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Enterprise risk management conferences 2019 for money

Enterprise risk management conferences 2019 for money internet of things iot technology for money ixl math reports ´╗┐so we are going to listen from Marvin moon here the kind of electric utility perspective and see you know from from your perspective what are the barriers and the ways to overcome these barriers to install more maybe a solar capacity so um I'm gonna ask omar vizquel a lot to introduce you before okay great our next speaker is Marvin moon Marvin Boone actually came to speak to us at one of our igert courses and he he basically charmed the room and we were so impressed with with marvins approach at ladwp to hear some of the great projects that he works on that we asked him to come back and be part with us today Marvin moon thank you alright well thank you so much it's really a privilege to be here and talk about things that we do and share with you and because this is all all up our alley I think we found the presentation okay Mike talk is I'm going to be talking about the challenges of integration of renewable resources from of course the utility perspective because that's where I come from and the basically I'm going to touch on reliability I'm going to talk about renewable portfolio standards our future mix where we are where we're going and particularly challenges and solutions that's cover the heart of it multiple I talked about the role of smart grid and network integration okay so basically every utility is supposed to have a integrated resource plan it's basically a roadmap on how you want to move forward strategically and if you go to a department website led to be calm you can find our integrated resource plan it tells you step-by-step the programs we have in place to achieve a number of strategic initiatives the five of them in particular are of course we want to ensure reliability there's only a few things you can give your customers reliability customer service and low cost they're all very challenging because they're interconnected secondly of course we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by thirty nine percent by 2020 below 1990 levels that's part of a be 32 and some other things without going we want to incorporate integration of renewable energy currently at 20 in 2010 the utilities are supposed to be at twenty percent renewables Water and Power met its mother folks didn't and now there's a state law that says that we have to be at thirty-three percent by 2020 that's only eight years away so it's going to be a challenge as well and of course we want to increase market investments we want to promote a customer efficiency and in the environmental effects and also electric vehicles as well and of course there's another law that came out of California and EPA is a little related to it and that's on ocean cooling because you know we have three coastal plants and they use ocean cooling to cool them down and doing it for decades well now we can't do that anymore so we're going to be phasing out the use of that plant by plant in fact over the next 15 years we're going to be have to redo about seventy percent of our generation mix now water and power is a little unique from other utilities because back when they did the dreg lot of utility sold off to generation or transmission so on we kept vertically integrated so we still have all the generation mix we have power coming in from the Pacific Northwest from Utah from Arizona we have in basin generating plants we own 25% of the transmission capacity in California and of course we have our own distribution system as well okay so where are we going as far as our energy mix right now a few years ago we were at forty-four percent coal there's a state law for that too you can't renew your cold contracts in other words they put the seat it doesn't say that what it says is that the co2 levels on your contracts has to be a little yellow a certain level and magically that break points about coal so we have two big coal plants we did have three we turned up we got out of one of them we still have the Navajo plant and another one in Utah and so we went from 44% cold now we're down to 39 percent in 2020 will be down to 20 let's see what a group I can't read my writing twenty-seven percent and then our last contract expires in 20 27 then it'll be out of coal completely so as we move forward we're going to be having our cold mix is going to go right in 2020 will be at twenty-seven percent or renew via thirty-four percent as by state law are like large hydro is at eight percent in fact where that's what we are now and of course we own part of nuclear plant in Arizona that's another nine percent and natural gas of course now you don't want any one of these boxes to be too big otherwise you end up with something like the oil embargo in the 70s and all utilities got we're burning oil they are caught and they all had to do the generation mix if you look over on the on the right side it's a little hard to read but it some talks about we're going to have solar and wind and geo and biogas and there's a geothermal component to it as well okay so obviously it goes without saying renewables have their challenges and of course one of them is intermittent smitten see the wind doesn't always blow the Sun doesn't always shine the weather changes is very independent sometimes it goes sometimes doesn't often like a win on our wind farms most of the power comes at night when you don't need it so there's a lot of variability little control there's very few resources you can actually control what are some of the renewables you can control geotherm oh yeah its 24-hour source that's like the Holy Grail because it's flat loaded in fact if we had only 500 megawatts of geothermal we could have done our twenty percent renewables just with that but we don't but we own a bunch of stuff in the Imperial Valley we're going to be building some the next few years geothermal is one what's another one biogas exactly we get biogas from landfills and frigates the digester gas from like the Hyperion sewer plant we burn it is counted as renewable and and the other thing too about biogas is course then clean it up they put in gas lines we can burn in our plants without building having to build a whole lot of new generation okay the other thing is geographical challenges of course you got to go where the wind blows you got to have land for solar plants you have to you know there's only the goggle where the hot water is for the geothermal there's some limitations there also there's a huge synergy between water and power if you go with solar thermal you need water for that you know there's also those pump storage stuff you need water to that of course there's there's a lot of geographical challenges but the good thing is here in California where it within a hundred miles of LA we have good yield real geothermal resources in the Imperial Valley in the Owens Valley we've got wind resources in the hatch piece of palm springs area we got land in mojave desert for solar and locally it's a lot of a lot of good resources within an arm's length of LA ok also existing infrastructure capacity limitations you were talking about the storage over here with transmission limitations I'll give you an example if you have a wind farm and your load is going up and down and up and down and you got to get it over you got to get it to LA you can't hog up your transmission line with all that variability so you have to firm and shape your power so like in Pacific Northwest we have three wind farms along the Columbia River Gorge we have to pay