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Do my sample business capstone project

Do my sample business capstone project ois 2340 capstone project example for money wptv sports reporters [Music] [Music] people's that my tonic speak to you Lucas I need some advice and be annoyed my that's one of the quick chat ok so I'm going to Manchester tomorrow that's wondering what you thought I should eat while I'm up there really I can get my thumb's down here I don't know if had any ideas for like Manchester specific cuisine ok yep you just said that fine I'll get a frigging McDonald's breakfast what about lunch and dinner you think I should eat nothing but my thumbs for the whole day ok I mean isn't that safe you sure well okay then let's friggin do it [Music] good morning welcome to another video in a 7 a.m. which is why I look bad I'm in Manchester in a Holiday Inn be more precise as a pretty sick room to be fair double bed hello and I've are three what you're not going to show you because just a Holiday Inn bathroom the best thing best feature for sure is this sick view that is absolutely ideal probably the worst view from hotel window everything and even more disappointing is so you think you look at this right this luck curtain spanning all down there gonna be a massive window right oh no just a wall but it must be a gap and then another window like a second window right oh no just a massive wall consumed by the curtain seek right anyway I'm up here for the reason that I'm doing like a photo like slash video shoot thing with my protein and as everyone knows well you should know the best way to get shredded for a photo shoot is to eat McDonald's so let's go [Music] okay game on we are heading to mock the nose not gonna lie on my navigational skills are weak at best as a strong chance I'll get lost but it's just the life we live so I'd love to give you some context to this video but I'm afraid there's not any luck I just thought it would be a funny thing to do the rules as such I thought I'm gonna eat nothing but McDonald's for the next 24 hours so all of my calories will come from McDonald's no fruit no vegetables no like protein sources just McDonald's I just figure it'll be interesting like insightful to see how I feel / look coming end of the day with that in mind here's a quick little shot of how it looked like two minutes ago in the hotel to give you like yeah a comparison between now and like later on today when I'm done eating McDonald's obviously 24 hours isn't a massive window so like I'm not gonna die like fingers crossed but if you would like to see like I say 48 hours of magnums or even like a week of McDonald's make sure you drop this video like subscribe to haven't already and I'll make it happen right let's go get some food breakfast is going down so I didn't go crazy I got like pancakes with syrup because this see haven't had these since I was about 12 years old so I'm intrigued I remember them being awesome so I'm hoping that Shinoda memories are chatted sausages egg muffin I believe syrups grab the pancakes dell'arte and then orange juice yeah then we get a load because a is early I'm not really hungry and B I'm gonna be doing a video photo shoot I don't look like a fat bloated miss I'll put the calories and macros and stuff on the screen for you P just out of interest so you can see that incredible nutrients I'm sourcing from this mural but yeah probably just gonna eat it [Music] [Applause] [Music] that was good to be one of the best elements of methadone for that we'll say trying to cut like hang out to that knife is like trying to use a friggin carrot right Lauren who is the microcosm woman is gonna come and get me in a sec 22 get ready for that so I'll catch up with you shortly okay update we are here and by here I mean the sickest place in the world this is not the whole country club it's like a crazy gym / spa for the freaking millionaires that's where my approach and hang out that's Lauren by the way I know you're in the shade definitely can't be visible so there is also like a massive event going on in April which you probably caught it like a huge marquee over there which is every but nothing I told you that B is where we're doing the filming the gym bits so we'll go in and get set up and then probably show you some bits okay outfit change one of the days we're doing a shoot there's gonna be like most about this this is number one that department now rule number one photostats video shoot is use fake waits for these look like 20s they're actually fire so I like a monster that in reality I'm actually weak this is we're gonna go through like multiple body parts multiple clips and slightly up his back and biceps give you like three hours of stuff so I'm going to be an absolute wise and by the end let's stop talking to me [Music] [Music] [Music] okay a broken man what seems to you like probably about 30 seconds to a minute was actually three hours I did back and biceps chest and triceps shoulders and legs there's five to six movements for each so like 25 exercises two or three sets probably three sets most