly don't have a drink that's all very cheap [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my favorite get ahead session was about personal branding the best part of the session was the activity where I found out my peers general perception of me and their feedback on what can be improved this activity helped my self-awareness as well as enabled me to identify my not so strong size which I must improve [Music] [Music] hello my name is Martina I'm from Poland and I was lucky enough to be a part of the credit program from all the stations we had my favorite was about job interviews the reason why is that basically the interviews are the next step which I have to take in my career I don't really feel comfortable about it so it was very very nice to have an opportunity to talk with Bernie and ask her some questions and now I just feel a little bit more comfortable about it but still not fully comfortable [Music] [Music] a vegan ahead team and I have my temp during the IOT event and we really enjoyed his enthusiasm for marketing please give a warm welcome to mr. David Taylor [Music] [Music] hello everyone my name is Alex I'm from Russia and now let's talk about volunteering get ahead session that we had with Lotus I would say that volunteering is not only about helping other people but also helping us to grow as a professionals and because you work with diverse people and you achieve your objectives and goals using different tools and ways that volunteering provides talking about get ahead in general I would say that it was the most valuable experience I have ever had because we learned about a lot of things that will help us to become more successful and professional in the future and also I would say that we become became more self-aware and now we know how to present the best way in front of people to build your network thank you for listening [Music] hi I'm Miriam in our final get ahead session we had with Richard and Claire about personal reflection I not only learned to make these nice origami rabbits and also frogs but moreover I learned that an every challenge we faced my team are even alone we can make the most of our potential and learned most of it if we take time afterwards to think about ourselves what we did in that situation how we felt and how we would like to feel next time this truly helps us to get into our true potential and to get ahead because for every challenge to face if you know what you did wrong what we did good and how we can apply this knowledge to the next time we can truly make the best of ourselves and that's why I really enjoyed that session hello everyone my name is it was a very last session of a wonderful journey of get ahead in which we were divided three different task and this task was very similar to the business simulation each team member had their own responsibilities such as marketing and production of origami Rapids and rocks some people did the budgeting and some were at the head of the marketing in this task we didn't only learn the strengths that we could and we also learned the strengths that we should work on and it was very enjoyable similar to all the sessions that we had for the Gator [Music] hi my name's Louise and I'm a third year be a global business student the session I chose to talk about is about personal reflection it was the last one we had a nigger get ahead project and that we were we played a game and we were even I pasted a case to work on as we were a team working the company when at the end of this game we were able to present and then we could talk about our skills I I could define the ones that I need to improve and the ones that are already possessed which was very beneficial to me and now I know these skills that I still have to work home to be a better professional I'm very glad to be part of the get had project as I believe he added balance to me as a personal and also as a professional and will help me to go the extra mile thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hello everyone I hope you guys all right hope you enjoy the video so for the video has been a representation of our care at China for the past nine to ten weeks as you can see from the video Google and a lot we've appreciated everything that we've learned get ahead in his more simplest form as basically bringing us understanding ourselves in a much more comprehensive manner both professionally and personally in the first session of us understanding we're all extroverts introverted our last session where we understand how we would operate in a world world business in mom and get had has been absolutely amazing journey where we have cultivated these unique friendships that you know given the nature of our generation you would think would be very hard to cultivate but yeah has provided us with a platform and opportunity to excel further see potential and things are other people might not and understanding and value behind human relationships and the importance of maintaining a positive mindset going into the future so thank you very much hello everyone my name is Federer and I'm from Jordan I'm so delighted to be part of to get ahead program 2018 it has taught me a lot in terms of elevator Fitz self branding self-awareness and being more comfortable in the networking environment understanding different ways of communication with introverts and extroverts to name a few you can really tell the difference between the team and I from the beginning of get ahead program to now I am really proud of the team and I would like to think everyone was part of it [Music] [Music] you'll be face ya know he hurt and the credit no he's just hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] str 581 week 6 capstone exam order School of Humanities and Sciences.

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