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Do my onenote a4 paper

Do my onenote a4 paper outdoor research capstone heated gloves for money dermatophyte pseudomycetoma a case report on sears ´╗┐as you can see we have a large number of school administrators teachers and students students who were here in Oklahoma City came out to be here we could have filled this capital building up we just simply elected not to there were superintendents that call us that hey do I need to be there hey you know we're doing what we're doing but if you want to fill it up if that's what it takes to impress the politicians here we'll fill it up for you we can do that this deals in dire straits these Oklahomans are greatly concerned about the funding for children's education being put on the back burner and we had scores of others who volunteered to be here our question is are you going to believe the figures of public has been given I hope you here today to get the truth today we'll give you facts and figures the truth about how severely underfunded education is in Oklahoma now next year with the numbers Republican leadership is feeding the public the funding short for your children will be even more severe the people do your budget need a large dose of truth serum or reality when i first started running for office a year and a half ago for house district 88 i believed that the number one issue in my district was going to be jobs in the economy but two weeks into my campaign i realized that the number one issue in my district and frankly i believe the number one issue in this state is education and that's there's a very good reason for that we are 48th in the nation year in and year out and how we educate our children 48 and even though we have that abysmal standard that low low standard we are spending time at the Capitol right now debating issues which are not important to the majority of Oklahomans now we have a law in oklahoma that was past nine years ago and it says that we as legislators are the fund education first by april first of every year legally the people this capital are supposed to have the budget done and education is supposed to be funded but for nine years including this year we didn't do our job we didn't get education funded in time in fact not only did we not abide by the law there was a bill passed in committee to repeal that requirement to repeal fund education first now that type of attitude those types of actions are unacceptable as long as we remain 48 so we're going to hear a lot of debate we're going to hear a lot of discussion about reducing the personal income tax and the irony of that is that the reduction and the lawsuit will see from a point to 5% in 2015 and the loss and the reduction that will see from a point 15 reduction in 2016 is going to equate to a loss in this state of 237 million dollars now that's money that we need to be putting into education we're being told that by reducing the personal income tax we're going to pull jobs into the state it's going to stimulate the economy but we see report after report and survey after survey that tells us that that's not what business is interested in when business in Oklahoma is thinking about expanding when businesses are thinking about coming into Oklahoma they're not asking what's your personal income tax rate they're not asking when was the last time you revised your income tax code they are asking questions like can I get an educated and skilled workforce they're asking questions like what kind of schools are my employees want to be placing their children into that's what's important education drives the economy education is going to brings jobs into this state and ultimately what we do to help or not help education is going to define who we are as a state in the part of the state that I represent and the part of the state that I was raised in rural Oklahoma it is so important that we sustain education public education is a quality of life issue it's a it's a jobs it's an economy issue it's an issue that does not deserve to be kicked under the bus like it has what I would like to talk to about today is that is is the budget from 2009 to 2013 you know what we we saw public education funded in 2009 and and and at a level that public education since then has dropped a in dollar for dollar if you look at two thousand nine to two thousand thirteen dollars it has dropped a quarter of a billion dollars the economy has recovered the the budget has recovered but not the public education budget if you look at the increased students that that public education in Oklahoma is is educating you're looking at a drop of a third of a billion dollars if you look at 2009 and take the Consumer Price Index to today 2013 dollars the amount that the value that's been put into public education in Oklahoma has dropped nearly half a billion dollars 425 million dollars that should be in public education that's not there because it's treated as a stepchild it's important you know we come here and we want quality we want to do what's right to the people of Oklahoma we want to do what's right for rule we want to do what's right for urban Oklahoma and the common thread all across is education and education is something that is being neglected by this legislature it's being neglected by this governor and it is something that we can no longer afford to neglect you know our employment in the state of Oklahoma is among the unemployment is among the lowest in the nation you know we're doing some things right we're educating so well on the dollar that we have but there are so there's so much more that we can do you know I we commend public education every day but I will tell you this that that the last time I saw we still count votes at the ballot box and those people that want to systematically destroy and disassemble public education in Oklahoma are outnumbered and if our electorate will be motivated we can turn this around and we can fund public education our priorities just have to be straight we've got there are ways to do that we've got to mobilize the electorate and and and when we do that that's when public education and the funding will be fair it will be equitable and you know we won't be talking about ways to to get around to spend less money on on children children in Oklahoma you know that some of these legislators I see there they're not bad people they're not bad people but the people that are telling them how to vote are telling them wrong they're telling them wrong and the people that want to disassemble public education those are the individuals that we need to stand up to and we need to say it's time for us to take and take back the reins and to treat our children with the dignity and give them the opportunities that they deserve today I'm here to challenge the 54th legislature to put aside party politics and do what's right for the citizens and children of Oklahoma specifically where education is concerned it's been said that legislative sessions are all about the money let's talk about the money and the state of education in Oklahoma over the last five years Oklahoma has made some of the deepest cuts to funding local schools of any state in the nation only three states have cut common education more than Oklahoma total appropriation since 2009 are down a hundred and ninety eight million dollars with over 31,000 new students the funding cuts has serious consequences for educational quality and economic growth a hundred and seventeen million is needed for level funding in fy2014 the numbers we're hearing is maybe 40 to 50 million new dollars for the state funding formula formula that is woefully