BPA to take that power and use their hydro and to even it out and schedule it so it'll fit on the transmission line coming down to LA and of course that costs money probably jacks up your costs about twenty percent to do that so that's that's some one of the challenges as well as just kidding capacity also it tried to build a transmission line it's really challenging we tried to build a one there a few years ago called green path out to the Imperial Valley you've never heard so many people get upset you know because it went through the pristine desert and everything but I'll let's say it is tough okay existing infrastructure higher cost maintenance these things take a lot of maintenance I'm going to be right real truthful you we built the wind farm up in the patch fees it's called pine trees 135 megawatts largest moon is for the own wind farm it's a it's like the Golden Gate Bridge we have crews that are dedicated their whole job is to tighten bolts so when they go through all the 100 wind turbines then they go back around and do it again it's nonstop also maintenance you crack a blade you do anything everything's 200 feet up in the air you need there's only a few cranes in the United States if you actually get up that high so it is maintenance is quite a challenge for a lot of these things and of course when you have a maintenance you need people take care of this stuff that have the expertise and so we're actually developing a new workforce we have a new classification as we're hiring high school students to teach them work ethics it's called the tilly pre craft training program is to get them into the workforce we get them working on solar jobs weatherization and home upgrades efficiency projects and so on and then get them into the workforce oh it's not a flash in the pan job this is something they can have make a career out of at the department so you know we're capable workforce also your assets you know everyone says let's put storage units in every neighborhood you know how much effort it would be to maintain all that you ideally you put the stuff close together so so you can have that workforce work on this stuff and they're not running spending half their time and travel time so that's another aspect as well also colocation you want to have things that are synergist it's just for example that one of the solar farms were building in adelanto is also a huge switching station where we have all these transmission lines come in from out of state so we have a workforce there anyway we just had a lot of extra land same we're doing another one and went for in pine tree we already have over staff they're taking care of all the windmills so we can take care of the solar as well so you want to get that colocation thing going you also want to put it right next to your existing transmission lines they can already mentioned that okay regulatory what's in and what's out the definition is always up for grabs they're always says I'm trying to tweak the definition for example methane is that is that renewable or not depends where it came from if account comes from the landfill or a sewer plant its renewable if it comes out of the ground it's not you know Hydra Hoover Dam is that renewable no it's not not according to state California that's large hydro doesn't count on your goals it's still you know no admission and is we had used it for years but it's just all what's in the definition and you want regulatory certainty we did a repowering one of our Jeremy plants repowering needs rebuilding and it turns out that the work we did didn't quite qualify for although all the the new rules and so we're gonna have to redo it again so you want that certainty conflicting mandates there's credits for solar there's credits for charging electric vehicle they're different they're not interchangeable I think there's a lot of opportunity there and of course permitting as well okay so solutions backup generation is one solution some people are building wind farms with the gas unit associated with it firming and shaping I talked about that energy storage you talked a lot about that there's a picture there of one energy storage unit we built it's 1,200 megawatts one of the biggest in California I think it says no there's only a few i think it's number two they actually built that back in the 70s because they thought they were going to build a nuclear plant in LA and this would even out the load turns out they never built the plant the nuclear plant but this thing is saved our bacon and it's perfect for renewables because you can distort it's a twelve hundred megawatt plant also look at that graph in the lower left energy storage you talk about electric vehicles the bottom graph is a nipple electric vehicle charging graph where the peak is at night our wind farms peak at night so in a way it's like customer paid storage and we didn't have to pay a dime for it okay so so anyway there's also new message methods of storage but I gotta tell you it's expensive we looked at putting us a lithium-ion battery of one of our wind farms it turns out the battery system would cost more than what was to make the power so it ought to say is it's going to come a long way it's gonna get cheaper and particularly with like secondary use for batteries on TVs and of course I mentioned we co-locating modernizing plants we're redoing a plant in Long Beach regenerate doing some of these it was an old boiler plant you know boil the steam do a turban it took a day and a half to pump that thing up we're replacing it with six quicks turbines they're like big jet engines so in 10 minutes we can get up to 600 megawatts that's how you that's one of the ways you can integrate renewables as well and it's also more efficient doesn't use ocean cooling and so on okay so a couple more key things i mentioned geographic diversity don't put your all your stuff and one egg in one basket we want to put them in different places so if something happens you're not affected also get your energy mix to be not not just one type of technology you want to use existing transmission land and right aways because it's hard to put new ones in maintain out / x rating accessibility and then there's a clustering effect that happens over where we built our switching station for wind farm there's a whole bunch of other developers that are doing wind farms and solar farms we're going to be upgrading to transmission lines down to LA to support all those future projects and of course we want an ownership position so we're in it for the long haul and energy efficiency is also important we want to be to reach our goals with that and smart grid of course with all these technologies people using solar on their houses using v's the power just doesn't go downhill anymore from generating down to the customer it's going everywhere it's coming out the customer's house is going on to the grid back into the other people's houses and so as far as electrically purpose of the system protection aspect the voltage stability the all those things have to be taken to account voltage and balances and in consideration of putting these things on online and in just as just an example of how how the true integration involves buildings intermittency base loading fast start ups intermittent loads base loads in storage as well it's all a big piece of the puzzle to put together so I'll quit with that is not that I just like cars this is the fastest electric vehicle made so Shelby arrow but anyway I don't know if you want to do questions hour later all right well thank you folks paper technology pita Bronx Community College.

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