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Enterprise risk management survey order

Enterprise risk management survey order write for me capstone library read looking for someone to type my literature review about me for me [Music] what does guys welcome back to my channel event special guest with me today Mike Oh chef Mike Oh eater co-leader yeah we used to get there you know was so requested ever since Ryan and I went on a plant-based diet we've been getting a lot of requests to do a kind of what I'm eating today or just kind of do a quick Q&A about being plant-based but before we get started of course I just want to let you guys know that I am NOT a nutritionist I'm not a professional you know when it comes to cooking and all of that did this kind of blog style meaning you know no fancy editing just kind of grabbing a camera and rolling with it if you guys watch our blog you pretty much see what we eat all the time so um yeah if you're more interested in recipes and foods then definitely follow along on the blog because we you know are pretty much in the kitchen about 50 percent of the time oh we want to help it okay so with that being said let's go and get started in the video I just woke up so we are going to make some coffee checks and emails and I go to the gym [Music] so just stop back from the gym and now I'm going to make my after workout smoothie plus slash friends I'm going to make a post-workout breakfast protein smoothie plus somatic cottages all right so for my smoothie I'm going to start by putting I in my blender and even had my frozen fruit I like to do a frozen strawberries frozen bananas I freeze my own bananas because I feel like it's cheaper than buying frozen bananas all right a spoonful of black sea to make it a little bit thicker and a little bit more party I guess I do some oak a scoop of almond butter or peanut butter or cashew butter whatever butter you prefer cue a handful of spinach top it off with some I use almond coconut all agree after everything is blended is then I like to go in and add my protein because I feel like when I add my protein after everything it just kind of blends a little bit better and doesn't get clumpy or stuck to the side of the thing so I'm using what is this my vegan smart vanilla I hated protein powder until I discovered this so way to go via form I'd like to add dates to this but I ran out any correction Ryan ate all the day [Applause] [Music] all right so I just wrapped up some of my email and I'm going to make lunch I think I'm going to do some shredded Brussels and carrots in a burger patties I pretty much put anything over Brussels carrots and quinoa it's like a good base for any type of Bowl that you're wanting to make any type of like salad you want to make so I'm going to go do this all right so we just filmed a little bit and now we're going to have a tea midday snack we're going to go get some acai bowls from India from time for dinner so I decided that we're going to make a quinoa veggie Bowl like good grained veggie Bowl so we're going to start with our base which is going to be quinoa and then we're going to add just kind of stuff but what we like to do is just like season up some vegetables and some chickpeas and just roast them in the oven until they're nice and crispy and then just throw them on top of the bowl me writing it started rock and roll so we are going to start by preheating the oven to 450 that's what I like to roast my veggies on in the bowl I have chopped up our red pepper and our broccoli just going to yes olive oil going for seasoning I'm going to do some chopped garlic lemon pepper some regular pepper I'm going to do the sentence regular default but we just put it in here because it was like I don't know it was coming out in clumps just going to mix all of this together usually just poured some olive oil on the pan and I'm just going to roll around some geneious carrots I'm just going to excuse them these guys let's use salt and pepper olive oil soaked into the still meanwhile our quinoa is still cooking alright so I just drained our chickpeas and I'm actually going to put them in yeah a little mixed fairly healthy there's large amounts of vitamin green red yellow very healthy [Music] didn't get my quinoa makes a little bed keel on here so this is going to be dinner its don't you even think that we're done because we have dessert Katherine it looks good to me so good alright so for dessert I'm Tuesday at Lennie and Larry's protein cookies I'm doing the white chocolate macadamia and if I feel like I haven't had enough calories here in the day or I'm just like creaming something sweet I always go over one of these and they actually have 16 grams of protein per cookie so I'm just going to eat half because I'm so full from dinner but I like to warm it up in the microwave and then I like to put a little scoop up so delicious dairy-free almond milk ice cream and I just got vanilla because I think the knowledge oh good with another one of my favorites dairy-free ice cream is not a new so delicious I think the best flavored snickerdoodle you okay I can't