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Example capstone projects security wgu cheap

Example capstone projects security wgu cheap do my capstone project durham college creating a report in access ´╗┐they have a beauty we in some Buddhist monasteries that I visited when a monk gets angry with another monk or nun for thanks there somebody is talking too much and in the monastery when conventionally you would say why don't you shut up but in the monastery you can't say that because you are practicing loving-kindness so all you can say then instead of shut up is watch your mind and then the other person goes that could be an awakening it could also lead to immediate reaction and then the words before he knows it the words come out why don't you watch yours [Laughter] [Music] you can observe how fast and how efficiently the mind may itself goes into when it sends herself has even been slightly diminished by some comment something somebody said or did or insinuated or might have insinuated or said openly or criticized or judged you or situation somehow diminished you how quickly and efficiently the human mind made self goes into the repair mode when its structure the structure of the self has seemingly been diminished by some comment or judgment criticism how immediate the reaction is and that is the defense mechanism that immediately comes into play that is designed to repair the injured sense of self which is all the structure of thought the conceptual entity of course it's very vulnerable so any kind of criticism and so on leads to when you are not alert there is an immediate reaction which is designed to repair the structure of self and if possible as part of that repair job to diminish the self in the one who just attacked yours often let's see what the entire repair consists of in you diminished me now I am going to diminish you in your sense of self and that could go on for a long time some relationships work on that level of in companies corporations institutions and so a wonderful thing of those things that you observe within yourself is defensiveness which is an essential aspect of the mind rate itself how it jumps in immediately cannot tolerate any kind of diminishment because it also nothing really has been taken from who you truly are but in your conceptual self structure you have suffered a loss when somebody calls you an idiot to give a sim often it's more complex than that or not as direct perhaps but to take a simple example when sabe either calls you an idiot or which is the same thing calls you wrong you're wrong that's an it's an it's an enormous insult to the mind may itself to be wrong and unless there's this you are there beyond mind there's an immediate and automatic defense mechanism that comes into play that will defend your position whether or not you're wrong doesn't matter anymore because you're defending your sense of self and often it's done by saying no you are wrong you're trying to pull something from him or her he or she tries to pull something from you the polish the cell observing defensiveness in oneself how automatic it is and then when you see it you may no longer be totally dominated by it and then you can be open to being wrong and say rip me wrong oh and you look and see it might be true you may be right oh yes you are right I got that wrong I often get things wrong the more you speak the more likely that is no ultimate rules even in spiritual discourse as we know is possible so even a simple thing like saying I don't know is very hard for some mind made selves they must know the answer because even to the mind itself even to say I don't know is a little diminishment when my younger brother was 17 years old and his ego was growing as it does at that age I noticed he could never say I'm I don't know whatever question you asked him about anything he had to know the answer sometimes a complete fabrication that he invented on the spot and then I suggested that he should try out what it feels like to say I don't know and I said next time I remind you and when something came up and I could see he didn't know and he was about to explain something that he didn't know about remember try it just try say it and finally three Larry reluctantly said okay I don't know and I looked at him with and you haven't died as presence arises emerges from within you you may even find now as that awareness is there that the automatic unconscious defense mechanism the self repair mechanism may at times no longer operate and somebody criticizes or says you're wrong or whatever either designed to diminish your sense of self or could repeat interpreted as diminishing myself and there is no automatic reaction anymore they simply what one could call allowing the seeming diminishment of oneself not resisting it of course you're not being diminished at all you are diminished in your illusion of self this is why even that in itself is a spiritual practice not defending yourself the conceptual self structure and allowing what appeared to be a diminishment of yourself but of course was only diminishment of this structure of the mind may itself and that is allowed to be without resistance this is only possible in the simultaneous arising of presence of space consciousness because from already you sense the deeper levels of your being a space from there you can allow the diminishment of the conceptual self to happen and it's actually a beautiful thing not to resist that that summer was also part of Jesus teaching beam of course misinterpreted and misunderstood and that's a wonderful thing when that begins to operate in your life then you can actually welcome what is after all only a diminishment of the illusion of self because life in many different ways going beyond purely personal situations life does that to you anyway in many ways you're going towards that any way no matter how you try to build up the self in the end life one way or another will demolish it and thus simply happens because you gradually go towards the dissolution of the form and the greatest achievement then also comes to an end so life and you go through life and things will happen life will do that to you even an illness is such a thing really not in I'm not in control anymore the mind will try to into somehow fit that in also in sometimes it manages to fit the illness into and enhance my sense of self even through the illness such as doctor is so clever the mind made self you can do even that but potentially the illness can be something that seems to diminish you you're not powerful anymore when you line bait and I've observed in some humans who have a strong egoic self that when they are ill even a slight light illness the flu they become more pleasant they have some insights that they don't have in their normal state the ego gets a little weaker they just has energy isn't their thing and they say things they wouldn't have said and then they else comes back and they've in control again the diminishment of self has also in different spiritual traditions been tracked in a spiritual path to be practiced as an active thing rather than a passive thing but that becomes dangerous if you are actively attempting to diminish yourself that's dangerous I don't know how often that has worked in the history of spiritual evolution in a few cases it may have worked but I don't recommend that because there is behind that somebody who wants to achieve something through my diminishment and there's a hidden very easily a hidden ego that wants to enhance itself through becoming humble through becoming the lowest of all surely I am the lower than you surely nobody's as humble as me is implied in some cases in very exceptional cases perhaps it may have worked st. Francis perhaps practiced that but that before that he's probably some big team management happened to him anyway he was in a war in a very he suffered greatly and something happened to him there he always said I'm the most miserable of all creatures why does God speak through you they asked him why does God manifest these wonderful things through you they asked Saint Francis because he said because I'm the most miserable and the lowest of all and God likes that he talks in very simple and in very simple language it's in him it's it seemed to have been without ego it was genuine and so they see what these the great teachers leave behind but it's also you're really the opening is also happening with you those are only precursors they leave behind even after their deaths capstone realty arkansas St. Bonaventure University, Allegany.

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