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Example capstone project nursing online

Example capstone project nursing online write for me capstone it consulting an example of a observation essay [Music] hello I don't even live in a tree monster body my all creation based upon these occasionally lately on this channel is going something really strange but anyway you requested a lot in the previous videos to make Baldy so why not I always look for your suggestions we're gonna make Baldy but we're gonna make him more creepy we're gonna make a monster Baldy a spider with six legs and for our son to one head and we a series of sharp teeth like a twisted foxy or something like that so as you see right now I prepared good base that have six holes in it in those holes I'm gonna put my aluminum wires but before I do I prefer glue that is called epoxy glue glue that is not liquid glue I mix two parts of the glue to make a one glue that we will glue our wires to the base when the aluminum wires are on its place there is time for covering the wires with clay fortunately baldly have very basic colors so I don't have to mix a color to match the pants of Baldy I will just use blue clay straight from the packaging then icon de clay a little bit to make it more soft and make a sheet of clay that will covering the legs guys now I have some time until something really important will be happening on the screen I reading your comments and I see a very nice comment from dr. gaster he brought I subbed and hit bell thank you dr. gaster for doing that and for all of you who are new here who subscribed and who hit back in the past her heart also if you enjoy my videos leave a like after you watch and if you got any suggestions for another video what to create next let me know in the comments I'm always happy to create that what you want [Music] welcome to basse to educational area normally the hallways potential for you 15 seconds [Music] what just happened it teleports me to the pantry for 15 seconds man okay let's go with this before I got detention you saw that I was gluing all six legs together and now I'm mixing some coals to get the color for the body and for the arms I could only one pack of coal or God match the ball the shields but that was not enough so I had to make some more of this color by mixing dark green and yellow while I'm making the shade I'm gonna ask for another question from comment section K Marik T Bork we're not sure if I read it correctly brought do you you go the dog yes I have two Bernese Mountain Dogs a brother and a sister eat will be few weeks or something sighs I got them my new control you can see all my pets and the one that I'm dancing with on the table is a guild named in English that will be dumpling and the PO is named meatball they're both lovely the day routine is like two hours sleeping and then two hours playing and pooping and then repeat and their poops are huge but let's better back to our sculpture ha I almost forgot to mention if you want to see more of my pets after the video make sure to check out my 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the timer on whenever I go where my finger is baking I take the timer with me so I know exactly when to take it out from the oven this method is quite nice because you won't over bake the figure a few times over bake the clay and smell was not so nice returning to above the I decided that his head will look like a pacman so his jobs are open as you might see I not use an sketches this is just from my imagination at the very beginning I didn't know what will came out of these I just got not very specific idea that my body will have few arms and two legs and a teeth like twisted foxy or twist the world from snap by the way I created those two on my channel in the past you can go check it out later and see that there are very similar to evolve it looks like it's sweeping term oh yes sweeping time of course as you see now I'm making tiny teeth using ends of rolled try I make sure that every one of them have the same size and then I realize that ace need to be created first because when I touched the head it's moving on it my broke and deformed at it so the eyes have priority so when I'm creating the eyes and the teeth it's time for another question some of you asked me if I can make our roblox no well maybe someday I'll do something in roblox style but if you want to see something similar you can watch how I created hello neighbor in the minecraft style and one of my latest videos where I created Omega figure from tiny high pixels as you see now making tiny cracks on the ball the head to make an effect like the head was from ceramic [Music] next time when I will be creating something I will lock my door focusing on our body I'm covering the arms with cry the same method that I used on the legs some of them are moving so I glue them with liquid glue this glue dry in 10 minutes so when it's drying I'm gonna make heads and why I'm making hands it's time for another question Tiffany Barker asked what do I do with the other characters if by characters you mean figures I use them on my second channel as an actress for example yesterday I uploaded the video on washi plushie where's granny chases bendy and his friends and it's gone he'll are yours I think next I will do a Q&A with a monster Baldy so if you want to see that go to my second channel lash plushie after this video link will be in the end cards at the end of this video and if you like this type of view more make sure to join our plush family by subscribing and hitting the bell icon we got now 15,000 subscribers and the family is growing every day but back to our sculpture I just started to attach the fingers to the hands and after every single finger of Baldy there's 20 of them is done I get off the body from vice and placing it on the baking tray on the baking tray I'm gonna make me base I decided that the base will be in the gray color alike was in the school in the game and the final effect before I don't shoes looks like Baldy is in the solid concrete as you see I'm using a liquid clay between good days and our sheet of clay I'm doing it because clay is not sticking well to the things like wood after I die on the base and placing the supports to hold the arms without it all the arms would probably fall in the oven I had this situation before but I already talked about it in other video at the very end I almost forget about making the shoes and I started to smooth the surface and I always smooth the surface again to get rid of fingerprints dust and curved edges in my opinion that makes people look much better why are making the shoes it's time for comment guys I see a lot of comments saying do not do dad it's okay but a large portion of those comments is saying for example do some warn wrong so gay and I already make that just before you write a comment like this make sure if I didn't do it already and you might get surprised and you wish will come to you even sooner because I think on the channel is like 100 videos so far so you can check it if I alert make that character that you asking for by going to you plots and scrolling down or by visiting the playlist up guys the Monster Ball is almost on I'm right now taking all the supports and cutting the edges of the base and after it the only one thing last the satin varnish for the eyes and guys the Monster Ball do you make sure to leave a like and subscribe you want to see more videos like this and remember about this bad smile bars well [Music] congratulations [Music] enterprise risk management masters online for money Manhattan College, The Bronx.

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