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Do my research on capstone

Do my research on capstone capstone systematic global macro fund llc malawi chasowa reporter ´╗┐than my doing but yeah we would be excited I'm afraid to hear what you said Frank just fitness cuz Gary's in there all the time Gary we have to make room for Linda Davies in my closet alright so crowded alright so we have two actual great Liz Claiborne New York items in the show of course of Linda of which is the representative and part of the team that designs these fabulous fashions they have a whole team of folks in New York who really go to work to bring us beautiful things in this collection is only available at QVC you often see Linda on with Mary Beth row this is one of Mary Beth's favorite brands as well we're going to talk about first in the show the list labor of New York pointelle cardigan and tank set so you're actually getting what Linda's wearing nice beautiful there are two pieces I love this brand too it's one of the brands that I mix and match would have you know Isaac and 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now wear now and then we're later like and rayon so it feels very expensive as well there's your gray we also have your black oh pretty boy that will really extend your wardrobe with that black sweater and dress it up a trust yeah I really like that here is the deep blue that Linda's wearing we also have gorgeous green it's called time and then most limited is the cream if you'd like that one that's kind of that sort of cafe au lait color I love with that ivory shell it is so pretty isn't it I'm just so proud of this what you said is this is so indicative love liz claiborne this is what you would expect this brand absolutely beautiful well thank you linda i love that Linda's coming back with something else a little bit later in the show as well so thank you for being in a cloth day thanks for inviting me you're welcome see you soon see you all right we have P&L Oh coming up on clearance and I'll have to warn you Christy and I had a clearance bag on last carolyn's clause in a few days 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