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Do my sample capstone paper outline

Do my sample capstone paper outline do my capstan winch defender review literature customer satisfaction airtel smartbytes [Music] [Applause] [Music] on this week's show the Georgia Southern baseball and softball teams with good weekends will take you out to eagle field to see how the softball team did is they were hosting Coastal Carolina and the baseball team with a midweek game against kennesaw all that and more as we welcome you inside the Eagles Nest [Music] here welcome to side to Eagle's Nest i'm your host Josh already enjoyed by Mike Anthony sports editor and Georgia Southern beat writer for the statesboro Harold a Mike the Georgia Southern baseball team I have been doing have been doing pretty well in the conference winning two out of three series the past few weeks this past week they had a real big one because it was actually where they were third and Troy was fourth and if they were to have lost two out of three or gotten swept and maybe they flip-flop instead they win two out of three and put a little distance between them and the Trojans and the rest of the Sun Belt field right now so a good spot for the Eagles and they come home and knock off kennesaw state beating a team that they probably should have beat now they've got another series coming up this weekend it looks like they could on paper sweep and that's Appalachian State who struggled all year and struggle the past few years in the Sun Bell your thoughts on where Georgia Southern is at this point well right now I think Georgia Southern definitely feels like they're building a little bit of momentum two out of three on the road at Troy it would have been nice to get that rubber game get the sweet but I think they'll take two out of three on the road at any point they put a little bit of distance between themselves and Troy creep a little bit closer to the top of the standings with Coastal Carolina and Louisiana Lafayette splitting actually tying the game personally I think they should be doctor that baseball there's no time in baseball but regardless of that the Sun Belt still a strong conference but no one really running away with it record-wise the Eagles actually when you look at the overall record as good as anybody in the conference so for now the important games are on the weekend and it's nice to get the win against kennesaw state but they need to focus on those friday saturday sunday we're in this case this week because of easter Thursday night Friday night and then Saturday afternoon against a team in that state as you mentioned you can't assume a sweep against anybody but if there's a team out in the Sun Belt that's right for taking it would be Appalachian chain and there's a good thing about Georgia Southern is they've been getting some solid pitching even in the game that they lost on the road at Troy they didn't pitch bad I just didn't get the bats go into that game so you've got to feel good about and it looks like we've got a pretty good solid rotation right now Friday Saturday Sunday yeah actually some names that maybe you didn't think would be in that weekend rotation Evan challenger the Friday night's starter for the last two seasons just one myth start in those two seasons combined he for the moment is out of that role he's been in and relief I think may be dealing with I don't want to say arm soreness because he's been pitching but maybe getting a little bit of arrests with that arm with some brief bull pen appearances instead of being asked to go to distance on a Friday night but Jacob Kandra bogan he's done a good job settling into that friday night role you've got Brian Eichorn chase Cohen guys who came on strong at the end of last season still waiting to see him hit that peak this season but putting forth good efforts and then with the football spring practice winding down you'll see such human back in there I know he's only a freshman but he seems to have gotten the attention of a lot of batters around the league is a guy who can really sit down the entire order and you know with the Sun Belt tournament being in statesboro this is a great season for the Eagles because not only if they could get some pretty good starting pitching but their bullpen it looks like they've got four or five different guys that can count on to come in and get some eat some innings and be able to be successful in a relief role we were able to get out there for Tuesday's ballgame at home against Kennesaw State let's get out and see some of those how I georgiasouthern in a midweek series at ji Clemens hosting Kennesaw State the Eagles starting the scoring Ryan Cleveland singles in the right Stephen Curry will score and the Eagles take a one nothing lead the Howells come back David shaboo with a double in the left to run score and the Owls take a two to one lead Anthony Fasano in in relief but the inning-ending strike out one of my legal pictures to make an appearance in a second bases-loaded Mitchell Dolan's fly ball deep enough to score Logan Baldwin to make it 2-all next Jordan ring with the fly ball in the left this one deep enough to plate evan mcdonald from third and it's 32 to georgia senate bill in the second Tyler Martin will single the other way eating curry scores again to make it for 22 he goes playing solid defensively as well check out the slotting catching right by Jordan ran more from the Eagles and it once again Stephen