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Enterprise risk management jobs in south africa

Enterprise risk management jobs in south africa social work capstone paper example for money subdivision design report in access ´╗┐hey thanks for coming back today I'm happy and I'm sad I'm happy because yesterday the house in the Idaho Congress Legislature approved and voted on Constitutional Carry for the state of Idaho and what that means is if you are legal to buy and possess a firearm you now are able to carry that firearm into anywhere where carrying a firearm is legal in the state of Idaho and it's almost everywhere and you may carry it in the manner in which it is most comfortable for you now I had the pleasure of participating in the Senate hearings and listening to the testimony of people who are Pro and against the legislation I also testified for carrying concealed weapons on public college and university campuses in Idaho and it was interesting that the the anti language was spooky ly I just made that up the same and it's it's been it's been a puzzlement for me I was not born and raised in in I was raised in Los Angeles and I mean the Los Angeles uh burbs I went to high school with the guys who would eventually create the Crips and the Bloods I was a biker I wrote Harley and I had a 357 Magnum that I opened carried in a holster when riding my bike and the Highway Patrol would come up on their bikes and they would look over and you know they did do the man nod they look and see what you're wearing and you're looking and they're going at and you go here and they would speed off and you would that's the way it was it is not like that anymore in California but it is like that here and for the life of me it I couldn't I couldn't understand I don't get it I don't get it it is a constitutional right an individual constitutional right otherwise it wouldn't be in the Bill of Rights the first ten those are only for individual rights so what is going on and I try to be objective I try to listen to those who legitimately not legitimately but who who really are passionate about why they don't they don't want firearms around them and one of the things that I found in doing my research is there are there are 50 states right and every state has a Constitution but only five five do not have in their Constitution the right of the citizen to keep in their arms they do not have that right that mirrors the Bill of Rights and I and I went ah ha because with with the various reciprocity xand like in concealed carry permits that I have I have reciprocity in 45 states guess which five I don't and it was a blinding flash in the obvious blinding flash the obvious I said okay what is happening here why is that the way it is and I listened to the testimony of the people who are pro and against and here's what I found interesting and it was in both cases because I thought law enforcement is going to be totally against this thing which was absolutely not true in Idaho there are 44 counties right the county sheriffs Association that's the sheriff's of all 44 counties voted overwhelmingly to approve constitutional carry in the state of Idaho guess who didn't the police chiefs of the three largest cities in Idaho and I happen to live in one of those and I know the police chief I knew this predecessor and it's like I wanted to go bang my head against the wall right eight he starts his testimony by saying I'm absolutely for the Second Amendment but I don't like this bill and then his rationale was this and I've heard this by others my officers need to be able to verify if a person who is carrying a concealed gun is legal to kick to carry a concealed gun in other words I can stop and frisk now we have open carry so we can't stop you if you open carry he can only stop BBC the Bulge so it is an administrative crime an administrative issue not a threat issue in other words if I think the person is carrying concealed weapon I can stop them and verify that and if they do I can I can check them out to see if they're legal to carry it well net and a couple of the senators who responded back as excuse me excuse me so what you're saying is is that seeing a gun is not probable cause if the first thing is going to commit a crime but not seeing a gun is how makes well you know explain that to me right so you have one group of law enforcement officers it's a we don't care we assume everybody scary and then we take the appropriate precautions the other guy says well I want to be able to stop people well the lawmaker said no you stop people if you have probable cause now the other part is sheriffs are elected they answer only to the people police chiefs are hired by the mayor and city council so I guess what the police chiefs are cursed to do they must tow the politicians line even if they disagree with it on the pain of losing their job but it being blinding flash of the obvious I say okay now I get it because who can who controls the cities in these five states where by the way if you if you look at the where all of the the violent gang-related gun crime is committed it's in the largest cities of those five states who knew so who are these states New York is the worst New York then New Jersey then Maryland in California remember I grew up in California I was never hassled and Minnesota and Iowa now in both Minnesota and Iowa both of those even though they don't have a constitutional amendment in their state constitution both are shall issue