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Electronic engineering capstone projects

Electronic engineering capstone projects write for me capstone project ideas in nursing college life vs high school life essay ´╗┐come on news presents India India seven elephants were killed and many more were injured by a train speeding through a wildlife sanctuary and West Bengal a Wednesday evening the cabbie guru Express train was passing through the chapter mari forest Angela tiger II a herd of 40 elephants was crossing the tracks the train approached at 80 kilometers per hour twice the speed limits for the elephant corridor the train collided with the herd stopping only after one elephant got stuck beneath it seven elephants including two calves were killed ten were severely injured since 2004 where the did the elephants have been killed in West Bengal state alone Indian team gets tail surgically removed a boy in India secretly lived with an 8 inch long tail growing from his back which doctors say is the longest ever recorded the boy's parents knew about the growth but feared social stigma and kept it hidden it was only when the fleshy tail became painful that they finally sought a doctor human tails typically result from a compression at the tail end of the back and grow with age if unchecked they can lead to problems in the bladder and lower limbs at age 18 the boys eight inch long tail had developed a bone inside it and rendered him unable to sleep or sit properly neurosurgeons successfully removed the tail finally relieving the boy of his extreme pain and discomfort similar cases of human tails have been reported in India though the growth tends to be a rare occurrence a boy in Punjab was worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu Monkey God because of the tail protruding from his back the 14 year old was born with the tail along with a club foot deformity and had trouble walking he opted to have his tail removed last year despite knowing he'd lose his monkey god status heaviest woman on earth gets set for extreme weight loss surgery this is Iman Ahmed age 36 she's believed to be the world's heaviest woman and has been bedridden for more than two decades this week Ahmed was flown from her home in Alexandria Egypt to Mumbai India via cargo plane there she's on a 25 day liquid diet to get her weight down from nearly half a ton to 445 kilograms before undergoing extreme surgery to reduce her mass even more and going from these photos the journey to the aircraft was an operation in itself first they had to construct a special bed for a med to be transported in then part of her bedroom wall was knocked down so that she could be fished out by crane she was then transported to the airport and loaded into the hold of the cargo plane Ahmed suffers from elephantiasis a condition that causes the body to fat him and that's just one of her many many medical dilemmas she can't speak or use her right arm or leg because of a stroke and on top of that she's got diabetes gout high blood pressure and restrictive lung disease a med will be operated on at safety Hospital for India's top obesity surgeon known as dr. 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northern Indian city of sonnet heart outside New Delhi the conjoined twins managed to survive for 20 days despite their two heads sharing just one body and one set of internal organs unable to afford an ultrasound Suba Sharma and his expectant wife Urmila were unaware of their daughter's condition until well into the pregnancy born with two necks and two distinct spines as can be clearly seen in this x-ray taken just after birth the girls each had their own trachea but each had just one lung to breathe with making it extremely difficult to separate them due to the extreme risk of labor complication posed to both the twins and their mother the children were born by c-section on March 13 after two days the children were transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit at a Research Hospital in Delhi but a heartbroken new Milla decided she could not bear to meet her children in person and so refused to see them keeping only a photograph in the ICU they held on until April 2 when the baby's 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Mooney bajpai explained in the end the baby's heart was too weak pregnant dancer have gone down by men who were told they couldn't dance with her 24-year old cool under cars life was cut short on December 3rd the victim of a stray bullet during a wedding celebration in India moments before her death cool winter was performing a dance routine on stage with three other women she and her friends must have caught the attention of a group of party boys who wanted to bump and grind with them unfortunately for the drunk dude they were refused by security and escorted away from the stage area they weren't too thrilled about it so would they decided to go grab some guns and fire shots into the air as some idiots tend to do at weddings in India one of the men lucky Goyal was shooting with a long gun but his aim was a little off cool winter crumpled to the ground blood leaking out from a bullet wound on her head she was rushed to the hospital but died along the way her husband claims she was midway through her first trimester of pregnancy meanwhile the four men have been arrested and are now facing charges for colanders untimely death monkey pulls off epik high's from jewelry store the surveillance footage starts off with a monkey outside the store pretending to beg for food one of the people inside nudges the door open and gives the monkey what appears to be some banana [Music] rather than eat the banana the monkey pushes the door wide open and dashes into the shop the monkey then starts to run around causing mayhem which prompts one of the men to leave the store the long-tailed bandit then jumps into the chair behind the counter and appears to chill out for a while before his next move Curious George then calmly pulls open the cash drawer and grabs a huge wad of cash while another man in the store offers it another piece of banana who needs a banana when you have a buttload of cash the monkey hightailed it out of there with cash in hand and makes a clean getaway unfortunately the monkey could not be reached for comment [Music] write for me capstone project sample title Hofstra University.

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