Curry scoring on the wrong pitch the Eagles take a five to two lead they tack on three a little bit later and Georgia Southern goes on for the victory in this one by a final count of eight to four and as we mentioned next up for the angles victory game series at home against Appalachian State well moving on to the softball diamond Georgia started we haven't had a lot of highlights on our show but this past weekend was a rare weekend where it was softball only at home and Georgia Southern baseball on the road so we got there got some highlights of dimpling Coastal Carolina who came in with a very impressive record maybe not the pedigree that the baseball team has but they're a very good team that came in and Georgia Southern put it to him taking three games and sweep and getting them about 500 for the first time in quite a while in the conference a huge weekend for the Eagles softball team last weekend the nationally ranked ragin cajuns of louisiana-lafayette in town you knew it was going to be a tough one you hope that maybe they could take a game like they did last year that wasn't the case they got swept all of a sudden they're looking way up in the standings but then as you mentioned a good Coastal Carolina team they'd have been happy for a series win and said they went out they finished the job they get the doubleheader sweep to to clinch the series sweep and now a game over 500 you start looking at getting back into the mix back in the middle there's a conference standing with the teams at the top in this conference you really need to watch as the season goes on who you're going to match up with I know it's a double elimination tournament but in softball in the Sun Belt there are definitely some teams that you want to kind of avoid as long as possible yeah we see a few of those teams that year and your outer not only vying for the Sun Belt title but make it to the regionals and even to the World Series from the Sun Belt tournament and from the Sun Belt right rylar conference alright well we do have some highlights from the coastal carolina series let's get out and see some of those game to saturday and breast cancer awareness georgia southern and coastal carolina the Eagles took game one eight seven and Cara camp in control on the mound a complete game shutout allowing only three hits offensively Alicia man with the double she go to 44 this would help start a rally as she comes in to score on the perfectly placed bunt by macy weeks it's one-nothing georgia southern to the third we go to on and Shelby Wilson does her job this sacrifice advances the runners and then with a runner on second and third it's man again this time to blast to straightaway center it falls for a triple 2 runs score the Eagles open up a three to nothing lead in the fourth 2 on for Morgan Robinson and Morgan gets a hold of this one up up and away the three-run shot would extend the eagle lead to six to nothing camp continuing to get the visitors to hit into out man with the play here at Short only one strikeout but she'd allow only three hits and insurance in the sixth Michaela Freeman the leadoff single and she'd eventually advance to third and then come in to score here on the wild pitch and then for the finishing touch man with the grounder to short the runners take off this one booted allowing Freeman to score what would prove to be the game as the Eagles win via the one rule in six by a count of eight to nothing Sunday we go the Eagles looking for the sweep Dixie Railly on the mound and she was in command she'd finished with five strikeouts and Dixie would get plenty of offensive help bottom of the first bases loaded for Macey weeks and she takes this one up up and away to left the Grand Slam would give the Eagles a four to nothing lead after one inning of play move to the third costal scratches out of run as Adrian a Toro comes up with the RBI single to center but the Eagles in command Emily Snyder with the RBI on the fielder's choice here plating India Davis plenty of support for Ray LaHood finished allowing only one unearned run in two hits and five strikeouts the Eagles complete the sweep winning nine to one and like as the baseball team will host Appalachian station is one of the teams doing struggling in the Sun Belt Conference the women go to app and again it's another opportunity playing the teams that you should be and on paper you may even have a chance to sweep going to their place so hopefully the Eagles can come out victorious there on the road and Appalachian State well that'll wrap things up for now one final note i guess the georgia southern golf team with another fine outing this one at the Gary Koch invitation when I finished I believe in from times before that concludes a regular season and now they get ready to take that trip down to Destin compete for hopefully their of what their second title and three years so that can now be match play which is always a bone meat for Matt to be having so good luck to the Eagles i would think that there's a very good chance that they're already into postseason as well as they've played but it's always nice to be able to secure things with a victory in the Sun Belt tournament alright without a wrap things up for now for Mike Anthony I'm Josh Aubrey thanks for joining us hope a day and next week do my internet of things implementation using raspberry pi Fashion Institute of Technology, Chelsea, Manhattan.

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