confirm I'm pretty good ah but they were out so I got vanilla it was clean Quintanilla was a who looks on it ready notice it's good eye we're back welcome welcome most of you probably noticed throughout this video everything was for the most part plant-based so when I cut out meat and dairy from our diet completely we're trying to save that base I'd say it's probably like 90% plant-based yeah look for but trying to cut out processed foods trying to skip us plan based but going full-on plant-based is tough I respect well that is our fully plant-based um I just love chips so much Q&A Oh Q&A the most like asked questions were if we have seen is first of all why we decided to go plan base here I can make this simple and quick everybody so the reason why pretty much of this book how not to die by Michael dr. Michael Greger or cracker one of those creator you're interested go read that or listen to it like I do on audible and that's pretty much the whole reason lots of evidence you're interested in learning more earth you're kind of on the fence about going plant-based and I definitely recommend reading this book or listening to it on audible what advice would you give someone looking for a healthier diet based upon your own eating habits like if you want dessert instead of regular hk2 dairy-free ice cream or instead of regular ice cream something that I've learned is mashing up a banana and a scoop of peanut butter or almond butter mixing it up putting it in the freezer it's so good and it would just the place of ice cream and it's just peanut butter and banana you can add agave you cannot chocolate dark chocolate chips you can add fruit if it's really good I'm currently trying to go vegan and was wondering if you could give some advice to people transitioning eat foods that have a lot of volume to them like lots of vegetable and broccoli does it'll make you feel full and that was one of them one of our first issues when we were transitioning is we didn't feel full yeah Galera quinoa she had broccoli sweet potatoes like eat stuff that'll fill you up we ride in I kind of quit cold-turkey we like went just all of a sudden one day non plant-based toothed plant-based so if you're having trouble I heard from people if you just go slowly like slowly cut up meat slowly cut out dairy just kind of wean yourself off of it I think that also helps to is what I hear next question do you snack and what staples you keep on hand I am the biggest snacker I still eat breakfast lunch and dinner all sometimes combined breakfast and lunch but we snack throughout the day I like snap peas I like lera bars if I want something sweet what else I love chips and guac yeah I know that my name Larry's Barb's just berries like blackberries blueberries strawberries bananas lots of fruit we run some fruit a lot yeah we doing uh almond butter cashew butters you get gassy from all the vegetables and how do you avoid such problems um Ryan does all you got to do is just take intensive enzymes and you can minimize that I just depends I'm sure that you help how hard is it for you to stay away from unhealthy food and you have it cheap if you have a cheat day what do you eat um I really try to stay away from processed foods it's so hard because I love um and just love things all right we're back we have to do a quick batter will remain how are you feeling on this vegan diet compared your old diet I feel a lot better it just takes about a month and a half starting noticing changes I feel like I have more energy I sleep really good yeah we wake up super early wake up the leg right at 6:00 naturally almost every day definitely sweet better I never even thought of that but someone asked if I've ever starved myself to lose weight well no um no I wouldn't know how you and Ryan are dealing with no halo top this is a difficult topic it was really hard until we discovered so delicious snickerdoodle flavored ice cream and not a moo it was a rough it was rough but now we're doing much better thank you for asking do you feel there's pressure to go vegan to appease certain YouTube followers and avoid criticism that's a good question um no not really I I mean I don't feel there's pressure on myself just because I don't get pressured easily um I did a what I eat in a day video pre plant-based and I made chicken and Iberian stuff uh I can't really speak for other people who eat meat and feel the pressure I would never somebody's eating meat or not eating meat she's never been the type of person to force anything on anyone as far as Jesus goes with you only you meet or yeah or I don't feel like I need to do something to to please a certain group of people you feel about the endless meat shaming slash vegan shaming when youtubers post what I eat in a day um I think that there's always going to be people who complain about anything whether it's what you're eating or how you're exercising or the way your body looks or the way your makeup is done you're just you're never going to please everybody and that's okay I would be worried if I please everybody um you know I've definitely gotten comments vegan shaming