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Engineering capstone report

Engineering capstone report write for me coso enterprise risk management understanding the new integrated erm framework make critical thinking on elections due tomorrow I'm 15 and I'm extremely interested in fountain pens I've decided that I would like to take a step further in 2000 pendin and become a nibs myth or nib Meister someone who grinds nibs or does live work on pens I'm not know the proper term for them I was wondering how can I take this step and how would I learn thanks Joe all right Joe I think Dib Meister is a pretty common term it's missus you know a way gonna be Smith is Dan Smith I think he is a play on words of his name there but you know nib Meister I think is the more common terminology but you know there's no official school for this kind of thing so you could pretty much call yourself whatever you want it's whatever the general public refers to you as a terrible grammar but whatever you are commonly known that is what your name could be anyway I think that advisor is fairly appropriate there's no kind of official training or schooling or you know even books that I'm aware that are out there for doing this kind of thing so I think it's cool that you're interested in this I do think there is an underserved market for nib tuning and pen repair and stuff like that I think it's I would something that I would consider to be a true craft like a trade craft today so it's in the traditional days before you had you know higher education things like that you would have a trade and you would become a an apprentice to more of a master or a journeyman or you know and so you'd have a master tradesman who would be their thing say you were a carpenter right like you would be a carpenter master carpenter and you would have somebody would come on be an apprentice and then as they show that that was their trade they'd be a journeyman and they would learn how to do it until they became a master of their own and then they took on their own apprentices right like that was a very common thing for mmm 1,000 of years not as popular today especially in the US but I consider the whole new Meister thing really more of a kind of a traditional trade because it's very skilled labor it's very much of a craft craftsmanship is heavily involved in that and it the individual that's doing it really puts their stamp on their own methods and things like that so it's got a lot of that and there's not really a lot of formal training involved so the people that I know that are doing it now pretty much either learned it from somebody else or taught themselves how to do it and just kind of figured it out so those are pretty much your two methods for learning how to do it to be quite honest with you I don't know a lot of people that are really getting into it I've I've heard of some people that have gotten into it a little bit and done it for a while and kind of gotten out of it younger folks especially man I just think there's such an opportunity to get into it if you are somewhat entrepreneurial minded I think the logistics of managing the business side of it is probably what trips most people up because I know from - an e-commerce thing here the logistics that are involved with doing that can be kind of overwhelming and if you get into it because you really love nibs and pens and tuning stuff you can do well I going to shows and stuff like that because you can get a lot of a lot of interaction with minimal kind of overhead and minimal reduce logistics involved but if you're talking about like being in your house and then shipping pens back and forth and everywhere there's a lot of time involved with that correspondence and tracking and shipping and all that kind of stuff that can really bog you down and if you have not figured out a good process for that that can be look kind of difficult to overcome let's kind of get your name out there it takes a little while to get it going so if you you have to really kind of overcome that so I think in terms you know that's like once you have the skill right so I think that you know there's some videos out there that some people have done I've done some very basic tuning videos nothing that I would you know that you should start charging money for after you watch my videos but I can at least help you understand what's going on there's other people out there that have done it Stephen Browns got some great videos and I'm at Armstrong prepend habit has done some and there's some other folks on YouTube just look up you know in nib tuning and grinding anything like that on YouTube and just you know you're going to have to you're basically have to scrap together whatever knowledge you can get and experiment and try it and figure it out you're going to ruin a lot of nibs in the process but you're going to be learning as you go you got to get your hands on as many junk nibs as you possibly can so if you're really interested in really passionate about this I think you can figure out ways to get cheap nibs whether it's going on to the fountain pen Network and saying hey does anybody have any throwaway ten that are terrible or dull right well or whatever that you want to send me so I can practice I want to be administer I want to do is kind of thing and I think you know you're young enough and if you can kind of have it as hey I want to do this thing this I want to be somebody in the industry and this is what I want this to be my career I bet you're going to get some people that have been around for a while that is like hey that's really cool I'd love to help you out let me send you some junk pens that I have and you can play around with them um you know if you don't if you just go around asking for handouts that that could turn some people off but if you say hey this is my noble cause I really want to practice and learn how to do this thing and and they're kind of legit about it I think you might be able to to get a hand up from from some individuals who find that to be kind of cool as far as tools and what you're going to need it's not not a real heavy investment in terms of that stuff you'll need a loop of some kind you know 10 X 15 X magnification you're just going to kind of play around and see what what fit to you micro mesh mylar paper maybe depending on what you're getting into you know a grip you know something a grip it remove stuff there's a good site called pen tooling that you know if it's for like pen repair and stuff like that Dale's pretty cool and it's done some good stuff it's got some kind of more specialized tools if you find you you're really getting into it yes and more specialized tools that are more of an investment but that you could get into if you really get into that and then I would encourage you if you get the opportunity there's nothing like observing somebody that knows what they're doing because you can pick up on stuff so well if you get a chance to go to any pen show where there are knit Meister's present you can usually research who is going to be there it may not be a full listing but any of the major shows that you go to you know LA DC you know in a bunch of other Chicago you're going to your yeah maybe Chicago Denver you know other things like that you're going to you're going to be able to see new Meister's in action there and if you tell them that you're trying to learn they'll usually be pretty cool about you just kind of sitting and observing as they work so if you want to devote a day or a couple of days to go into a show if you have any near you and then you want to literally just go and plop down and why then all day and then usually you know they're working