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Enterprise risk management symposium 2018 for money

Enterprise risk management symposium 2018 for money write for me arduino timer h library download make my dissertation introduction on financial aid for me ´╗┐in this short video I will describe how equalizing works but first the problem the problem occurs when there's more bandwidth demand than there is supply this typically happens when end-users download large files or these days a more common and growing occurrences when end-users watch streaming video with video requiring between 1 to 5 megabits per second it doesn't take many streams before you have a bandwidth demand problem it's pretty common for bandwidth problems to be created by a small number of users usually between 5 and 10% of all users however this means that 90 to 95% of your other users are getting poor response times or maybe even getting locked out and this is happening for relatively low bandwidth needs such as email web browsing or voice over IP to complicate matters more on when response times are slow users will resubmit their request by hitting the enter key many times or refreshing their browsers thus queuing up even greater demand and of course this happens when things are most fragile and you can least afford additional requests and bertin on your network inevitably this leads to complaints and lost productivity and if it occurs often enough you may lose customers equalizing solves this problem the net equalizer needs to be placed in a position where it can see all the traffic between the internet and your land this is usually between the firewall router and your main switch if placed here it can see all the streams in your internet pipe the net equalizer acts as a transparent bridge if you were to look at the back of a net equalizing unit you'd see two ports one that leads to the wide area network or internet and another that leads to local area network all traffic or Internet packets travel back and forth across the bridge when your network is not oversubscribed the net equalizers equalizing function is in monitoring mode in this mode the net equalizer is listening to the traffic and monitoring how much bandwidth is being consumed in total and by all the unique connections because there are no problems traffic passes just as you'd expect normally the net equaliser never looks inside any packets nor does it ever modify any header information while things are well behaved the net equaliser is just passing packets at line speeds and it adds no latency however this all changes when the pipe becomes in jeopardy blocking up let me start explaining how this works by taking you to the active connections report of the net equalizer this is the active connection report available from the net equalizers management interface with this report I can see all the traffic going through the net equalizer at this moment in time each row represents a current connection going across the bridge a connection is a flow of bandwidth from a unique source IP to a unique destination IP depending upon your network size you can have hundreds or thousands of flows at any given time keep in mind that the net equalizer only keeps track of current connections it's not like a stateful router that keeps a connection active over many minutes to the net equalizer a connection is something that's happening now if traffic stops flowing after several seconds then a connection disappears and we no longer track the bandwidth usage for each unique connection the net equalizer also keeps track of the last eight seconds rolling average of bandwidth this number is in the column wav G as you can see for each connection some use very little beylin these connections are probably web browsing email voice over IP streaming audio or web-based applications we call these business class applications and they comprise the vast majority of all connections but if you look closely you can also see there are a small number of very large bandwidth flows these are most likely large file downloads video chat or streaming video we call these bandwidth hogs and they are the problem they may be a small number of connections but they use up a disproportionate share of the bandwidth if your pipe has bandwidth to handle all these demands than fine the net equalizer monitors the traffic on the bridge as the packets pass as they normally would but when the amount of traffic gets high enough that it poses a wrench to the entire pipe the net equalizer instantly switches into equalizing mode and will begin to slow down the large bandwidth streams in order to maintain room for all other connections as well as potential new connections that may be established and heed bandwidth in the coming seconds to see how this works in greater detail let's see how equalizing is set up here's the equalizing setup page as you can see there are a dozen parameters that can be adjusted or tuned there are only two parameters that the user must input that is chunk up and trunk down located in the middle of the table here you specify the up and down speeds in bytes per second of your internet pipe of course you can modify or tune any of the other parameters to your specific needs but the rest come preset as you see here the ratio parameter located on the top tells the net equalizer at what point a pipe contention to engage actively in this example it's set at 85 percent that is when total traffic on the pipe is less than 85% just passed all the packets as normal and monitor but when the total traffic is greater than 85% of chunk up or trunk down then become active and start slowing down the largest bandwidth flows in large bandwidth flows are determined by the parameter Hogman which comes preset at 12,000 bytes per second any flow greater than this amount should be slowed down by the penalty in it until the pipe goes below 85% total contention anything below Hogman will not be touched and will continue to pass at line speeds this gives priority to the majority of users and all business class applications once the network comes under control and is no longer in jeopardy of locking up then the penalties are removed the network continues to operate like the net equaliser wasn't there and the net equaliser goes back into monitoring mode since equalizing only distinguishes between large flows or hogs and small floats or non hogs it requires no policy updates or ongoing maintenance it also doesn't care what protocol or port any flow happens to be on because it only operates on behavior and is no packet interrogation it is just as effective on encrypted connection such as VPNs as it is on unencrypted connections the net equalizer is a turnkey appliance that monitors your network health 7 by 24 by 365 that is truly set and forget and that's it that's how behavior based shaping or equalizing works perhaps at this point you were wondering what if I have a large connection say from a special server and I don't want it equalized how can I protect it that we'll cover in the next brief video other shaping rules do my capstone foster care devon Studio Maestro.

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