underfunded governor Fallon's political platform revolves around growing business in Oklahoma to do this she has pressed for capital improvement legislation that would improve infrastructure like roads and bridges our children are our road to the future and the prosperity in Oklahoma she is championed what she considers to be business friendly policy she's also pressing Republican support to support her plan to cut the state personal income tax without a plan to keep it revenue neutral which means more cuts to common education and the dollars available for our students she says that it's time that Oklahomans keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets good sound bite but my question for her is when is she going to champion investment in human capital in Oklahoma our children our teachers are vital state services such as the Department of Corrections state health and human services which are woefully under funded we simply cannot continue to support legislation and legislators who are unresponsive to the needs of the people who put them into office parents and citizens have made it clear that the vast majority of of them when when informed on the issue are not in favor of this cut in the personal income tax we have to recover from the cuts that have already been made to education and the other core services in Oklahoma before we give big business another break we've given them enough of a break we have to invest in our human capital so I implore you do the right thing legislature and adequately fund education and other state agencies even if it means going against the political flow it's a turning point for Oklahoma today this legislature if we do not invest in our human capital and in our core state services without making another huge cut to education and other vital services we do a big disservice to our future and our prosperity in Oklahoma when we speak of public school education and the funding of it oftentimes it is on those large numbers we're talking in millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars or or half a billion dollars and what I want to do is I want to bring it down to a single district level what it actually affects a rural district in Oklahoma I'm the superintendent of Warner public schools and in the four short years since 2009 we have been cut in local intermediate and state funding by 1.5 million dollars that is over twenty percent of my annual budget that is also seven and a half teachers each year that could have been employed in our district we have gone backwards I was sitting in the classrooms during the 10 17 debate and the passage of that law and what wit as we became underfunded it was it was given us the opportunity the opportunity was given to us to cut out some of the mandates of 10 17 to give us help in funding we don't want to cut those mandates we we don't want large class sizes we want smaller class sizes we don't want to not staff our libraries with librarians we want librarians in the classroom in order to do those things we have to be funded and the time is now to bring that funding to us there's another looming problem that hasn't been mentioned today and that is a we are on the verge of a great teacher shortage in Oklahoma every position that i have that comes open I've been lucky to have five to six candidates apply for the position and all my friends across the state I talked to their superintendents they see the same things used to for an elementary position you would have a stack of 100 applicants today you might have 20 teachers are leaving this state they're leaving this state as a result of the underfunding that we're talking about it has been close to 10 years since teachers in this state received a significant raise why is that it's not because I don't want to give them a raise a superintendent it's because i haven't been afforded the opportunity through state funding and so I would appreciate the funding level to be at least brought back to what it was in 2009 there is a suggestion out there that we are now being funded at the highest rate we have ever been and that is simply not true if you go in and look at the figures you will see that we are missing valuable opportunities right now to teach students in our classrooms we are working very hard for a2f grades we are working very hard to meet end of instruction test requirements we are working very hard to meet oklahoma core curriculum test requirements and we are staffing our schools to meet those needs we are leaving out the areas of character and socialization of our students my principal approached me the other day he said he had a great idea i would like to start a class he said I said well Greg what kind of class is it he said a social media class teach students how to deal with the aspects of social media in the new technology that's new to this world and I said you know what the things you deal with daily when it comes to Facebook and bullying I think that's a great idea I just don't know if I can fund that class for you I promise you that class would be just as valuable as any other class that we could all here in our high schools today because our school administrators have been able to keep their schools together and continue to educate their children by using bailing wiring duct tape are still looking good doing it they get slapped in the face they get told oh we're putting you at the highest level ever that is not the truth take a dose of truth serum tell what they're really is the real number isn't there and then you take the per student numbers it's worse our children in public schools need almost 118 million dollars in new monies for education funding to be called flat just flat not increasing it just keeping it at a level per student that's flat so when they say oh we're giving public education 75 million dollars more than ever before wrong not what they're really saying is we are shorting the children of Oklahoma nearly 43 million dollars talk about child abuse child abuse your bullying every kid in the state of Oklahoma there's 13 million dollars in unfunded mandates and almost 24 million dollars in health insurance costs that schools must pay whether the state's end of the money or not the numbers would have given you today do not even reflect the population growth in Oklahoma's public schools truth the truth is the last two years over one quarter of a billion dollars has been found after the legislature hasn't gern you won't know how the rainy day fund got filled up that's it and oh by the way if they get that money and they certify that money after we leave then they don't have to include it in the budget I find that to be very handy and they don't have to include education for the new monies you don't get your 34% it's gone the final note a different subject the children of Oklahoma's testing in the past three days has been a horrible wreck the State Department of Education has again failed the children of Oklahoma and you want to talk about abuse again psychological abuse some of these kids are prepared gone in the classroom took part of tests and now I've told been told that that test invalid go take it again in the later in the afternoon they went back took it again afternoon guess what Christ again right crash again and then they said go back tomorrow morning guess what it didn't do it again now we're testing this morning mcgraw-hill this year replaced the previous test supplier were they too low bidder they obviously want the best bidder was a little bitter I don't think so do my what is a capstone portfolio York College, City University of New York.

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