and stuff like that and if you're not too obnoxious to them and disrupting their work you may be able to ask them a question here and there so that could be kind of cool but I recommend observing them if you can I've done that a couple shows myself I've been a little plop down next to Richard bender or Mike Matsuyama and just kind of watch them work for a couple of hours and you learn some really interesting things especially as they're turning their pens and doing different grinds and doing different things you get to see their setups and you can ask them like well it's an interesting tool where'd you get that oh I made it oh okay you know and then so beyond just the basic like tuning tools you'll need some grinding equipment because when you get into some of the stuff if you want to grind you know down to nib size or make a Bleek's or anything like that you know a micro mesh is just not going to cut it you're going to need something more aggressive and what I see I see kind of like two different schools of thought in terms of the grinding usually it's like some kind of dremel or some kind of rotary tool that has like a diamond wheel on it that's not a huge investment but you know you need something hold it in place and we have the wheel and you use the diamond grit to to do the grind and then you kind of polish with this stuff and then the other way that I see is more of like a like a my name like my AMA has got a pretty cool homemade machine that he has that is a grinding wheel that actually turns toward him so it's a very different approach so if you have the the Dremel type apparatus its spinning and you're kind of you know grinding on the side of the grinding wheel and if you're doing it with a grinding wheel that's moving towards you it's just a different approach so you know just like any other trade or craft or if you play an instrument or you do any kind of sports or anything like that the equipment that you train on and practice on that will kind of like be the way that you end up going so you know I think the Dremel route is the way that most people end up going is because it's tools are a little more accessible you know with the home make your own kind of jig but that is something that I've observed in doing both here and then I think you know you because you're so young you know you've got you've got to really want to want to do this because it's not going to be just handed to you on a silver platter it's something that is going to be a very different path than most people would probably ever even understand and if you tell your teacher that you want to do this at school they're going to be like where are you even talking about you know it's just it's so far outside the norm but I think personally I think there's tremendous opportunity for you to do something like this or really you anybody else I don't know your raw skill your talent anything like that you have to have some skills like you have to have the good you can't just want it and study it you know it's kind of like this is going to be the weirdest analogy ever but it's like the movie Monsters Inc actually the movie monsters University is even more fitting have you seen that I've young kids my analogies are going to be kid movies but on the movie monsters University it's a very cute movie I love it it's like the origin story for a monster thank well Mike Wazowski wants to be a scarer he studies it he wants it so bad ever since he's a kid and he grows up and he gets to college and he realizes that he just doesn't have that raw talent that's needed but he becomes a teacher and I was kind of anyway that's the whole story so you got to have the goods to be able to do it because it is a skill and if you just don't have the technical acumen and the handwork to be able to do it you're going to be tough road ahead so you gotta have that as a baseline and then you got to learn how to do all this stuff so at 15 you're really young and you have time you do have time to figure this out personally I think if you're 15 by the time you're 18 if you practice this a lot I think you'd pay your way through college which I would recommend you do go maybe go to some kind of like business or finance type schools so you can learn what's going on or maybe just try to teach yourself on the side on now you know there's debate about you know how relevant higher education is depending on your own of what it is you're trying to do I think if you don't know what you're going to do you know go and get just a general like business education just because you'll be able to apply a lot of that to whatever it is you end up doing but that's the route that I ended up going so anyway if you are able to kind of devote yourself over the next three years in your spare time and I mean like really devote yourself not passively try it an hour or two a week and just kind of cruise bound Penn Network I mean if you really get hardcore into it you find Penn's you tune it you try different grinding you test out equipment you really make it your passion you have to get a part-time job so that you can pay for the equipment that it is that you're going to be buying you do that for three years and you really learn the lingo you really learn the stuff you go to some pen shows you network with some nib Meister's who are able to teach you a little bit here and there and you can pick up on it and hone and craft and all that you get you know get some some emails and start emailing people you know who are willing to give you the time I think you can do that if you hustle and you kind of make it happen I think that opportunity is there but you're going to have the hustle like no one is going to just hand it to you just especially because you're 15 I know you think like oh gosh well and my teachers love to help me and maybe they would love to nobody's really going to like hold your hand through this process you're going to have to like make it happen on your own if you really want to do it and that goes for anybody not even just your 15 but anybody else that is interested in like nib my stirring or anything like that you're really going to have to make it happen you know because even me being Brian Goulet I have had a hard time getting a hold of any of these mid lectures and sitting down with them and I've been able to it bit here and there but even with the kind of the pull in the cloud that I have they're very like they're very busy people and they don't necessarily like just want to sit down and train everybody all the time because you know there's a bit of proprietary skill and stuff that they've developed over time and they don't just like hand that out to everybody so it's going to be a bit a bit of the tough go so I just kind of want to set you up for that but if you are willing to kind of do that I think the opportunities are pretty cool so try to find any book any website any forum that'll teach you anything in a youtube video whatever it is hustle and network with as many people that you can in the pen business and I think even if you have moderate talent I think you'll at least be able to pay a good way of your portion through school doing this if you're if you're doing it well and I think you could you can make it happen but don't be naive about what it's going to take so I say go get it but it's not going to be for everybody so hope the boy that I get to talk to you in a couple of years and maybe I'll meet you at a future pen show and you can tell me that you're doing it and that would be really really so yeah you operations management research paper topics Fashion Institute of Technology, Chelsea, Manhattan.

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