me and I got comments when I ate meat so I mean you can't please everybody that's okay I think it's just about accepting the fact that you can't please everybody on the other hand constructive feedback is much more than fish of all parties like yeah if you want to give some fact evidence-based reasons on why you feel a certain way provide that to somebody but don't shame them for the way that they live their life like I remember when I was first starting at YouTube someone some guy told me that my eyebrow powder was too dark for my eyebrows and I was like you're right it really is good I wouldn't bought new eyebrow powder that is constructive criticism but when people you know criticize you for how you eat and what you look like I feel like that you just be in a dick having a hard time with weight loss and stopping the binge eating it going vegan helped make a significant change in your body and the way you look and feel I don't think it changed the way I look the way that you're going to change your body is calories in and calories out on what you expend so for us vegan is for longer term just being healthy that's the way we view it but if it's far as binging and weight loss it's all about just sticking to a diet and working out so those two things mostly diet as far as calories in and vegan as well how are you finding adapting and what is your family think because I know a lot of people don't understand the thing about my family and Ryan's also is they are the most supportive people we have in our lives if our families are very open-minded and very accepting and supportive of anything we've ever done my boyfriend and I just switched to a plant-based diet what are some food recipes you would recommend for transitioning right now Sluman pasta are the hardest to give up definitely try the bean pasta that's good so then you could go with the ancient harvest brand like we do where it says like Wow on it I think yeah so that but it's got a ton of protein and there's different variations there's stuff made from beans a salt my base bill it's great how many times do you eat in a day you look so tiny yet always eat I've run 30 miles a week I try to eat similar to you but still have a belly everyone's bodies are different I mean two people could have the same guy and look completely different I have always been a thin person always since I was a little girl I've always just been so thin so are my sister so was my brother so was my mom genetics does play a role and he is about feeling good on the inside and we didn't switch to plant-based to look a certain way it was more sober of the inside feeling a certain way so that was the goal we were trying to achieve eat probably either breakfast lunch and dinner or one big breakfast lunch combo snacks in between so I quite a few time today do you ever practice intermittent fasting yes every day Ryan sauce every day this might be a weird question but how often do you drink alcohol oh we don't really drink your go up we'll have a lots of wine every now and then our goal I get a cocktail maybe like once a month or something but we don't really drink a lot if somebody had a dinner we were going out dinner we would probably have some cocktails but we just don't do that time and II know Mom attract young margarine in New York is real if you knew that you had understand you motivate someone else who you spend a lot of time with to eat healthy aka my boyfriend I really think someone has to want that for themselves and I tried convincing some of my closest friends to eat eat more healthy without badgering them and like you know being annoying I just think you have to want it for yourself know the benefits some internal thing yeah not external eating you know the way we eat is such a habit so easy to form a habit I think yeah you just you're consistent just licking anything else do you have enough energy to exercise that's what we're doing like I said before i definitely way more energy then before we cut out meat and dairy like through the roof way more energy a particular health benefit or beauty benefits you've noticed and you know just the difference in my hair and my skin um overall energy levels higher digestion I mean notice my skin blush dry yeah I used to have dry patches on my skin and now um it's like almost oily it's not oily but it's like fuel more moisture yeah not so weird that you and I both that's all we have for you today in our what we ate today hope you got some good hygiene i unban class I thought and if you want to know about bursary shopping just go watch the last grocery haul easily try to UM do a little grocery haul when we go get groceries once a month yeah that's all we have and we will see you guys I want to start doing more of these because I really love food blogs I love sharing recipes and stuff like that because who doesn't love a good food blog speaking food time to eat time to eat alright that means you got you so we'll see you guys in the next scene [Music] you internet of things examples 2018 order Columbia-Greene Community College.

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