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Dotted graph paper notebook for money

Dotted graph paper notebook for money enterprise risk management consulting companies logansport indiana ymca financial reports ´╗┐bored we have with fun with propane heaters alright so here's my propane here there's bill thing here it's a big old tower thing that goes in the backyard you see what I'm saying well what I get sick and tired of is that I buy this unit it's my unit but yet you feel that you have a right as a manufacturer to put all the safety baby crap on it look when I press a damn switch I want the fire to come on but what you gotta do is you gotta press it in turn it to the pilot hold the pilot off for 30 seconds wait for the thermal company heat up well screw all that crap I want to turn it on and have it on I'm gonna show you how to bypass a thermocouple if you're like me and you're tired of dealing with having to hold that damn switch for a minute a half two minutes three minutes sometimes when the thermal structure it's getting old I'll show you how to bypass it you ready here it is first of all you got to pull this cover off over here to access everything okay now up over in here you're gonna see this is the thermocouple okay that's the thermocouple here's a main igniter wire and here is the tube that gives you propane so you follow this wire down okay the thermocouple wire and it comes over to this tilt switch okay well I don't really give a if I want to tilt this thing to move it I want to keep it on that's on me things got a huge damn base it's not gonna tip over catch anything up fire so bypass that take the two wires off why are the two damn wires together and you till switch disabled now what happens this thermocouple up here when it gets hot and the fires lighting on it it actually produces a tiny bit of electricity okay so that electricity comes through into this tip switch and if that tips which sees is a little ball that rolls around or if that tips which is good and it's right where it's supposed to be and it's not tipped over it will send power through you get Continent connectivity through here okay what you'll send wire or power into the back of this valve over here okay now this little piece in here screws down to this thing aside of here is actually a little tiny electromagnet in there I'm gonna show you how to disable it okay so first things first you gotta unscrew these screws okay I already took two of them out okay I'm unscrewing the last one don't worry nothing's gonna pop out at you so here you go that's the valve okay here's a little electric magnet right here so you click okay now what happens is that when you press this thing in over here this knob okay you see it goes all the way through and presses that little tip see that that black tip inside of there see how presses it well that presses this dating thing okay well when you press and hold it long enough there's enough electricity in it that this little magnet in here actually gets held on well if you bypass this whole spring and valve mechanism then what happens is that the gas bypasses from the bottom hole down here which is where the pipe comes through it comes through here through this and into here and up through your jet let me see if I can do that again so it comes down through here and then into here which goes up through your jet and this is your main jet down over in there okay so to bypass this it's simple you simply take this little Eclipse now why you want this thing focus come on maybe I'm too close let me see if I can zoom in from out here maybe that will help I don't know not really any good okay well anyways just know there's a little Clippy here okay so you pop that little clip you out with the screwdriver you take this valve off and problem solved okay let me show you how that works but I'm gonna pause it for a sec cause I need two hands to do this okay so I took the little Eclipse off there it is okay that little eco buff this little valve pulls off the spring pulls off simple throw that in the trash okay garbage take this here this is a seal ride around here make sure you seal still air so it doesn't leak propane all over screw that dang thing back on let me show you how it reacts as soon as I get done with this hang on okay so now it's back on it's screwed back in and now I turn my gas on make sure you turn your gas off before you start this now push in go past the pilot past the click and now listen on/off you hear the hiss no more waiting for the stupid thermocouple to light now that's how you bypass it oh and let me show you which one this is just one of us here is let me show you the parts this one over here is Kirkland's brand see if I find a model number on the stupid thing so you know it doesn't look like there is one anywhere well I don't know where it's at but this is what it is that's a Kirkland brand it's supposed to have a dome over the top so one of those big caps it go over anyways ok so that's how you bypass it and I also did the same thing with my fire pit in the backyard cuz again with the same thing with that I get so stinkin tired of doing that so here's my fire pit in the backyard I bought this runs on propane comes through here ok this one over here a little propane tonight er thing so I did the same thing on that and it's really simple ok you just have to take out that thermocouple take off the little valve and the construction of the valves always a little different just look at it and it'll make sense to you ok well at least I hope with this anyways you take that thing out and all these things work now two things number one do this at your own risk number 2 this does take all the safety features out of it so what the thermocouple does is that if the pilot light goes out or the wind blows your flame out this will just keep hissing propane constantly and that could be a fire hazard of somebody smoking or something like that and it's so stupid and they can't smell the propane then yeah there's a minor chance of a fire now if you do this indoor don't do it indoors this is for outdoor equipment not indoor equipment because indoorsy the propane doesn't blow away it can actually get to a level where it's explosion hazard so only do say outdoor equipment so that's the first thing the second thing is is that the tip switches off and so that means if you're roughhousing thrown a football somebody throws it it tips over and it falls next to anything and you're too stupid to pick it up like a retard yeah it could catch some on fire because will not turn itself off in fact I might even melt some things internally and cause a serious issue so again these are all the safety features that they have designed to make it nice and safe for the average consumer which typically are idiots well if you're like me and you're not an idiot and if you smoke propane yourself thing off and if it tips over you'll pick it up then you don't need these stupid safety features so that's how you make things far more dangerous when you get bored later how to write a capstone introduction Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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