concealed carry permit states they don't allow any law enforcement agency to interfere with that whether it's sheriff or police right now Missouri and Alabama didn't but they have both have referendums to add those to their constitutions and that probably will happen so it begs the question what would happen if such a referendum was put to the people of New York New Jersey California let me explain why that will never happen not in my lifetime anyway and probably not even in yours the state of New York is the ringleader in the entire anti-gun movement and it has been since 1911 now if you go back and look at American history and look at New York history you will hear something called Tammany Hall and the political bosses of Tammany or Tammany Hall was where all of the crooked crooks and politicians hang hung out in the in New York in city of New York and as well as a state and if you saw the movie gangs of new york remember there was the real police right it was the gangs and what happened was the gangs were controlled by the politicians in Tammany Hall right and the biggest asshole of all of that was a guy named Sullivan he was a Democratic senator from the state of New York big Tim Sullivan and he controlled the lion's share of all the gang activities and the criminal activities in this in New York City there was this big fight big fight and two gangs got together that the police showed up because he did it and the gangs joined and turned on the cops the people went total batshit crazy and said you need to fix this we can have the gangs doing this stuff so the result was the Sullivan act of 1911 an assault neck said you cannot own a firearm a pistol unless you have a permit and then you can only have it in your house if you carry one concealed it's a felony and we will send you to prison the only people who were given permits where the gang members because the gang members were ended up being dead interest in quotes by Tammany Hall why so they could go and intimidate voters at the polls and he needed to have his bad guys armed without going to jail because the gangs were starting to complain to him hey when we start intimidating people we start rolling on people you know they shoot back we can't have them shooting back so the end result was you guessed it bad guys get the guns citizens get disarmed so they can be controlled by the bad guys with guns and guess who the bad guys with guns are in most big cities you guessed it so what do you think would happen if there was Constitutional Carry for every citizen yes police couldn't stop anybody because they saw a bulge but what do you think would happen in these five states if every citizen could legally hook if they if they were legal to purchase which means they were passing federal background check not some trumped-up thing in the States what do you think would happen initially there would be bodies in the street there would be bad guys of all flavors with sucking chest wounds laying in the street put there by armed citizens all of that crazy gang stuff would go away why because law enforcement could not could not do anything except support the citizens against the crimes all that stuff will go away I won't say overnight but in really really short time yes there will be a lot of dead people but most of those dead people would be the people you need to have dead just saying and just to reinforce this weird chemistry right I train a lot I train a lot as a civilian I don't go rolling around in the dirt I'm not trying to be some operator over in Iraq but I do want to be very proficient with the tools that I have to defend myself in the innocent and all of my instructors are law enforcement X law enforcement and / probably military as well and one of the the guys we would have in this conversation and I said so I was all happy right and we got Constitutional Carry I don't think I like that why cuz he's from California you know what he told me he said well when I was on the job only two people had guns we had guns and the bad guys had guns so if I saw a gun I could draw down on him and I said well now everybody can have a guy and now you can't do that well it just makes my job harder in what way because you're still supposed to assume that everyone is armed so does that mean your behavior changes you stop he goes well yeah would say yeah you couldn't treat everybody as if they're a crook right because the bad guys are going to have their guns anyway right in New York it would kill stop and frisk kill it dead put a stake in the heart the other reason is it wouldn't be necessary it wouldn't be necessary to have all those stupid roving patrols inside of buildings because I'd 84 you're a woman who's got our AR in our house is going to give a bunch of guys a dirt nap and they won't come up on our floor anymore it's just that simple it's just a simple Constitution to carry the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in the manner which is comfortable for them is the right thing to do everywhere now your comments are always welcome put them down below if you want to know more about the Sullivan act of 1911 Google is your friend I'm not going to put it there's a billion links I'm not going to deal with that on this on this video check it out you'll be glad you did thanks for watching carry on capstone project presentation criteria order Richard Gilder Graduate School - American Museum of Natural History.

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