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Do my question paper on welding technology

Do my question paper on welding technology capstone directive gov for money apa style paper image ´╗┐okay as many of you are already aware it's all over the internet and all over the media that john paul ii and john xxiii are slated to become Saints on April 27th okay now the only reason I think that the putting in john xxiii here is so that they don't just have john paul ii installed as a saint because they have political reasons for doing this and they don't want him to be singled out by the critics that are already out there exposing this pope but before starting i want to read to you one of 98 verses found in the bible they use the word saint and just so we can get a better understanding as to how the Bible defines the word Saint or Saints in general and it's one of my favorite verses it's in regards to this topic and it's Philippians chapter 1 verse 1 where it says Paul and timotheus the servants of Jesus Christ to all the Saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi with the bishops and the Deacons now the reason I'm reading that according to my Bible a saint is defined as someone who can actually receive a letter because this is what's happening here they're writing to them in other words you got to be alive to be a saint according to Scripture but Rome declares in their catechism of Catholic doctrine the exact opposite as an ex-catholic I know the church teaches the only way to be a saint is if you're dead and you perform some sort of miracle from the grave and all the convenience of this doctrine not only flies in the face of truth when it comes to the biblical state of the Dead where and they cannot affect anything that happens under the Sun according to Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5 and 6 this Vatican doctrine allows them to fabricate all sorts of saints for the church no matter how evil they may have been in life and they do this for political reasons alone as historic fact has recorded time and time again all they need to do is conjure up a miracle of two using the black arts or simply fake one outright and in all cases it allows for a spiritual booster shot for the churches always failing public relations due to everything from genocide to molestation as we've seen this church is all about I mean the bottom line is this someone is lying here so the question is is it wrong or is it the Bible well if you're a Christian and you know about the biblical state of the Dead in the true definition of the word st. you know Rome is once again lying to the masses but if you would like an in-depth study and all the verses that talk about the state of the Dead just go to my Bible truth section on the website at scroll down to false doctrine and go to life after death on this page has paid every Bible verse that you're not going to be hearing from the churches that teach you go straight to heaven or straight to hell at the second you die they gotta make you think that there's ghosts or saints that float around with harps on clouds they gotta get you 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by the way and if you want more information in regards to that just go to RCC expose go to the Antichrist go to character of Antichrist scroll down to words it talks about the Beast will blaspheme just go to that section you'll see all the Bible verses that you need i but let's scroll down a little bit here I'm gonna go to some of the now all these links are either on this page or they jump out to pages but check out some of these facts and you'll find that this man can't possibly be a saint while alive or dead and I'm not gonna go to every one of these this video is only gonna be a means by which you can get the tools that you need to show the people they're lying the man's not a saint okay check it out he's involved in a redistribution of wealth the socialist agenda of the Vatican and you can get more information about the socialist agenda just go to the Antichrist section to scroll down at the bottom Vatican's socialist agenda right right now he's also the one that was instrumental in vetoing the zero tolerance situation of the Vatican when the priests some of them got together some of the prelates got together to try to set up a zero tolerance to stop the molestations he vetoed it because he knew if we kick out all these priests that are molesting these boys we're not gonna have any priests left we already got documentation just a few months ago that 98% of the Vatican is homosexual alright and let's see here what else we get oh here the Pope's past employment now this here is documentation out of the book behold the pale horse that was written by William Cooper and theirs are the other other book here about the crucifixion of truth by Tony Busby it has stated and it has already been confirmed by many other sources that john paul ii was a nazi war criminal he did in fact sell cyanide to the nazis for use in auschwitz to kill the jews as well as many other groups of people and then when the hitler lost the war john paul ii like every other priest that while every 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crossbones situation and the way that john paul ii was buried i was actually buried in a trapezoidal coffin which is a Luciferian or satanic coffin and it's a it's really disgusting if you really get into it and digging away but anyway the the reasoning is behind this video the Bible says a person becomes a saint when they follow Christ in their walk on earth in other words a saint is always alive and breathing first Rome declares you must be dead to be considered a saint that in itself speaks volumes as to who it is that runs the Church of Rome a Bible st. is a living breathing soul a catholic saint is a rotting corpse perhaps this is why we see so many Catholic churches now they'd have skulls as part of their worship service and I'll close with this you might want to check out so you just go to my site and hit them go to YouTube thing and then give it a moment and type in fruits now you might want to take a look at this video here when you get a time alright by their fruits you shall know them alright it's not an easy video to watch and I suggest not to have children in the room because of some of the pictures they're going to be shown on the screen here but be forewarned the pictures shared in this video are not for the faint of heart especially towards the end of the video so help them pray that you were blessed please share this video with as many as you possibly can please subscribe thanks for watching god bless onenote 2016 graph paper for money Baruch College.

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