because we're talking if an angle in the camera so like what's that like seventy five sets but that's absolutely outrageous I'm a broken man and all of it your days to make the most pancakes and African Egg McMuffin that is not ideal from an interesting stand put a fat in water but you can't like be annoyed that rice water that's like natural and naturally occurring yes so as everyone knows the best way to fuel up after 4,000 exercises is to get an incredibly macro micro nutrient dense McDonald's see you there the busiest mycology ever seen lunch is served mix it up and get some mac the rules I've got a got two Big Macs just cheese and ketchup because I'm a weirdo and it's better imo large fries ketchup a large coke up at the calories / macros for this on this review here now and I keep joking about metals being good like obviously it's not and I know I'm gonna get hammer people gonna tell you were setting a bad example Matt like in a sense I am but like I'm not by any means encourage you to do this like in fact the opposite like don't do it definitely don't leave McDonald's all the time because it's not good why will I will say what I am trying to encourage is like you can eat if you want like from time to time like you know I think people try and go too far to the other end of spectrum in a sense if they just eliminate it from the diet entirely and so what I want to diet I can't leave a through this whole like if you do that it's gonna make it very very hard to sustain that so what I would say is that if you do like make the laws and you like peace or whatever have it but just have it in moderation and don't tell what type you want to have moans once every two weeks you can do it it's fine it's not gonna ruin your diet even like once a week is not ideal but if you don't eat too much of it then you can still get away that you know it's not you know the optimal in terms of like health but yeah why I'm doing is obviously the extreme example certainly don't get under any circumstances with this that I'm now very hungry because I'm probably in about a twenty thousand calorie deficit often straining our deeds so let's dig some lunch [Music] done and whereas that was easy that I could already that I gained a liver and that's one of the reasons that like I would advise you against like frequently eating McDonald's because answer the average person you probably put away a thousand calories of methanol's like for easily and so if you're in a particularly low calorie diet so for example you're eating 2,000 calories a day that's half your calories for the day gone in one meal and you're not even gonna be that full up you know make it very hard to adhere to that diet over at all the design anyway with that said my train is in 15 minutes I need to sort my life out and go and get the train so I probably seen you on it oh my god it's hot outside and this bag is outrageously heavy so I've got a two-minute rate for the road because they're nice and calcium I'm gonna be completely reckless today guys yeah I've got a train time i hitted me I have four hours across two trains but it's kind of like quite like trains like over driving in a sense that you have time to get work done like I was driving I'll do nothing and be stressed out and it was suck whereas d'être not going to sit here and get luck I'm gonna edit this video you're watching now a few other bits to do so yeah it's good I'll flip the calories and micros but this on the screen for you approximately there so you can have a look at that I think is like 500 pounds which again is crazy because it's so easy and like to drinking it nice and like firing the courage is quite a lot kinder is you know so yeah have this get some work done probably catch up with you on the other side we made it back home that's a lie I don't live a train station I'm in the vicinity of my house but not actually in my house the last man smokes he was like four hours ago in the intervening period Ivan sat in a seat doing stuff which would have would didn't warrant a filming because would have been the most boring content in the issue of the world but yeah I'm back now it's seven o'clock which means it's dinner time I've been thinking that I racked my brains about like cool kind of different quirky faces to get dinner and I found the place called thing is called like Mac Donald so probably see that yes please can I get um yell up the special level not a speciality meals whatever they're called those yeah that's the one signature meal like a barbecue focused one yeah what that pays me like a large meals a lot large fries yep and then bone sir please yes please mate yep and then can I get in addition to my six chicken nuggets yeah and an apple pie please an apple pie apple pie yes please mate whoa that's significantly too close to my face I will position you approximately there sick where in and what better way to finish off my calories for the day then with some McDonald's in the car park outside pets at home living the dream this is what YouTube is about this is what the very core of YouTube is about there's also a man with