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Do my what mineral forms the capstone of niagara falls

Do my what mineral forms the capstone of niagara falls enterprise risk management vs internal audit for money vice president of nursing resume ´╗┐hello everybody so as you all know it is back-to-school season and I am going back to school in a few days and I thought I would just bring you this video just about what I'm excited for nervous for what I have done what I've chosen for year 10 because if you didn't already know I'm going into year 10 and so that's my fair share of GCS is next year's are probably the most not the like biggest / most I don't know how to explain it but like they're the two years that I feel like I really have to like focus in so I try to focus in all of my years but these two years and like the two years that mean it so far in my life obviously they are GCSEs and I'm just going to talk about three or four topics about year 10 and my next couple of years the first topic I'm going to talk about is my subjects like what high I've chosen and what I'm going to be doing so as you all know for GCSE you have to do the core subjects so they are English maths science computing for us and that is for and obviously in each of them you have different things so like English literature English language bits and looks like that but they're not the ones I really want to talk about I want to talk about the subjects that I chose so I chose PA history and geography so the first question I'm going to say why I took these subjects so if you didn't already know my favorite subject is PE and I would love a career doing something along the sports path so whether that's a sports physiotherapy a physiotherapist and an army medic just something like unlike the sports side I know army medic isn't really sporty but like something like working with sports and like mending people in a way so yeah that is the reason I took pH the reason I took history and geography were because I really enjoy them two subjects and yeah I just really enjoy subjects I feel Jesus it's very important to take subjects eat you I want to take a career end or that you just really enjoy because there's no point in taking a subject that you don't enjoy if you've got the next two years doing that again with a level it is important to take subjects that you really really love and enjoy obviously Jesus you have to take the course subjects you may not enjoy them but they are very important to get a nice stable life but like a level you can choose whatever you want whether that's art design and food tech all of that English maths and science you can do whatever you want so at a level it is really the year where you can decide what you want to do but GCSE you obviously do have to do your course a subject so at GCSE is the year where I feel like you should just choose what you want to do and what you enjoy how I'm feeling about going into year 10 so yeah 10 I have always thought like from that year 7 it's always so far away like the GCSEs but it's just coming around so quickly so I'm feeling a bit like Oh for the next couple of years because I'm just like GCSE is very important you have to have your head and you have to achieve the levels to get into your next stage of life so yeah then I'm feeling nervous but I'm also feeling a bit shoots in a way like I didn't get anxious at all but like I'm scared it like the net the teachers that I'm going to have in the lessons like inside the lesson because obviously the teachers you have in year 10 11 are usually the same so like if you don't like the teacher you've got to be stuck with them for two years there's some certain circumstances you don't have to do but sometimes you do and say yeah if I don't like the teacher I'm gonna be a bit of stuff to happen of the next year two years but hates I will have all the teachers that are really nice and are really helpful along with teachers you're going to be in class with people that you maybe haven't been in classes with the thought before I'm not really a shy person say meeting new people is easy for me I've scallops and I am Yulia history I am going to be in a lesson with obviously new people and I will hopefully meet some new people that are really nice I would treat group is having a new tutor as well as unfortunately our two two left to go in where school so yeah we're really gonna miss her but we will hopefully have a new to tap to make the next two years a new fresh beginning and we can just all have a heads down and like just have a new person and it will be a new environment as we are also moving to bases so yeah that'll be really nice but obviously I will miss having my old sheet because we've had at her Fatmir seventh yeah that's how I'm feeling about going into year 10 what I'm hoping to achieve so obviously here 10 you don't do your big exams you do them at the end of year 11 but overall I'm hoping I will get C's in like most like season above in all of my subjects but in like the subjects that I have chosen to do myself and some of the subjects like maths I'm hoping I will get B's and above these eight but obviously that's down to how I work so I just got to have my head down the whole time and yeah so that's what I'm hoping to achieve so now I'm just going to give you some tips that I am hoping to do next year's to help myself achieve all of my goals and yeah so the first tip I'm going to give you is being organized if you haven't seen my last video maybe might not be but I'm hoping it is my last video just for this video to make smoothing - it was there stationary hub I just showed you a couple of bits that I picked up and in that I got somewhat realistic wallets I got some different colored pens and I'm just hoping with the plastic wall excited me really really organized but also depends I find the easier to work with : so with the pens and the highlighters I can just like use them as my notes and my vision I find that if I'm organized it helps me in the long run to keep track of everything and it will help me with my revision and also with my exams at the end of year 11 tip number two is actually one my sister gave me but I thought I'd share it with all of you she's did her GCSEs two years ago she's just finished a level and she gave me a couple of tips and the first one that she gave me was writing up audio notes so she gave me this tip purely because she found that towards the end of GCSE year 11 teachers were asking her to write a column notes for my year 10 and year 11 so she just told me at the end of the week just say like geography at the end of the week write up any notes you have done on the computer print them off organizing into folders from like the years or the months were ever different topics that you were studying in the said subject and just write up all the notes on the computer or even handwrite them just make them look a bit more neater so that at the end of year 11 when your study like studying all of your exam like you need all your studies and you need to have like you study head on just you have everything written down for you in the different topic topics different months yeah 10 year 11 and you just have everything written down pre ready which will also be a relief off your shoulders because if teachers are asking you to write off all your notes from the beginning all the way to the end you're gonna have a lot of time wasted which you could have just done throughout so I'm like weekends on a Saturday maybe or a Sunday night you can just type all your notes from that week and you can just have everything in your folder just so that when it comes here 11 you just have everything written down so you can just study really easily you can even make it look really pretty you add some colors add like pictures to memorize things but just make everything so much easier when you in the long run so that was just a couple of tips I had for you it's not this wasn't really a tips video is more what I'm feeling I hope you have learned something from that video everybody just try your hardest in GCSE using a-levels in university just because you only do it one everything matters when you get to these years everything matters here below but these like next couple of years are really difficult and they are very important in your life so you really do have to try I hope this video has helped you even if it hasn't please like subscribe comment down below thank you so much for your continuous support and I will see you next week with another video bye guys tafe capstone test University at Albany, State University of New York.

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