a dog which is currently pooing about five minutes from the car so ideal I mean as a child you dream of these moments and I'm realizing a dream I think in many ways anyway let's get on to the nitty-gritty McDonald's related information and I have hello I very rarely deviate from a Big Mac McDonald's right but I figured I'd get a lot of stick if I just brought Big Mac school day so and for this bad boy this signature signature collection malarkey like a barbecue one I'm intrigued to see what it's like like it's an actual burger obviously Big Mac is like I mean they call it Berg of it is it a burger not really it's just like a friggin slice of meat this is a natural burger sir that should be good large fries I don't you just saw me order this other no I'm telling you six chicken nuggets which you've just fallen into the bag and then to finish it off apple pie aka the hottest thing on planet Earth like hotter than friggin molten lava and also founder I'll put the calories slash macros on the screen for you there which by the way I'm gonna get from like on the macarons website you can just put in you cannot choose your meals then it just tells you the macros and calories it's going to save me a lot of time and it will prevent people from saying those calories are wrong because they won't be because I mean if you think they wrong just take up McDonald's anyway I'm starting to feel physically sick the environment around me so I'm just going to get on with it make things happen turn my dreams into a reality wish me luck I hurt by tissues to give you a quick review actually because I feel like it would be a good thing to do you know [Music] good it's good but that's a lot of onion probably removed on me Tania has at one calorie of one calorie okay [Music] okay I'm done signature burger check - the onion too much onion chicken nuggets dumb apple pie done chips dumb drink dumb I feel revolting I feel like a greasy mess but like like Jabba the Hutt but - like the weird women in bikinis chained up ya know I mean I'm not massively fill up I don't feel a lot but ically sick I just feel bit just like psychologically damaged you know anyway I'm gonna collect my thoughts get home and then probably some the video up when I see you there back home feeling fresh jokes right so as a quick reminder I will show you how I was looking first thing this morning that's it and this in contrast is how I'm looking now sick sick physique bro sick stomach Goldsboro but that's me relaxed but I can fully push you out and make it look worse or like this is me in a fully relaxed state looking good the same just not how I look traditionally like I'm not I feel yet we don't even like in like probably yeah counteract it but yeah the thing is right the the repercussions of doom I've done sweetie McDonald's all day are gonna be predominantly acute right so like but I love being bloated that's gonna go away like feeling sluggish in a bit like crap that's gonna go away the issues are gonna come if you were to do that repeatedly to eat my little done that's when you're gonna start like accumulating body fat and getting not enough skin issues and luck I guess over a long period time probably some kind of like psychological issue because it's not good to be doing that we're in the short-term I really should just eat in my little water and then my little crave I had some tropical it's morning for breakfast a Marcos covered there that's the thing as well I reckon I mean while do actually now is I'm sure says is allowing a perfect amount of space I'll put the calories and macros for everything for the day around here I haven't worked them out properly but I reckon they're roughly around five case I'm not crazy number of calories and I reckon is actually probably quite a lot of protein as well so I mean you could probably manipulate McDonald's your intake of McDonald's to make your macronutrients okay but obviously this is gonna be a lot of Micra because I mean you're not gonna get enough like vitamins and minerals and stuff in McDonald's like so you know I'm too forward it's feel like nothing I feel like you nothing look I'm not gonna leave the rest of the evening obviously um yeah I mean I reckon on film probably alright maybe a bit crap tomorrow but I left or too bad now but I said the issue yeah like in the space of a day you can't put on or lose a significant amount of fat much you can't change your auto body composition significantly in a day of course you can right but obviously again over a period of time if you were to keep doing that that's when issues are gonna occur but yes in conclusion today was sick like literally sick was as bad as I thought would be I don't feel great but I don't feel that bad but I'm in summary probably don't do that because it's not a good thing to do but I'm gonna end the video there guys so uh so silly hope if you have enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and I will see you tomorrow [Music] [Music] enterprise risk management journal articles School of Humanities and Sciences.

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